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Skye woke up to a tapping noise outside her door. She rolled over to get a look at the alarm clock. A bright red five greeted her, making her rub her eyes. Slowly, she pushed herself off the bed and made her way to the door. "If Ward thinks he's gonna get away with this morning session," she muttered to herself, "he's got another thing coming." She stifled a yawn and pulled back the door, fully expecting to give her SO a piece of her mind, only to barely miss the head of a hammer. "What the hell?"

She rubbed her eyes and saw a sheepish-looking pair of scientists staring back at her. "Fitz, I told you to be quieter with that thing!"

"You try doing this! It's not exactly easy to be silent, you know."

"I offered! But no, you told me you had this. And now look what's happened!"

"You can't honestly—"

"Guys!" Skye held up her hands. It was far too early to deal with their enthusiasm. "What the hell were you two doing?"

The pair exchanged looks. "Well, it's December first," Simmons answered slowly.

"Yeah, barely. Still doesn't explain why you tried to whack me with a hammer at five in the morning."

"Don't you have any Christmas spirit?" Skye gave Fitz a look. "We were decorating. See?" The man held up a hammer and nails, and Simmons held up a wreath.

"You've got to be kidding me," she muttered. "Is this your idea of a prank?"

Simmons frowned. "I don't see how this would be a prank. I mean, we've done everywhere else already. Your room was last."

"What do you mean, everywhere else?"

Fitz gave her a small grin and put down the hammer. "Why don't you come out here and take a look?"

She paused and grabbed a sweater off her chair, haphazardly pulling it over her head as she left the room. Simmons flicked on the lights, and not for the first time since she had stepped foot on the Bus, Skye's jaw dropped.

It looked like Christmas had exploded.

Garlands were hung all over the walls, wreaths nailed on every door, and snowflakes dangled from the ceiling. Not to mention the tinsel. Everywhere.

She felt something tickle the bottom of her foot, and couldn't help the smile that escaped. "Is this fake snow?"

"Yeah. Designed it myself, actually. It can be molded into snowballs, and it looks just like the real thing, but it's less, you know, cold." The engineer looked rather smug, and Skye thought she saw him sneak a glance at Simmons as he said that. But the woman was busy adjusting a piece of tinsel on the back of a chair.

"You did this all in one night?" muttered a gravelly voice. She turned around to see a bleary-eyed Grant walking in, surveying the scene.

"Yep! It took a lot of hot chocolate. But we think it turned out pretty well!" Answered a distant British voice. "But you know what the best part is?"

Both scientists popped back in with wicked grins on their faces. "Mistletoe!"

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