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TMNT (1987 Series) and Gargoyles Crossover -

Beginnings: Prologue

by Celgress

*Note TMNT (1987) fans -

This story is set directly after the TMNT (1987 series) season eight episode "Get Shredder!". In this continuity Donatello sent the Technodrome to a random dimension (using scrambled coordinates so not even he knows exactly which one) instead of Dimension X, see "Shredder Triumphant!", destroying the pan-dimensional portal generators with several explosive charges in the process. Thus the Technodrome, and the large crew of foot soldiers & rock warriors (including General Tragg), is for all intends & purposes beyond particle retrieval by Krang & Shredder.*

+Note Gargoyles fans -

In this continuity Demona did not become a villain, but rather confronted Katharine, Tom, & the Magus as they were removing the eggs from Castle Wyvern's rookery. Joining them after a heated confrontation during which she damaged the page containing the spell Magus cast on the eventual Manhattan Clan. Demona would end up accompanying the others to the mystical island of Avalon becoming the rookery mother of the eggs in the process. Goliath and Elisa will still happen, however once Goliath learns the fate of his former mate there will be at least some short term angst between the triangle. With evil Demona removed from the timeline between 994 and 1994 C.E., much will change thus why for starters Shredder & Krang revive the cursed Gargoyles rather than David Xanatos.+

November, 1993 C.E - Hall of Science Building of the 1964 World's Fair following the defeat of Berserko.

"What a dump!" exclaims Shredder, kicking an empty soda can out of his way. "There doesn't seem to be anything we can use to gain the advantage over those wretched reptiles! Even Berserko's robots are no longer functioning."

"Yeah", snorted the warthog mutant known as Bebop. "Them robots are just deadweight now boss."

"Yeah and we can't even steal their laser guns 'cause they are part of 'em, and aren't workin' now neither." grumbled Rocksteady the rhinoceros mutant.

"Be quiet you fools. Can't you see I'm working here?" babbled the alien brain known as Krang, now restored to his bubblewalker. His pink tentacles rapidly gliding over a nearby panel filled with buttons and switches.

Above the panel a screen soon flickered to life. A blank faced man wearing a suit and sporting a black crew cut slowly came into focus. "Hello, TCRI executive office whom many I ask is calling and for what purpose?" Asked the Stone Faced man.

"It is I, lord Krang."

"How may I be of service my lord?" replied the Stone Faced Man, while preforming a quick bow.

"Arrange immediate transportation for myself, and three friends from this address to TCRI headquarters at once." ordered Krang. "Oh and have all the equipment, including the deactivated robots, presently located in this building packed up and sent to a secure TCRI storage facility by no later than tomorrow morning. Do a thorough job. Everything of possible value, and even interest, must be stripped, packaged, cataloged and moved within twelve hours. I want the preliminary contents report ready tomorrow afternoon, understand?"

"Thy will be done, my lord. Is there any other way I can be of service?"

"Yes, have the building destroyed once the cleanup operation is finished. I want no trace left that myself and my associates were ever here. That will be all" Answered Krang, waving a pink tentacle dismissively at the Stone Faced Man.

"Very well, have a safe & pleasant journey my lord."

With that the image on the screen slowly faded back into nothingness. Shredder looked intently at Krang, as did the two mutants Bebop & Rocksteady. All three awaiting some kind of explanation from the alien brain, however none was forthcoming.

TCRI Headquarters downtown Manhattan, several hours later.

"So, this is what you did with all the gold and other precious minerals we plundered from both the Earth's core and the Antarctic ice shelf." exclaimed Shredder surveying his surroundings in awe.

"Indeed it is", said Krang. "I used the proceeds to found this company Techno Cosmic Research Industries or TCRI for short, about four years ago when the Technodrome was first trapped powerless near the Earth's Core."

"Catchy name" chuckled Shredder.

Krang continued, "While I was aware I could not buy the type of energy needed to power the Technodrome, in large part because it hadn't been invented here on Earth at that time, I knew founding a technological start up might prove useful in the future. I personally control 40% of the company stock, acting as majority 'silent partner'. While you hold 30% and function as CEO, Saki.

"Wait just a minute Krang!" roared an obviously irritated Shredder. "If I own 30% of the stock and function as CEO of this company. How come you've never mentioned TCRI, or told me about the business you have been conducting at least partially on my behalf until now?"

"Because Saki", answered Krang. "You would have only devalued, or even destroyed the company by exploiting the corporate resources in your endless quest for vengeance against those insufferable Turtles! Something that I could not allow, if TCRI was to remain a viable backup plan for world domination should the Technodrome suffer some unforeseen disaster as recently happened."

"Now where was I before your blasted interruption?" mused Krang, seemingly oblivious of the fuming Shredder, before continuing. "TCRI is now one of the leading industrial computer, robotics, cybernetics & biomedicine companies, not to mention weapon manufacturers, on this miserable planet!"

"Little doubt all the advanced technology from Dimension X you've seeded the organization with over years helped." said Shredder sarcastically.

Ignoring the obvious sarcasm in Shredder's voice, Krang continued undaunted. "Of course, take our executive assistant for example. He is nothing more than a less advanced variant of Pretendicon. Reverse engineered and then prefabricated right here on Earth. While not exactly matching the overwhelming might of the fully operational Technodrome, and our Foot Soldier & Rock Warrior armies, if utilized correctly the resources of TCRI can still pack a devastating and even deadly punch." laughed the former warlord of Dimension X.

"Good, because we still need to destroy those accursed Turtles Krang!"

"For once I agree with you Saki. Those damn mutants have become a thorn in our collective side, one which has been allowed to fester for far, far too long."

Until recently Krang had always seen the Turtles, and their various erstwhile allies, as little more than a mild annoyance. Now however, after the events of the past few months, Krang's dark mind nurtured an intense hatred of the reptiles almost as great as Shredder's own legendary dislike of the web footed brats. With every fiber of his being Krang wanted only one thing: the freaks out of his life forever, no matter the cost. The only real question was how? It was now painfully obvious that his and Shredder's own mutant henchmen Bebop & Rocksteady were woefully inadequate for the task. Fortuitously a possible solution to the 'Turtle problem' had just fallen into his proverbial lap.

Krang & Shredder stopped their stroll through the TRCI grand Special Antiques Collections Room in front of a large glass display case that contained three items: a large red leather bound book, a small ornate shield embossed with some short of bird & a dull blue gem encased in gold. With his tentacles Krang gently undid the clasps that held the glass in place, and then gestured towards the book which Shredder removed from the case.

"Behold Shredder the Grimorum Arcanorum, allegedly a 'spell book' of great power."

"Don't tell me you've started believing in fairy tales Krang?" laughed Shredder leafing through the dense tome.

"Of course not you twit." snapped an irritated Krang. "Besides 'true magic' is only a way of directing energy in many terms no different than the advanced science of realms like my home Dimension or Dimension Z. What is interesting, nah perhaps invaluable, about the volume you hold in your hands is that it could contain the key to destroying those pesky Turtles."

"Don't tell me you're going to cast a spell on them Krang?" stated Shredder, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

"Will you just listen." yelled Krang. "Besides so called 'spells' this book also contains a very interesting hand written account from the 10th Century C.E. by a certain 'Magus' about a group of powerful warrior creatures called 'gargoyles'. Who said Magus froze in stone until the Scottish Castle they are perched atop 'rises above the clouds'. The description of these gargoyles points to them being both physically more powerful than most mutants, including the Turtles, also possessing additional abilities such as flight & night vision that would surly give them the edge in any confrontation, if we can revive these creatures and convince them to join us, if only temporarily, than the Turtles will be no more."

"Oh no", stammered Shredder placing the Grimorum Arcanorum back in the case. "We've already tried this sort of thing before on multiple occasions, or have you conveniently forgotten about the Punk Frogs for one Krang? If these creatures have the least sense of honor, or even a smidgeon of free will, they will most likely betray us as soon as they learn the true nature of our enterprise against the Turtles and the World."

"Saki you fool! This situation is completely different." puffed the alien warlord. "If we can successfully revive them, these gargoyles will know nothing I repeat nothing of this modern world as long as we keep them fully isolated from outside influences, which shouldn't prove difficult in the least. They will be at our mercy for any and all information about the outside world. We can see to their education, or lack thereof, in any way we wish."

"Very well" sighed Shredder in defeat. "Remember one thing Krang, while I will help you in the execution of this, your latest scheme. I want it on the record that I fear this plan may, no probably will fail and fail spectacularly. If it does it is your responsibility. I am washing my hands of this matter. Do we understand each other? And how many times must I tell you it is Shredder, not Saki!"

"Yes", Krang intoned softly anger clear in his voice. "We understand each other perfectly, Shredder."

To be continued.