Title: Young Lord

Chapter Two: An Iron Fist

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Harry was walking through Diagon Alley when he stepped into Madam Malcome's Robes for All Occasions. The shop was nice and Harry couldn't for the life of him understand how it had come so far since Voldemort's unofficial rule of the magical world.

Voldemort had made sure that the store did not do very well for a multitude of reasons. The first reason was that he had not liked the owner personally; it was just the way he was. The other reason that the store was suppressed was because the owner was a mudblood, something Voldemort could not stand. Finally, they sold low end clothing in the beginning, and nothing but the best was even allowed to touch Voldemort's body when he was in power.

The store had rows upon rows of different fabrics and hides of various creatures, most of which Harry could identify. The store had a nice wood floor and the windows let in lots of light giving the place a good homely feel. There were stations in which people got fitted for their clothing and robes. Harry thought the place was made in good taste and could see a short witch coming over to him. He also noticed she was leaving another boy about Harry's physical age with another witch who was doing his hemming.

"Here for Hogwarts shopping?" Harry nodded his head and followed the woman to a station beside the other boy. She quickly got to measuring him all over. As Harry sat there the other boy started up some conversation.

"So you're going to Hogwarts this year as well?" The boy was about Harry's size but they were polar opposites any other way you looked at them.

Where Harry had wavy black hair like the night sky this boy had blond hair that was almost white that was slicked back and combed neatly. They both wore expensive looking clothing but the boy's skin was as pail as the moon where Harry's had a nice tan from his daily morning runs. Harry had a little bit more muscle than the boy as well. The real difference came in their eyes. The other boy's eyes were a sky blue color where Harry's eyes were killer curse green.

"That is right. This year will be my first year at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry." Harry smiled at the woman giving her a nice show of his pearly white teeth which made her chuckle and say how he would be a lady's man one day before she walked away to get some more materials.

Harry also chuckled a tad bit thinking about his statement. It was true that this was his first time going to Hogwarts, but that didn't mean that he hadn't the experience going to Hogwarts. He had a full seven years of experience flowing through his mind of him in another form going through Hogwarts and running it like he owned it.

"So do you have any idea which house you will be placed in? I know I will be in Slytherin. There hasn't been one witch or wizard in the Malfoy family in all our family tree that wasn't one. No doubt I will be the same as they were." Harry remembered the name Malfoy. It was the last name Lucious went by before Voldemort was defeated. This must be his son and the family resemblance was uncanny.

"I cannot say." He shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know how people are sorted into each of the houses." He paused. "But from what I heard Gryffindor is the house of the courageous, Slytherin the house of the cunning, Hufflepuff the house of the hard working, and Ravenclaw the house of the wise. Personally I embody all of these aspects so there is no telling where I might end up." He made sure his voice was quite smug. "But if we are simply going on family trees then I would end up in Gryffindor. Both my parents were sorted there after all." Harry could see the boy give him a disgusted look when he mentioned his parents were in Gryffindor but was either smart enough or just lucky enough not to say anything about it.

"Alright dearie your fitting is all done now is there anything in particular you wish done to your clothing?" the woman had come back with his measurements. She seemed to very diligent in her work, and seemed to enjoy her work as well.

'Must by a Hufflepuff' thought Harry as he eyed the woman using his peripheral vision. She didn't notice that she was being watched, but then again that was kind of the point. 'They value hard work, friendship, and compassion. This must be the house Voldemort could understand least of all.'

He absently wondered what it would be like to be a Hufflepuff. Did people take them as seriously in the real world as they did the other houses? When Voldemort had gone to Hogwarts it was whispered that Hufflepuff was the house of the throwaways. It wasn't true of course, there were plenty of famous witches and wizards who had come from that house, but it never did remove the stigma those who entered it were branded with.

Harry just figured Helga Hufflepuff should have stuck with something a bit different than hard work. Gryffindor chose courage, Slytherin chose cunning, and Ravenclaw chose knowledge. It was kind of the oddball of the group even in its values. Well at least she wasn't the only one who chose an ironic sigil for her house. It seems only Salazar had chosen the obvious to represent his own house.

Still, its values were positive. Witches and wizards did tend to rely on magic to do everything and solve all of their problems. They tended to work harder than smarter but the Hufflepuff kids seemed to suffer less from this issue. Though due to their compassionate nature their pursuits tended to be towards building relationships or gossiping instead of furthering their own power or knowledge.

"Are you ok dear?"

Harry blinked a bit before looking down again and seeing the woman who was working on his school robes. He would have blushed if he didn't have such control over his features. He gave her a winning smile before talking again.

"Yes, sorry, I dozed off for a moment" spoke Harry as he ran his fingers through his hair. When he looked back down at the woman he said "I am sorry, but I forgot what you asked me."

The woman smiled a bit thinking that Harry was just trying to be a charmer. "I asked if you would like anything special done to your robes, or if you would just like them standard."

Harry thought about it for a moment before coming to a decision. "Yes I would like hoods to be placed on all of my robes, and I would also like for there to be two large pockets inside of my robes as well as pockets on the outside of my robes for my hands." He thought about some of the muggle hoodies he had seen others wearing. He had to admit, he liked them.

"Hoods?" It seemed the woman spent a lot of time in the magical world as she was giving him a suspicious look. Harry would have sighed, but it was inappropriate. It was well known that hoods in the magical world were usually worn by people of circles that were not exactly legal.

"Yes a hood, for when it is windy and my neck gets cold" spoke Harry, this time a bit more forceful as he looked down upon the woman with his killer curse green eyes. "I want the hood to be a part of the cloaks, not just something that was sown on. I don't like the thread stitching; it makes it look cheap."

The woman seemed a bit startled by his sudden change in demeanor. He had been kind and aloof when he walked in as well as when they were talking. But when she confronted him, even in a passive way, he seemed to transform into what only she could describe as someone raised in a noble house.

"Yes, I can do that" replied the woman as she stood up, and walked a few feet away, before turning around. "Is that all you would like done to your cloaks, or is there something else I can do for you?"

Harry looked at her for a moment causing her to fidget, before slowly closing his eyes and looking at the mirror in front of him. "I want some heat charms sown into the fabric as well, not applied afterwards. I also want the fabric to be Acromantula threads, nothing else."

This time even the little blond boy looked at him with surprise. Harry had nearly forgotten about him, but it also seemed the boy didn't want to associate too much with him after learning that his parents had been from the house of the brave, which was the rival house of the boy's family. For all he knew Harry could be the scion of a light side family. If he were a real Slytherin then he would have kept the pretense up in the hopes of gaining something from him. For this Harry doubted he would get to wear silver and green in Hogwarts.

The woman seemed to be trying to help him, but she was really starting to work Harry's short fuse. "I can always do that for you, but just having warming charms woven into your cloak will cost you nearly fifty galleons, the Acromantula thread will cost you many times more than that." It annoyed him that she would say this as if asking for such a thing was common. Only someone with the money would ask for clothing made from Acromantula silk.

Harry turned around and gave her a look that sent a shiver up her spine. Her voice hitched in her throat when she saw him slowly reaching into one of his pockets thinking he was going for his wand, but let out a sigh when there wasn't a piece of wood in his hands.

"I was told you would accept this" spoke Harry as he held out his platinum Gringots card. It was odd not carrying around a sack of gold galleons, but he had to admit it was safer, probably cut down on crime as well.

The woman seemed shocked seeing someone as young as Harry holding a Gringots card. She knew about them sure, but only the bronze and silver ones. She had heard that Gringots did a gold card, almost positively only used by the very wealthy, but never had she heard of a platinum card.

Slowly she stuck her hand out and took the card from the young man. She waved her wand over the card and used a charm to check it. When the card started to vibrate she knew that the card was the real deal, so she walked into the back to wring the boy up.

Harry let out an annoyed sigh as he began to remove all of the fitted materials that the woman had used to create a prototype outfit for him. He knew that getting angry with the woman was silly, but he was a lord, and he was used to getting things done his way, without questions.

Shaking his head as his memories of ordering Death Eaters and his relatives around started to resurface was all that Harry could do about them. He had come to accept them as a part of his life, so getting mad about it wasn't going to do him any good.

"Who are you" asked the son of one of Voldemort's closest followers. His eyes were slightly narrowed as he gazed off towards Harry, but he kept to his pure blood teachings and didn't let his appearance show anything that would be seen as unsightly for a one of his class.

"I am who I am, and will always be just that" replied Harry, but his tone had a bit of a bite to it. 'I am not who I am. I am a regurgitated Voldemort, nothing more' thought Harry, but he smiled. 'Might as well make the best of it.'

"That doesn't answer my question" came the young Malfoy's retort as he stared at Harry. His tone was a bit snippy, and showed that he was not used be being messed with by others.

'Seems Lucious didn't raise his son to be the perfect pure blood.' Harry laughed internally while revealing nothing on the inside. "That is true, but it isn't like you gave me your name either, so why should I give you mine?"

The boy's face changed into something resembling a person who bit into a lemon. He was obviously a spoiled brat, there was no denying that, but how rotten he was? Harry wasn't sure, but he was interested to find out.

"My name is Draco Malfoy, the future head of the Malfoy family, so I suggest you watch the way you speak with me from now on." While his threat wasn't very well hidden the sneer Draco gave Harry was worthy of any Malfoy. At least he learned something from his father.

"Ah, Draco good name. It was probably given to you as a name while your parents were thinking of something strong, and ended up landing on the great dragons" spoke Harry, grinning internally. Draco looked like he believed Harry was starting to kiss his ass, but he was sourly mistaken. "I guess the name does suit you. After all, dragons are very powerful, unfortunately they have brains the size of walnuts, and in the end their most notable skill his breathing hot air."

Draco's face contorted into something that neither Harry nor Voldemort had ever seen. It was like Draco had taken the lemon mouth face expression, and mixed it with a look children used to scare one another, before adding a few features a dog made right as it attacked someone. It was nice to see something new. This was something Harry could mark down as a personal experience he did not already witness second hand through Voldemort's memories.

Luckily for quite a few people, Draco's mother started to tap on the window and made a come here gesture with her hand. Draco saw this, and knew that his mother would punish him for embarrassing them in front of others, so he stopped whatever it was he was going to do and began to talk to Harry in a low threatening tone.

"Mark my words you little mud blood filth when we get to Hogwarts I am going to make you regret the day you were ever born." After that he jumped down from his own stool and marched out of the store with furry in his eyes.

If nothing else Harry had to give Malfoy credit for determination alone. That and for an eleven-year-old his threat was rather good. A little too straight forward, like that of a Gryffindor, but plenty cold enough to make a Slytherin proud.

Harry watched Draco speak with his mother. She obviously wanted to know what had made him so upset but he kept brushing her off or deflecting. Eventually she gave up but not before looking back at him. Her crystal blue eyes were calculating even through the old window of the shop. After she seemingly finished memorizing his appearance she took off after her son who had marched off. She didn't run, that wouldn't have been proper, but the speed walk plus the clickity clack of her high heels was definitely something you take notice of.

'Hmm, Lucious has good taste in women' thought Harry as he watched Lucious's wife walk down the street. Well he watched her butt bounce up and down the street, but she couldn't see him so it was ok.

Harry went to turn around, but nearly ran into the woman who had fitted him. He straightened himself up before giving her a charming smile that seemed to lessen her unease. It seemed she feared him, thinking that she had possibly insulted someone of great importance or wealth.

"Your transaction went through, so all of you clothing will be made very soon. It will take a while since all of your outfits will need to be hand made, but I am sure it will all be done before you leave for Hogwarts" spoke the woman in a kind tone of voice. Her face looked like she was expecting something bad to happen, but Harry wasn't one for following the norm.

"Thank you very much" was all Harry said as he took his card from the woman. "You did a very good job with my measurements; I have to say you are truly a professional."

The woman beamed at his praise which caused Harry to smile a bit himself. It was easy to get commoners to smile if you were a noble, or someone of importance. The commoners hated the nobility or the super-rich most of the time, but when one of them compliments them, or invests in their businesses, they all of a sudden loved them.

It wasn't hard to see that this woman wasn't really happy about his compliment, but instead the compliment of someone who was used to the better things in life. The compliment, because it was from someone of his standing, had elevated the woman's confidence in her work, and as an added benefit helping her forget about Harry's imposing tone and his momentarily oppressive attitude.


Walking into Ollivanders was more memorable than it had been for Voldemort. The air was teeming with magic, and the air seemed to be in a stand still. Even the dust simply floated in the air never to return to the earth.

There was a light coming from a window at the side of the wall. The light showed the dust floating in the air with something of a suspended appearance to it. Floor was a light colored wood, and the walls were a light color as well. In the center of the room was a counter, and behind that was a large row of boxes that contained wands.

The Ollivander family had been making and selling wands since 382 B.C. They were known as the best wand makers in all of England, while some would even go so far as to say the whole world. Many people bought an Ollivander wand as their first wand, and almost all of the students going to Hogwarts bought a wand from them as well. Even Riddle had been no different.

"Ah, a customer"

Shocked not being able to sense whoever it was that had snuck up on him, Harry slowly turned around. When he did he saw an average sized man with gray hair and milky gray eyes. His clothes were a bit ragged, but it was obviously from over use, not a lack of funds. What was more curious to Harry was that the man could see at all. His milky gray eyes seemed to almost be like cataracts to the young half blood. Maybe he was using magic or had used magic to allow him to see. Perhaps said magic just didn't clear up the visual effects of the condition.

The man was Garrick Ollivander, the owner of the shop Ollivander's Wand Shop. Harry was somewhat surprised to see the man, not that he hadn't expected him to be there, but he had expected him to at least have an apprentice or something like that with him. He had to be pushing sixty by now if not older. He remembered Harry's parents getting their wands so he pretty old by this point.

"You seem rather jumpy young man" pointed out Ollivander with a clever smile on his face.

If there was one thing that Harry knew about Ollivander, besides his mastery of wand making, it was that he was a smart man. He had been in Ravenclaw when he went to Hogwarts. In Hogwarts and later the rest of the world was considered a prodigy, though a prodigious wand maker, but still a prodigy none the less. Messing with such a man could prove unwise.

"Well when you sneak up on someone like that it is hard not to be" retorted Harry in a calm collected voice as he eyed Ollivander for a moment. "Though I must say, it is odd for a grown man to be sneaking up on children on their first year going to Hogwarts."

Ollivander laughed for a moment before saying "Not at all, I do it to adults as well." Seeing the surprised look on Harry's face, Ollivander explained what he meant. "Sometimes fools lose or break their wands beyond repair and come to me seeking a new one. I am proud of my works, and anyone who ruins such masterpieces deserves at least some form of punishment."

Harry smiled a bit and nodded his head agreeing completely. "I guess I heard correctly, Ollivander does make the best wands." A bit of flattery could go a long way. If you did it subtly enough it could go even further. He was satisfied with the curious look Ollivander was giving him.

"While many do say that I am the best, I wonder why you assume I am" questioned Ollivander as he looked into Harry's eyes. He wasn't sure why, but for a moment an image of another boy who had come into his shop many years ago appeared alongside Harry.

"A man who takes pride in his work, along with love will no doubt produce something special. Even if you were not considered the best, your love and pride in you work is evident, and for those reasons I would have chosen you to make my wand" responed Harry in a slow drawn out tone full of approval.

Ollivander smiled, but felt odd talking to someone as young as Harry in a manner in which adult wizards used. He assumed the boy had been trained in pure blood etiquette. It did make sense, but it saddened Olivander to think about how pure bloods stripped the childish wonder from their children to make them into something that they approved of.

"Why thank you, but I think it is time we find you your own wand. It is the reason you came her after all." Ollivander soon pulled out a tape measure. It was magically enchanted as it started to move about on its own measuring everything it possibly could.

"Now Harry which hand is the one you use the most often" asked Ollivander as he went through a few boxes that already had wands he had made previously.

"Neither, I am ambidextrous sir." He was nearly cross eyed at the moment watching the enchanted tape measure measuring out the circumference of his nostrils. This was new as Tom Riddle hadn't been put through this little incident. 'I doubt he really needs to do that. He is probably just messing with me.'

"Truly? Well then you are quite lucky" spoke Ollivander as he climbed down from his rickety old ladder. "That really cuts down the number of wands that could possibly be your fated wand."

He pulled out a short stubby wand that made Harry want to wrinkle his nose. He had nothing against the wand itself, it was just that it seemed to be the opposite of who he was. He preferred a longer wand with a thin width that had a nice swish to it.

"This Harry my boy is an older wand that I had made some time ago. It is made of Ash wood, seven inches long, with dragon's heart cord as its primary source of power" listed Ollivander as he handed it to Harry. "It has all the power you could ever need, and would be particularly useful with Defense Against the Dark Arts spells."

Harry grabbed hold of the wand and felt it resonate with his own magic. Harry hoped that Ollivander did not assume that this was the wand for him because of this. His Predecessor was known for his wand versatility, being that he could use nearly any wand without having to defeat his enemies, not have to practice using it.

"Hm curious" spoke Ollivander as he stared down at Harry with those big milky gray eyes. Sometimes Harry wondered if Ollivander could see more than just the physical world, and maybe he was able to see someone's magic, or at least their connection with their wand.

"What is curious sir" asked Harry in a respectful tone.

"The wand seems to have accepted you for the most part, but you are not its master." Ollivander then rubbed his chin. "I dare say this is a very rare thing. Wands are known for being picky, but it seems that you have a unique affinity for wands."

"Like you" joked Harry with a grin.

Ollivander's eyes grew a bit, before they settled with a serene expression on his face. "Yes, like me. It seems finding you a wand may be more difficult than I had first anticipated. With the wands accepting you to such a degree, even I will have a difficult time seeing why they did not accept you fully."

One would expect Ollivander to get depressed seeing that his job was being made harder, but on the contrary, Ollivander seemed to brighten at the thought of a challenge. Soon he was back in the back looking through box after box trying to find Harry another Unique wand that may suit his Unique situation.

Harry went through just about every wood that Ollivander used as well as all of the cores, and sizes. He tried wands from seven inches to fourteen inches. He flicked wands with dragon heart strings, unicorn hairs, and phoenix feathers. He also held wands that were made out of Ash, Red Wood, all the way up to magical trees, but still none of them worked for Harry.

"I wonder…" The old wand maker gazed down upon Harry with a questioning look. "Could this be fate, or just the god's messing with us."

Harry looked at the old man like he was losing his mind, but sighed when Ollivander left to go back into the back. Harry heard the old man rummaging around looking for something when he came back with an old box that had plenty of dust on it. He carried it almost reverently.

Ollivander blew on the top of the box causing all of the dust to fly off of it and into the air. He ignored the fact that most of the dust just seemed to hand there in the air, and slowly opened up the box. He gently pulled out a finely crafted wand and held onto it like it would break from even a gentle breeze.

"How about you try this one out young man." He handed Harry the wand as delicately as he could, treating it like it was made of a fragile crystal.

Harry took the wand and instantly felt a rush of power that caused the air around him to vibrate with his magic. His eyes glow a brilliant killer curse green, and a powerful gust of wind rushed from him and through the shop, causing the dust in the air to go flying, and some of the other stuff to be destroyed.

"Curious, very curious." Harry looked up from his new wand to the old wand maker.

"Curious Sir?"

"Yes, that is a special wand, at least for you to wield, as it was the brother to another wand I had made many years ago. This wand is eleven inches long and made out of wood from a holly tree. It has a particularly powerful magical core being a phoenix tail feather. It is a good wand, especially for advanced magic." He then pointed towards Harry. "It is unfortunate though that the brother wand that I had made so long ago was used not only to kill countless innocent people, but also to give you that scare" He looked down at Harry. "He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named did great things, terrible yes, but great things. I believe we can expect great things from you as well Mr. Potter."

Harry smiled and dropped Seven Galleons on Ollivander's counter before leaving the building. Ollivander looked at Harry's back for a moment, before going into the back of his office.


An owl was released from the back of Ollivander's shop and started to fly off into the sky. After a moment though a red light flew up into the air and hit the bird causing it to fall from the sky. The impact could have killed the bird, but before it hit the ground another spell was used to cause the bird to freeze in midair.

The person who had cast these spells on the owl stepped out of the shadows and removed the letter that was attached to the owl's leg and began to read it. He made sure not to leave any evidence that it was him, but he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Oh Ollivander if you think that I don't know who your loyalties are to, then you are sadly mistaken" spoke the boy as he used his wand to make the writing disappear, then reappear, though this time it was a bit different than the original message had been.

"This should keep the old man off of my trail at least for a while. Don't want him to think about my skills to much. After all, he may start to suspect something, and we can't have that now can we" spoke the boy as he started to pet the owl that was floating in midair.

"Now one last thing before I let you go" spoke the boy as he pointed his wand at the bird. "I just need to tweak your memories is all, hope you do not mind" and with that a flash of white could be seen and a low chuckle could be heard.

As the light died down he left the bird perched on a trashcan. It would wake up soon and continue on its way unaware of anything having happened. Once the old headmaster got the letter things should be fine. Such innate talents that normal children should not have would not be mentioned but his wand would. That should keep the old man entertained long enough not to question anything else.

"You know the way you treat animals is quite cruel." Harry grinned before turning around. "Should I report you to authorities? I am sure the Prophet would just love to get their hands on that little tidbit."

Standing behind him was a young girl physically the same age as Harry. She had long ebony black hair that fell down in ringlets past her shoulders. Her skin was a pale alabaster color of flawless beauty. Heavy lidded eyes swooped down to long eyelashes that framed beautiful almond shaped hazel eyes. Her face was a classic beauty centered around a perfect regal nose. Even at such a young age she was showing signs of womanly maturity and femininity. There was a noticeable rise in her chest area and a flair to her hips that were connected to long legs that not even a school uniform could hide.

Speaking of uniforms, it seemed she had received hers earlier than he had. That, or she had to good grace to buy a set that was readily available and wait for the higher end stuff to come in later. Personally Harry did not like the uniforms required for Hogwarts. He already had several complaints forming in his head that he would soon put to paper and send to everyone he thought would be able to do something about it. Besides their house sigil the uniforms were black and gray. Such colors were not very flattering nor did it let the students express themselves as they so desired.

Even while he admired her so a small chuckle formed at the back of his throat. In part it was from her uniform. A witch's hat really did not sit well with her reputation. The other part was just the idea of what people would think should they know that the most dangerous witch in an age was standing in an alley behind Diagon Alley wearing a first year's school uniform. Most would think her insane and looking like a psycho, but oh they would be so very wrong.

"Bellona, I see you have finished getting your school uniform." His smile was quite cocky as he admired his very attractive friend. "And I must say they do you so well."

"Thank you my Lord." Harry wanted to slap her all of a sudden but noticed the way Bellona looked down at her dress robes. A sneer seemed to be forming if the curling of her upper lip had anything to say about it. In the end it didn't come and she forced it down. "But such cheap material is utterly repulsive to my own ascetics."

He decided to let her little mistake drop for now. She would be punished later but if he were to address it where they were then more damage would be done than would be otherwise. Still, with how beautiful she was, he knew he would be willing to be lenient with her. He had invested far too much of his time fixing her mind and reverting her back to a younger form to simply destroy her now. That and she had far too many uses to punish for such small transgressions.

Harry waved her off. "It is fine." He gave her an exaggerated once over. "You look very appealing and the fact that you can do so in such mundane material only exemplifies this. Remember this Bella. It is easy to stand above a crowd while standing on a box but to do so and be eye level is something truly remarkable."

She ate ever word he said up like the most delicious of treats. Even as a young girl she seemed quite demure around him. Her infatuation for him had not diminished over the past two years and instead had only increased. It was not something he was trying to prevent. Bella's blind loyalty to him was something that could not be bought with all the gold in Gringotts. It was a valuable tool for him to use as he pleased and a dangerous shield to any who wished to stab him in the back.

Snapping out of his musing he motioned for Bellatrix to follow him. "Come, I wish to make it to my meeting as soon as possible." A flash of something moved across his emerald green eyes. "I won't be happy should I be tarty"

A pleasant shiver ran down Bellatrix's spine. She nodded her head not trusting her voice in that moment. In an instant she was at his shoulder as he moved through the back alleys. Once they were far away enough for no one to see them Bellatrix grabbed onto Harry's hand as he apparated away.


As the two of them exited their little transportation Bellona noticed something odd. For one they were not inside the muggle home in which her master, and herself, lived. Instead they were standing on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. Long stretches of open fields carved up by encroaching forests spread out as far as the eyes could see.

When she turned around a delicate eyebrow rose ever so slightly. At the top of the largest hill that was not so far away stood a house. Bella didn't know if she would consider it a house per say but she knew the lesser life forms lived in squalor so to them it could be labeled as such.

It resembled a bent tower with the front of a home sticking out of one side. This gave it a forked appearance towards the top. The walls were made of a gray stone no doubt giving it superior protection but ending up giving off the impression of an old abandoned outpost used by muggle soldiers. If the aesthetics weren't already bad enough a narrow staircase went up to the second story where the front door was. In short it was a ghastly home. She could not imagine the family who lived in such squalor and she wished to do nothing less than burn it down for daring sully her master's view by existing.

He gestured towards her master. "My lord, what are we doing in this… place?"

Harry chuckled at Bella's less than pleased tone. He knew that she would not have seen any value in such settings. Though he figured that was the curse of growing up with only the best. It was harder to appreciate anything less than what you have always had.

Still a part of him did actually like the Lovegood home. Not for the building aesthetics or the materials that went into building it but for what had been done to it later. Drawings decorated the entire base of the home. Rainbows, strange creatures, and even a mailbox that took the shape of a tree with roots spreading in all such directions existed. It was a sign of a home that housed a close family.

"We are here to put into motion the first step in my grand plan." He gestured towards the home. "These people are a business associate of mine so I expect you to be on your best behavior Bella."

"Yes, my Master." She bowed her head slightly.

"Come Bella." Her master beckoned she follow and follow she did.

As they walked up to the home she noticed a blind in one of the upper windows move. She thought that she saw a flash of silver but put it down to a figment of her imagination. She reconsidered this as the front door to the home opened up and a ragged man came out to greet them.

Xenophilius Lovegood was a strange man. His blond hair was so light as to be a silvery white color. While plenty of women would say he was handsome it was often offset by the odd clothing and jewelry he wore. At present he was wearing a brown and white coat seemingly made from the wool of sheep. Bella would go so far as to say handmade given how the ends were tied into balls with strands of thread dangling about messily.

"Mr. Potter it is good to finally meet you." He stuck out his hand and practically grabbed Harry's own in a warm shake. His overly spread smile did little to stop the twitch of annoyance that spread through Harry for this lack of professionalism.

Harry sighed but returned the greeting. While his business partner may not be professional he was. And as a professional he would weather any uncouth behavior with a straight face, a firm back, and a neutral face. He kept an eye on Bella though just to make sure she did not lose control of herself. Though that would have negative results of another kind.

Eventually Xenophilius Lovegood led them inside his home. It was very cluttered. Books, papers, and other equipment were strewn across the floor. It would be impressive if not for the contents of most of the papers or books. Imaginary creatures, what if books, hoax reports were what made up the vast majority of the clutter.

Eventually they were taken into the dining area of the kitchen. There was a semi-circle area with large windows that let sunlight into the room. The light colors mixed well with the afternoon sun giving off a warm atmosphere. It was quite relaxing and even Bella seemed to appreciate it even if begrudgingly.

Once they were all sat Harry decided to cut Xenophilius off to get straight to business.

"As you know my compatriot and myself have come to buy your newspaper from you." That obviously caught Bella's attention if the look of surprise was anything to go by. "The Quibbler is a small newspaper but besides the Daily Prophet it is the only one out there." He looked out the window for a moment. "I plan to use it to push past the Daily Prophet. I want the Quibbler to be the main source for information in all of the Magical England."

Xeno looked remarkably uncomfortable for a man talking to two children of seemingly eleven. In fact, with the way he seemed to slowly curl in on himself he resembled a child being scolded by an adult. Even the way his fingers seemed to move about onto his cup and the table spoke of a low maturity.

"I am sure you are aware," began Xeno Lovegood. "The House of Lovegood has fallen on hard times in the past two centuries."

Bella cut across him. "Then you should take our offer. It is more than generous and will see an elevation in your status."

"Yes, but the Quibbler is all the House of Lovegood has left. Should we lose it then we will have money for a few generations but even that will be gone eventually. After that happens we will have nothing left." Surprise colored Harry's face. He had not expected the man to possess such foresight after their initial conversation. Seems he is more mature than he thought. "We don't make much but the Quibbler does provide the funds for my family. I cannot lose it."

Harry cut Bella off. While smart, brutal, and beautiful she did not possess the skills necessary for this sort of bargaining. He then turned to Xeno. "I cannot give you anything more because my offer was already more gracious than need be." He went to say something else but another soul entered the room.

The girl moved with an unusual grace to her step. Instead of walking she seemed to glide. It was a trait highborn ladies practiced for years yet plenty never mastered it. Bella could do it but she had to try though while in combat it transferred over as to why she was so swift. Bella's sister Narcissa could do it, her movements in Diagon Alley attested to it, without even thinking about it. For this girl to be able to do it so young spoke of a natural inborn grace only a handful before her could boast of having.

Like Bella her hair fell past her shoulders falling around the middle of her back. Her golden locks shown in the sunlight with the waves seemingly flowing as she moved. Her skin was flawlessly pale, no scars or other imperfections to be seen, and seemed to contrast perfectly with her hair. Her face was that of a lovely girls absent the regal beauty that Bella's had but at the same time possessing something special about it. What set her off as even more unique was the gray eyes she had that seemed to be lost in their own little world while sparklingly like stars.

All in all, she was quite the beautiful young girl who in time Harry was sure would become even more beautiful. His momentary distraction thankfully went unnoticed as the girl asked her father if he or his guests would like any refreshments.

"Yes, please dear." He gestured towards them to get their orders. Bella declined but Harry asked for a cup of tea as well. After a moment Harry coughed into his napkin in an obvious manner. "Oh, I am sorry. This is my daughter Luna Lovegood. She is my only child."

She curtsied, the strange dress she wore clinkered with a number of odd things she had sewn onto it. After that she left to get her father and Harry a cup of tea. With her presence gone an awkward silence fell over the room.

Harry soon caught himself once again coughing into his hand. "As I was saying there is really no more I can offer you for what it is I want… but if our interests were aligned and our bonds strengthened then perhaps a new accord could be reached."

Xeno looked interested. "What does that mean?"

"If I gave you more, let's say perhaps some stock in the Quibbler, then I would lose something. I could pay you less but I want all of the Quibbler to myself. But if we bound our bloodlines together I would not be opposed to sharing what is mine with close family."

It took Xeno a minute to catch onto what Harry was saying. He glanced back towards where his daughter was daintily singing a tuneless melody to herself as she watched a pot of water boil. She picked up several lemon wedges and put them into the water. It was an old Lovegood trick to get a superior zest in their drinks.

"You want to marry my daughter?"

No sooner had the words left his mouth than an entire panel of glass that made up one of the windows cracked into a thousand spider web veins. The fact that it was sitting behind Bella and the fact that said girl had an almost deranged look in her eyes spoke for itself on how it h ad happened.

Harry knew clearing this up quickly would be for the best. "No, I am already promised to someone else." He threw Bella a quick glance which seemed to instantly dissolve the foul mood the previous statement had placed her in. The effects were almost instant. "But a Breeding Contract or even a Mistress Contract could be drawn up between our two houses by the Goblins. In exchange for Luna having my child, and that child inheriting the Lovegood family titles, I would be willing to give your family ten percent of the Quibbler which will provide your family with far more income than what your newspaper does now."

Of course Harry's child would inherit that ten percent along with the Lovegood name and titles. It was an old trick used by noble houses to expand their power and influence. Harry's bloodline would flourish, it would be supported, and it would remain powerful. And of course since said child would be his own whatever power that child would have or gain would indirectly be his own. Still, it was a short term gain if the family broke up. The closest of allies today could be your worst enemy tomorrow.

"I don't know." Xeno started to back petal. "Luna is young and I don't know what is right for her. I-" Once again Harry cut the man off.

"I understand." He put on an air of nicety around himself. His aura was much more positive than the start of their conversation. "You need time to think over my offer. You need not rush. But know this." His aura changed once again to something more oppressive. "I will expect an answer by the time Hogwarts starts. Our original deal or the new one I care not but I will get one or the other. I've already bought the taxes on your newspaper and if you cannot pay me back I will get it free of charge. Remember that Mr. Lovegood."

And with that Harry and Bella stood up. Luna came around with the drinks which he kindly accepted. He took a sip and found that he truly did like it. Either her technique was top notch or the ingredients she used were a strangely nice combination.

He thanked her after finishing it off rather quickly. He didn't allow Mr. Lovegood to see him or Bella to the door. The man already had a defeat atmosphere about him while his daughter was seemingly oblivious to the potential life changing conversation that had just taken place. Regardless of what happened the duo left with light pops after leaving the staircase.


In the beginning of Harry's stay in the Dursley house there had been two adults and two children. Of course Petunia and Vernon stayed in the master bedroom, Dudley Dursley stayed in one of the two guest rooms, and Harry was stuffed away in a broom closet. After enslaving his family things changed very quickly. Once he brought Bellatrix home things had to change once again. The Dursely's living space continued to be minimized the longer Harry lived there.

Now the master bedroom belonged to Harry and to Harry alone. All of his aunt and uncle's stuff was initially shifted into one of the guest bedrooms. He himself had received new everything from furniture to appliances to fill in his new living space. After Bellatrix had moved in Dudley was moved to the broom closet he had initially been forced to live in.

With Bellatrix's arrival though things had changed once again. As Bellatrix was the beneficiary of the Lestrange vaults money was no longer an issue. After acquiring her he set into motion his plans.

The first was to revert Bellatrix to a younger, stronger, more stable form. He himself had to fix her mind which was made much easier than it could have been due to her devotion to him and willingness to obey anything he told her. After putting her into a coma for a month to let her mind rest and heal she was back relatively to her undamaged mentality.

His servants came in handy soon after. For his plans to get at the Lestrange vaults without having the Ministry all over his case he needed to make Bellatrix young again. Considering if his plan worked he would no longer want for money meant Vernon Dursley had outlived his usefulness to him.

While he didn't like his cousin Dudley he was not petty. He knew his cousin was still a child and only emulated his parents as any other child would do. That coupled with the short amount of time he suffered at his cousin's hands made him decide to spare him.

It had been quite fascinated to watch as the life-force drained away from Vernon Dursley and transferred into Bellatrix. It was like someone had hit fast forward on Vernon while a rewind effect played out over Bella. Vernon didn't seem to be in any pain. He questioned if this was natural or an effect of the dark runes carved into his flesh. Regardless it didn't matter. Once everything was said and done Vernon looked more along the lines of a dried up husk while Bellatrix was once again a vibrant young girl seemingly the same age as Harry.

Out of curiosity Harry had examined Vernon's body. The results were quite fascinating. Not one single cell in his entire body was still alive. His ritual had extracted every single ounce of life-force from his body. Not a cell was left alive to die off over time in his entire body. It seemed the ritual was highly efficient.

With Bellatrix's mind and body being returned to a stable form he set out to do as he had intended. After altering some documents, bribing the right people, threatening some others, and forging a paper or two Bellona Lestrange was born. This was the identity Bellatrix would now live under. Until he said otherwise she would be the only daughter of Bellatrix Black and Rodolphus Lestrange. With this she would have unlimited access to the Lestrange Vaults now that she was the last one.

Should Sirius Black die in Azkaban then she would have a chance to inheriting the Black Vaults as well. Bellatrix with the eldest daughter of the Black Family so naturally she would inherit first. But since Bellona was her daughter it became murky. It didn't matter to Harry. Anyone who tried to inherit before he would die no matter how many he needed to kill. He wouldn't do it for the gold. He could get gold if he needed it. But there were priceless family artifacts in those vaults he would like to study some time.

That being said he was quite happy with the results of his experimentation. What he wasn't happy about was the following month. They had to report Vernon Dursley had gone missing so there were muggle cops everywhere. He had to move all his crap into one of the guest rooms while Petunia moved all of her stuff into the master bedroom so no one would get suspicious. That and Bella had to hide out while Dudley retook the room. Once again this was done not to draw in any suspicion.

After the first two weeks the cops basically left them alone to pursue any leads they may have had. They still popped in every once in a while with detectives or other professionals to find any clues. Petunia, his loyal servant, had played the grieving widow perfectly. He was quite pleased with her. Dudley was too dumb to be able to pull off anything but the sobbing mess. Eventually the cops stopped asking him anything as he would seemingly fall apart at the mention of his father's name.

If there was one saving grace it was Aunt Marge. Harry wanted to hit himself for forgetting about that ruthless bitch. She would have been even better than Vernon to kill off and he wouldn't have had to deal with all the cops. Still she made herself useful.

After four months after Vernon's disappearance she made a huge fuss in the courts. She wanted custody of Dudley. In any normal circumstance she would not have been able to win such a custody battle. Even her sighting Petunia for being mentally unstable and incapable of financially supporting Dudley after Vernon's disappearance.

Luckily for her Harry wanted Dudley gone in the first place.

Feigning a lack in finances they hired the cheapest lawyer they could find. They also adopted another child which many saw as irrational. With Petunia's lack of income, her irrational actions, and their cheap lawyer the case was a slam dunk for the dog bitch and her infomercial lawyer.

The shrew walked out pulling Dudley along as if she had won an Olympic Gold medal.

While happy to be rid of Dudley, due to him having no use to Harry, he couldn't just let him go as he was. He had to remove the dark runes from his neck, alter much of the boy's memories, and place a charm on him so he didn't want to return to his mother. With that he waved happily as Marge drove off with him and all his stuff.

Now things were as they should be. Harry in the master bedroom, Bellatrix in one of the guest bedrooms, and Petunia in the last one. She was lucky he didn't have any more followers who needed a place to stay. If he did, then she would have to stay in the broom closet. He may have even put her in a kennel not that she would have minded in the least. He often questioned if he did too good a job on her.


Coming out of the teleportation spell had only gotten marginally better for Harry. His body just seemed to disagree with that specific form of transportation. Something about getting squeezed into an impossibly small tube fame him feel dizzy and disorganized.

Bellatrix had no such issue. She stood there are prim and perfect as when they left the alleyway. Already he could see her almond shaped eyes moving about the room. He wasn't sure if she was doing it to make sure they were not ambushed by possible enemies or if she was doing so in the hopes of burning a certain someone to ash with the intensity of her eyes alone.

Regardless of the reason nothing burst into ash. What did happen however was the light patter of feet moving from upstairs down said stairs. After a moment Petunia came from doing the housework to greet her newly arrived master.

In a fluid motion she fell to her hands and knees prostrating herself before him. Her brown hair fell down covering her face as the jeans she wore to do her chores stretched to accommodate the new position that they were in. Even the frilly white shirt she was wearing hiked up showing a bit of her lower back as she did so.

Petunia Dursley was property at this point. The dark runes in which he had engraved into her flesh had seen to that. After a bit of practice and some experimenting he had learned a way to use runes to endues certain feelings in others. In Petunia's case it was an obsessive need to obey him. In short it was like shock therapy. She did as she was told, the runes released endorphins into her body causing her to feel pleasure. If she didn't do as she was told her body would feel sick, she would get intense headaches, and she would grow deeply depressed. After a while this changed her so deeply that now it was her nature.

Harry had wondered if he removed the runes from her body if she would slowly return to the way she was or if she would have to be taught via the same rune programed differently to change. He suspected this is who she was now. Long term brainwashing was always the most effective form.

"Master, welcome home." She still did not rise as her master had not ordered her to.

Harry smirked. He couldn't help it. He got a dark twisted part of himself from Tom Riddle. That man, even as a child, had found only pleasure in the suffering of others. While Harry could feel joy in helping people he could also feel it in hurting them. Sort of made his interests jump off the wall as a result.

"Servant, you may rise." Before she could follow his command he gave her another one. "After you remove my shoes." Again he watched feeling glee as Petunia hopped to with glee to fulfill her master's demands. Eventually she got the laces untied and removed his shoes one by one. "Good girl." And as if to add insult to injury he reached down and played with her brunet locks like she was a dog.

Without any sense of shame Petunia full expressed her joy at being praised by her master. On her hands and knees she straightened her back so her head would press into his hands. His well-kept fingernails, which he had her take care of for him, raked across her scalp inducing pleasure in her which was strengthened by the runes.

"Hehem!" Harry stopped petting Petunia causing a low whine like that of an actual dog to spill from her throat. They both turned towards Bellatrix who had her own foot extended towards Petunia. Her hazel eyes glaring down at the woman filled with nothing but hatred.

Petunia looked up at her master and he gestured for her to do as Bellatrix demanded. Scrambling across the tile the woman eagerly began to undue Bellatrix's shoelaces. Although Bella gave her some choice words, demeaning in nature, Petunia continued to work diligently not even stopping when she agreed with her master's closest servant.

Eventually the little show of dominance and submission was over. Petunia was back on her feet.

She gave him a quick report of the household chores he made her do. At this point she did more than she was asked due to being fanatically loyal to him though in a mindless sense unlike the pure devotion Bella gave to him. After looking over the list he nodded and thanked her for her troubles. He didn't need to, but he wasn't a completely heartless monster. He was just very extreme on both sides of his moral compass.

Once she was waved away Petunia rushed off to start dinner. She was responsible for feeding her precious master, a job she took extreme pride in, and would often cook a meal two or three times just to make it perfect for him. It burned through a lot of groceries, which meant more trips to the market, but she didn't mind and her master had never said anything about wasting too much of his money so she could only assume he was ok with it.

Watching Petunia rush off caused Harry to smirk. Bella noticed this. "What is so funny, My Lord?"

His emerald eyes turned pinning Bella on the spot. "I was just thinking." He paused. "She is so dedicated to making sure every aspect of my life is perfect while I am here. I wonder if she will snap while I am away at Hogwarts."

He ignored the dark look that flashed across Bella's features and the cruel grin on her face. "She is one of you servants, though muggle she may be. For her to break without your permission is a crime that should not be forgiven."

"Too true" commented Harry as he began to walk up to his room. "Be prepared. We leave for Hogwarts soon."

Bella bowed her head to the retreating form of her Lord. "Of course, My Lord."