This time, he woke up exactly where he should be. And yet, he knew he shouldn't be there at all. Yes, it was where he had gone to sleep the night before. But he shouldn't have been there in the first place. He should be with his family, on Christmas. And since his biological family was on a cruise, and he had no way to get there, he figured he should probably be with his new one.

So, he packed up his stuff and wrote a note to his family. He explained that he came home, regretted not going on the cruise, and his wish to spend the next Christmas with them if at all possible. Ward felt like a little kid again, still writing apology notes to the people he wronged. He chuckled. If only life were that simple.

Time to make amends.

He called Coulson and asked where Skye was staying, ignoring the man's comments about 'finally' and 'about time'. He'd just have to remind him about Oregon sometime. But he got the address and city of the hotel, and marveled at his stroke of luck: she was only a half hour away. He had been prepared to drive hours to see her, but only having to deal with the Freeway made things a lot easier.

He was still in a rush though, and sped away without further ado.

Skye opened up the hotel door, looking almost exactly as he had dreamt her the night before. But he was going to choose to ignore the whole weird dream thing for a while. He didn't believe in magic, but the smile she gave upon seeing him almost was. It was quickly followed by a yawn, and she leant against the door frame. "What are you doing here?" Skye crossed her arms over her chest, both happy and suspicious about his appearance. He could've easily been there to tell her they had a mission, after all.

Nevertheless, Ward smiled back, genuinely and truly. "Merry Christmas, Skye." Then, Agent Grant Ward did something he should've done a long time ago. He seized the opportunity, and kissed her.

The End.

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Merry Christmas

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