December 26th-

The ground of District 12 was blanketed in snow, no, not the kind that was sure to be covering the Capitol but the cold, slushy, creep into you bones kind of snow.

Christmas was a wonderful day; the bakery had a lot of customers assuring the hearth would be well stocked with fire wood now. It seemed Santa had delivered on his promises for the Mellark household. Pop got brand new rolling pin, Ma a new stitched apron.

However, Santa had not held up his end of the bargain. Peeta had baked an extra batch of chocolate chip cookies, using up more than his fair share of the flour allotment for Santa's stop to assure the man in red that he was serious about his gift for the holiday.


The cold seeped into his shoes and dampened his newly hemmed pants as he walked behind the duo, Gale Hawthorne and Katniss, "his" Katniss. He watched as Gale draped his jacket over Katniss' own jacketed shoulders, and whispered something into her ear. As Gale was pulling away, he saw Katniss turn her head, and there at the corner of her mouth was a tiniest hint of a smile.

I guess the big man had come through after all; little did he know that today in class, Katniss would sing the Valley Song.

It really was the most magical time of the year.