Author's Note: This story was done by using the rules of Rwby Relationship Week, a week long event on tumblr where you spin a wheel and get two random characters, then you must write a fic, or do some other kind of art with the characters. for my first chapter, I rolled Velvet and Blake. I'm not personally happy with how this turned out, it was very difficult for me to write it for some reason. But I hope you enjoy nonetheless! :3

Furry Friends

Low sobs resonated in the air of Beacon's courtyard as Velvet Scarlatina sniffled and rubbed her sore ears, which had just been manhandled by Cardin Winchester. Velvet sat with her back to a tree and her face buried into her knees as her chestnut brown hair fanned about her petite figure. Normally, the young faunus was a very shy and quiet person, but when she was alone and her emotions were high, she would let loose the pent up feelings that she harbored.

Dammit! Why do I always let jerks like that take advantage of me! Everywhere I go, it's all the same. Why must people discriminate against me just because of my race? It isn't fair! I have done nothing wrong!

Slamming her hand into the ground, Velvet bit her lip as she screamed, her body muffling it so as not to draw attention to herself. As she let her emotions overflow, her ears pricked up at the sound of soft footsteps crossing the courtyard towards her. Looking up, Velvet spied Blake Belladonna walking over to her, a small frown adorned her beautiful face. Quickly wiping her tears, she quickly rose and plastered a smile across her face.

"H-hiya Blake.. Wh-whatcha doin' out here?" Velvet stammered out, confusion splattered in her voice.

"Mind if I take a seat?" Blake asked, indicating a spot nest to Velvet against the tree.

"Sure, if you'd like to.." Worry had crept into Velvet's voice as she sat back down. Blake nimbly sat beside her. Crap, I hope she didn't see me a moment ago...

Blake slowly extended an arm and patted the bunny faunus on the shoulder before speaking in a low whisper. "Are you alright? Cardin was being rough, and I know that faunus ears are really sensitive."

Velvet's eyes widened in shock. She was paying attention to that? "Ya, of course I'm fine! Can't let one jerk get me down."

"You shouldn't have to put up with that just because you're a faunus," Came the cool reply.

Sighing, Velvet ground her teeth together. "What would you know? I've dealt with far worse racists than Cardin." An edge appeared in her voice that she would normally hide when in the company of others. For a moment, the two girls sat there in an almost stunned silence.

Oh no! Why did I say that! It sounded like I was accusing her, and she was only trying to be kind!

Flustered over allowing her hurt emotions invade her speech, Velvet squirmed as she tried to think of something to say; something to cover up her slip of the tongue. Before she had the chance to say anything though, she heard the rustling of fabric to her right. Turning her head, she saw Blake undoing the bow she always wore.

The young faunus gasped as Blake revealed the truth behind her bow. Two perky cat ears rested on her head, hidden by the bow. "I do understand the hardships of being a faunus. That's why I cam to you. I know what its like to not have any allies in a world full of bigots. No one deserves to be treated like this simply because of their birth." Blake's voice was soft, yet held an undertone from years of abuse and anger for this topic.

Velvet could feel tears pooling together at the edge of her eyes as the raven-haired girl spoke. Reaching out, Velvet embraced Blake and hid her face in the crook of her neck as she sobbed uncontrollably.

No one has ever understood, or even tried to understand. Yet here, this girl has been through the same hardships as me!

A low smirk spread across Blake's features as she embraced the bunny faunus back. She held her close in an effort to drive away all the negative emotions permeating the air.

"D-does this mean that you'd be friend?" Velvet asked in a voice that would have been almost unnoticed by anyone else in this situation, but Blake's superior hearing allowed the soft voice to be recognized.

"Of course we are. And if you'd like, I'm sure my teammates would love to be your friend as well."

Raising her head to look Blake in the eyes, Velvet hesitated before asking the question that has always haunted her. "R-really..? Would they not mind that I'm a faunus?" A small glint of hope flashed through the girl's eyes as she waited for Blake's answer.

"Well, they know that I'm a faunus and have become some of my best friends. Ruby would absolutely adore you, and Weiss maay be difficult at first, but she is trying to improve her views on our kind. If anything, she'll probably get jealous from Ruby rushing over to you." Blake explained with a wink. She had said this all in an attempt to console the frightened girl, and to reassure her that everything would be alright.

Having some friends would be nice...but can I dare trust that they would accept me? They accepted Blake, but that could be because she is their teammate. What do they know of me?

Feeling her inner turmoil rising once again, Velvet bit her lower lip as she made up her mind in a spur of the moment decision. "All right...could you take me to... to meet them?" She asked in a shaky voice.

Smiling, Blake rose and reached her hand down to Velvet. "Okay. Just take my hand for tonight. Don't think about tomorrow."

Velvet tentatively rose and grasped Blake's outstretched hand. Nodding her assent. The two girls walked towards the dorm rooms arm in arm as the moon ascended above them.