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A Very Bo-bobo Christmas!

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Santa in Trouble!

Team Bo-Bobo was walking along while singing newly created Christmas.

"I ate the Christmas Tree! I ate the Christmas Tree." Sang Bo-bobo.

"They are seriously running out of new Christmas Carrols." Muttered Beauty.

"What's that you want to know the story of Christmas?" asked Bo-bobo.

"I didn't say that!" yelled Beauty.

"And now Bobo-Bo Theater present the Frist Christmas"

Long Ago, there was a young woman named Mary and she got pregnant with the child of Santa.

"Wait!" yelled Beauty interrupting the story, "I thought it was god!"

"Well this fic is written by a woman who only celebrates for family and consumer reasons." Explained Bo-bobo.

"I see." Mumbled Beauty.

Back to the story…

After going to the Emerald City… Mary gave birth to the savor of humanity Santa Christ.

"Wait! I thought this wasn't religious!" yelled Beauty, "Or is it?"

And so the Bo-bobo Theater ended.

"And that is why we celebrate Christmas! To honor Santa Crist by eating the pancakes he loved so much…" explained Bo-bobo.

Beauty sighed heavily.

"All right… I get it." She mumbled.

"It is soon." Sighed Gasser, "IT's no wonder why he's acting this way.""

"I ate the Christmas Tree! I ate the Christmas Tree!" sang Bo-bobo.

That was when a lone hair hunter showed up.

"Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo!" yelled the lone hair hunter, "I bring you a message!"

"What is thus message?" asked Bo-bobo.

The hair hunger began to laugh, "I resident The Grinch Block!" said the hair hunter.

"Not that Grinch block!" yelled both Jelly Jiggler and Dengakuman.

"What's the Grinch block?" asked Beauty.

"To put it frank! We hate everything! Especially Christmas." Said the lone hair hunter.

"What are you planning to steal Christmas?" asked Don Patch, "Because I'll steal it first so you can never have it!"

"What? No… we tried that years ago… it didn't work for a number of reasons." Said the hair hunter.

"Of course not you can't take away the love and kindness people share on Christmas!" said Bo-bobo dressed like a child.

"That's the main reason." Sighed the hair hunter, "However the second reason was because of a Jolly Fat Man…"

"Oy! I'm not Jolly or Fat!" yelled Don Patch ramming himself into the hair hunter.

The Hair Hunter was crumpled on the ground, "I wasn't talking about you." He muttered.

The hair hunter managed to get up.

"You know who I am talking about." Said the hair hunter, "SANTA CLAUS HIMSELF! WE HAVE HIM!"

He began to laugh.

"No you don't! I am Santa Claus!" said Bobo-bo dressed like Santa.

"No! I am!" said Jelly Jiggler also dressed like Santa.

"No I'm Santa Claus." Said Dengakuman Man dressed like Santa.

"No I am." Said Hatenko dressed like Santa.

"And I'm his friend Jesus!" said Don Patch dressed like Jesus.

"I through this story want' going to religious!" yelled Beauty who then mumbled, "Also you're ripping off Futurama."

"You're not Santa!" yelled the Hair Hunter, "How could you say that in front of Jesus!"

"That's right!" said Don Patch.

The Hair Hunter regained his composure, "Anyways… we have Santa… And we want Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo to try to save him."

Everyone in Bobo-Bo's group stared at the Hair Hunter.

"That's a really stupid plan." Said Don Patch, "And if I think that's stupid that saying something!"

"And do you want to know why!" mocked the hair hunter ignoring what Don Patch said, "Because of Santa's beard!"

"How can you steal Santa's bread?" asked Bo-bobo dressed like Mrs. Claus, "I was up all night making it for him."

"He said Santa's beard! Not Santa's bread!" yelled Beauty.

The Hair Hunter sighed then kicked Don Patch away.

"Do you have any idea where Santa's magic comes from?" asked the hair hunter, "Our top researchers says it's his beard that gives him magic!"

"I have had heard such stories." Said Bo-bobo, "That with every strand Santa is able to see who's naughty and nice and which presents they get."

"I have never heard of such a thing…" muttered Beauty.

"Me neither!" said Gasser.

"Now I must flee!" said the hair hunter, "Before you can shoot the messenger!"

"Who's up for shooting the messenger!" yelled Don Patch.

"Me! ME! ME!" yelled both Bo-bobo, Jelly Jiggler and Dengakuman.

"I shouldn't have said that…" muttered the hair hunter.

"No you should have!" said Beauty.

That was when Don Patch took out a hat, while Bo-bobo, Jelly Jiggler and Dengakuman all looked like mercenaries.

"All right! The person who gets to shook the messenger is…" said Don Patch.

He picked the name…

"It had always been my dream to shoot the bringer of bad news." Thought Jelly Jiggler.

"I will be the one to shoot the messenger." Thought Bo-Bobo.

"He will pay for giving us bad news…" thought Dengakuman.

"It's me!" yelled Don Patch taking out a bazooka and shooting the hair hunter with it.

"No fair!" cried Bo-bobo, "I want good hit in!"

Bo-bobo began to whip the hair hunter with his nose hairs.

"This is going to take a while… isn't it?" asked Beauty.

"You up for something pumpkin?" asked Gasser.

"Why not." Said Beauty.

And so after getting a pumpkin Latte with some pumpkin muffins, Beauty and Gasser found that Soften and Hatenko had joined in shooting the messenger and were all not exhausted.

"Done yet?" asked Beauty.

"Not yet…" sighed Bo-bobo, "Tell me! Where is the Grinch Base?"

"I bet the locations in rhyme." Muttered Beauty.

Unfortunately the author of this fanfic cannot come up with a something rhyming opt save her life so sadly the instruction were not in rhyme.

"The Grinch Block is on top of the tallest mountain in the sugar snow mountain ranges, near the reindeer herds and elf village." Explained the hair hunter.

"You're thing is hating Christmas but you're base is near reindeers and elves…" mumbled Beauty.

"You know when you get to the elf village with that attitude they're going to call you a raciest." Muttered the hair hunter.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Beauty.

"You'll see when you get there." Said the hair hunter.

Bo-bobo began to leave.

"Bo-bobo?" asked Beauty.

"We have to hurry." Said Bo-bobo very seriously, "If we don't rescue him and then there would be no Christmas…"

Bo-bobo then dressed up like a little kid, "And I really want Christmas to happen this year!" he cried.

"Come on! Come on! Let's go save Christmas!" yelled Don Patch.

"Saving Christmas is on my bucket list!" yelled Dengakuman.

And so Team Bo-bobo headed to the Sugar Snow mountains to find the Hair Hunter Base… in order to save Santa and Christmas! And hopefully they'll do it!

Next Time: After going through the Elf Village, they find the Grinch Block... What's guarding the Grinch Block... and can they get passed it? Find out next time!