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Chapter 20: Never Underestimate Namikaze Minato

When his mother had taken him aside last night and congratulated him on a well-done tag-team prank on his father, Naruto hadn't thought much of it other than the 'oh-crap-she-knew-I-was-lying!' panic that was quickly brushed aside by his mother's casual demeanor. He was too relieved that she wasn't out for his blood to actually take her next warning seriously.

"The best part is, Minato won't even be looking for revenge on me! He's gonna come straight after you. Good luck with that kid."

Haha, right, as if he had anything to be afraid of from that sissy. Naruto'd had whole teams of much scarier looking shinobi after his blood, his girly-faced father didn't scare him. A small part of his brain tried to remind him of a certain demon in an alleyway he'd met just the other day, but he ignored it. That had been a fluke.

And so the little whiskered blond had gone to sleep that night secure in the knowledge that he'd be ready for whatever Minato planned to dish out.

Naruto was having a fun dream of defeating ramen-monsters by eating them to death when the sensation of falling made him jerk awake. His eyes met the quickly retreating face of his father smiling cheerfully. A glance down showed the oncoming surface of what promised to be some seriously freezing cold sea water.

Crouched upside-down against the underside of the bridge, Minato chuckled inwardly at his son's girly shriek right before splashing into the choppy waters. It was sunrise, and Naruto had asked him to train him. Though this probably wasn't what he'd had in mind.

He waited until his son resurfaced before teleporting to him and landing lightly on the turbulent surface. "Good morning, Naruto. Did you sleep well?"

"Are you trying to kill me?!" the demanded, maneuvering his way toward one of the bridge pillars.

Minato followed at a leisurely pace, smile still in place. "Quite the opposite. I'm training you."

Naruto snorted in clear disbelief. "Teleporting me out of bed and off a bridge into the ocean is training?! You're crazy, old man!"

He muttered a few other choice insults under his breath, completely aware the older blond could hear him, as he made it to one of the pillars. He crawled up onto it, using chakra to keep himself out of the water. It was freezing, hanging there in the morning breeze. He fought to keep his teeth from chattering as he glared at his disturbingly cheerful oppressor.

"What kind of training?" he asked suspiciously.

Naruto hadn't thought it was possible, but the Yondaime's grin widened without even the slightest detectable hint of malignance.

"How's your dodging?"

Kisame analyzed their target carefully. All they had to do was keep that bridge from being built, right? And Gatou thought the best way to go about would be to kill the bridge builder? And he hired Akatsuki for that? He snorted. That man had no imagination.

Eh, it wasn't like he'd actually intended on sticking to his idiotic employer's plan all that strictly anyway. Besides, if that ghost-fly person were there, the bridge was probably going to come down anyway. He was just speeding up the process a little.

His hands flashed through several hand signs before he slammed his palms down onto the surface of the water and poured chakra into it. He grinned in appreciation as the water level around him began to drop, and the area in front of him surged up and forward. It grew quickly into a giant wave as it picked up momentum and rushed toward the bridge, towering over it by a good thirty feet at least.

There. That was more than enough force to demolish the bridge, not to mention wipe out a good portion of the workforce. Now he just had to make sure the old man died.

Oh, and hunt down that ghost-fly character for a re-match, he was just itching for another good fight like that one. That, and there was just something about the guy that he knew was familiar, like he should know him, but couldn't match the face to anything. Eh, another fight would help him figure it out, he was sure.

"So, uh, how exactly are you going to train me?" Naruto asked hesitantly as he tried to keep his concentration so he wouldn't fall from the bridge support. His father was now also perched on one of stone columns, his friendly expression still in place.

"Oh, you'll see. It's a very special training," Minato replied vaguely as he reached for his weapons pouch. He only felt a little guilty for what he was about to do, it was actually pretty good training. It was a technique he was borrowing from Kushina really, and she'd used it on a four-year-old. Surely their twelve year old son could handle what a four-year-old could?

Granted, that four-year-old had been Uchiha Itachi, but that was a minor detail.

"Hey, what're the shuriken for?" Naruto asked nervously.

"Well, you see, Naruto, this is a very simple exercise. You have one goal," Minato said, as he nonchalantly twirled one of the weapons on his index finger, "dodge."

Right as he finished the last word, Minato threw the shuriken, aiming a few inches above his son's head, where it pierced the stonework. Startled, Naruto yelped and lost his focus, slipping down several feet before being able to catch himself again.

The Yondaime had the decency to not follow up the attack immediately. He wasn't trying to hurt the child, just scare him a little as payback for what he did. He would give Naruto one last moment to breathe before really starting with the pointy rain of tough fatherly love. And vengeance.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Naruto yelled as he looked up from his precarious position. Minato had to suppress a chuckle at the sight of his son so flustered.

"You better prepare yourself, Naruto. We've only just started," he said, readying his arm. Naruto saw that he was now armed with three throwing stars and tried frenetically to find a better position before stopping completely, staring at the sea.

Minato arched an eyebrow. "Naruto? I'm going to-"

"What's happening to the water?" his son interrupted him, frowning intently.

Warily, and without letting the genin out of his field of vision in case it was a trick, Minato glanced down.

The level of the water was decreasing rapidly at a very noticeable speed, and now the murky bottom was clearly visible. Konoha wasn't near and large bodies of water, and Minato wasn't exactly well-learned on the peculiarities of the sea, but it set off warning bells in his head. Why... why would the water level of the ocean drop so drastically?

A river or a lake were small enough that a drop in water level could be explained, but this...?

He instinctively sent out a sensory pulse, even as he began scanning their surroundings with his other senses and they all discovered the giant chakra-infused wave at once. It was close, and it was growing, they didn't have much time before the colossal wall of water hit. Maybe ten seconds, he guessed.

At the very least, he could get Naruto to safety, and his first act was to make a kage bunshin to do just that.

Not even pausing to make sure the clone succeeded, he teleported to one of the seals he had on the top of the bridge. Calculations whirled in his head as he pulled a Hiraishin-sealed kunai out of his pouch and stared down the massive unstoppable force coming toward him.

He had an idea, but he was going to have to time it just right.

Naruto noticed the giant wave just slightly before his father did, which was really what gave him a fighting chance. He knew the moment he'd been put in possible peril, Minato would try to get him to safety with that stupid cheating teleportation trick of his. Nope. No way in hell was he going to be sent away again.

So in that moment of brief distraction, while the Yondaime was simultaneously discovering the wave, analyzing it, and processing a plan, Naruto seized his chance. He really hoped forming handseals behind your back worked, because he'd never had a chance to test it before and he'd only get one shot. He just need one shadow clone...

He was grateful for the roar of the oncoming wave and the creation of Minato's own clone, because it covered the sound of Naruto's bunshin appearing behind the pillar he was perched on. Naruto started fumbling his way up just as the original Minato disappeared in Hiraishin, and his clone did a quick Henge before swinging around to face his father's clone.

Everyone always said he acted a lot like his mother, time to put that to the test.

"Minato!" the clone called out, mimicking exactly the same intonation he'd heard Kushina use, paired with the same determined/anxious expression she used. It was surprisingly easy. "What are you doing? We have to deal with that wave!"

A lame comment, pointing out the obvious, but it accomplished his goal of making the clone hesitate. "Kushina?"

The real Naruto frantically scanned the bridge above for something to- aha! Yes! That plank of wood hanging slightly over the edge was just what he needed! His fingers flashed through hand seals on pure reflex and chakra enhanced speed and in an instant he had switched places with it.

Now he was on top of the bridge and he could help! What exactly he would do against a massive unstoppable wall of water he hadn't figured out yet, but he'd think of something. Somebody had to help get the bridge workers to safety. Besides, everyone was always saying how great his dad was, Naruto wanted to see it for himself.

Except all he was doing was standing there. Briefly, the elder blond's gaze flickered to him and Naruto tensed, but then those blue eyes were focused back on the wave. Naruto could feel anger welling up as around them the workmen tried to flee. He was about to shout out and demand to know why he wasn't doing anything, when suddenly the Yondaime began to move.

Minato was counting the seconds down in his head, the trajectories complete with wind and gravity calculations already set. His count was almost thrown off by the sudden appearance of his son on the bridge.

'How did he-?! No clone memories, need to get him out-! No, no time! Need to focus! Now!'

He threw the kunai in his hand straight upward, high over head. He joined it in an instant, snatching it from the air and hurling it along a new trajectory. One that would carry it over and behind the wave. Once that was set, he teleported back down to the bridge, his hands already flashing through the necessary seals.

If it worked on a Bijuu Dama, it would work on a tsunami. Probably. If he could make it large enough. "Jikukan Kekkai!"

He thrust his hands forward and poured chakra into it, watching carefully as the inky web of chakra expanded rapidly. He didn't want to make it any larger than he had to, he needed to preserve as much chakra as possible, but he couldn't afford to make it any smaller than necessary either. In the end he erred slightly on the side of 'too much', unable to keep the volatile Uzumaki chakra completely under control. He would have to work on that some more.

Still, the barrier was large enough to cover the entire bridge, and that had been his goal. He felt the drain on his reserves, but ignored it, knowing there was still one more large expenditure. He grimaced up at the tsunami crashing down on them and activated the secondary aspect of the technique just as it struck.

He could feel the fabric of space twist and warp as he directed the entire mass toward one single Hiraishin-seal.

Kisame couldn't actually see the bridge itself anymore past the towering wave, but he'd be damned if he wasn't going to stick around and see the aftermath of his hard work. If Ghost-Fly was anywhere on there, he'd probably survive and come after him. Then he wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of seeking him out.

A flicker of reflected light made him frown at a tiny metallic object falling toward the water in front of him. A kunai? Why would someone throw a kunai? Did they honestly think they could hit him at-?

His thoughts ground to a halt with all the grace of a train wreck when the knife disappeared behind a very familiar-looking wall of water. Except now it was heading straight for him.



He'd underestimated Ghost-Fly. Well, at least he knew where to go now. A serrated grin split his face as he reached for Samehada and rushed forward.

Naruto stared in disbelief at the scene in front of him. His girly-faced father was single-handedly standing down the tsunami. It didn't even look like it was difficult for him! He was just standing there, arms out to hold the flimsy looking web of black lines.

It only lasted a few seconds, until the wave was entirely gone, before the elder blond immediately release the technique he was using. His shoulders may have sagged briefly in weariness, but it was hard to tell. As soon as the barrier was gone, a mass of black, red and grey-blue blurred into existence.

It had a strange weapon, like a cross between a mace and a sword, that it slammed down right onto the spot his father was- er, had been standing. (When had he moved?!) That was when the whole bridge lit up red as the protective seal array his mother had set up activated.

The light had started at the point of impact, quickly spreading outward along nearly the entire seal before compacting back toward the the center. The whole process had gone so quickly, Naruto only knew it happened because of how his mother had explained it to him. First, the seal absorbed the energy, then...

The enemy was thrown backwards as the force of his strike was rebounded back on him. Unfortunately, he'd been experienced enough to keep himself well balanced so he didn't go far, but it was enough to knock him back off the bridge.

Naruto burst out laughing as he started thinking about what kind of pranks he could pull with such a seal. If he put it on the target dummies set up in all the training grounds...? He had to get his mom to teach him that one!

A sudden sense of disorientation that usually came from one of his clones popping was all the warning he received before a hand clamped onto his shoulder. He didn't even have time to react before he was whisked away from the bridge and back to Tazuna's house.

Then he had time to make a girly yelp of surprise and jump away. Right in front of Sakura-chan and Teme. Dammit!

He whirled around to glare at his father's clone, but recoiled from the Yondaime's stormy expression instead. He... did not look happy.

"We'll talk later," the elder blond promised ominously. Then looked up at the others. "Where are Kushina and Kakashi? The bridge is under attack."

"Kakashi-sensei left to escort Tazuna-san to the bridge," Sakura informed him nervously, "and Kushina-san is-"

"Right here!" the redhead announced, bounding down the stairs. She was at her husband's side in an instant. "Let's go roast us a shark!"

Minato slipped an arm around her waist and the next moment they were gone, leaving the three teenagers to stare at the spot they'd been in silence.

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