AN: Time to meet the family...well, a bit anyway. I don't hold with Winona Kirk being a shitty mother, so she's not. Please, read on an let me know what you think!

Jim and Leo stayed there, talking about nothing at all long after Nyota left them. When the sky outside darkened enough that they had to turn up the lights in the apartment, Leo got up to figure out something for their dinner.

"Please no replicator shit Bones. It's all they let me eat at Medical and I'd kill a Klingon with my bare hands for some Chinese food right now." Leo called to see if their favorite Chinese place was still open and groaned when he heard them chattering in the background about his comm signature.

"Of course we deliver to men who saved Terra twice. Twenty minutes, no charge." He felt the line go silent and stood dumbly in the kitchen, hoping against hope that Jim hadn't heard them. But he'd never really had that kind of luck. Jim had a beatific, glowing smile on his face and Leo dropped his head into his hands, swearing when he hit himself in the nose with the comm that he'd forgotten he was holding. Jim laughed at him and walked to open the door at the chime.

As they sit down to dinner at the bar in the kitchen, Jim only barely remembering to use utensils before Leo growled at him to behave like human being, a large number of thoughts are tumbling through Leo's head. What comes out of his mouth is not one of the more prominent ones.

"You talk to your mom yet?" Jim winces and chokes on a dumpling. Leo jumps out of his chair and raises Jim's arms over his head to help open his throat with one hand as the other grabs a bottle of water to hand to Jim. Leo is only able to sit down once the color has receded from Jim's face.

"Uh, There was a pre-recorded message waiting for me that she's demanded her Captain turn the Bradbury around and bring her to Earth. I figure she'll be here within the next 24 hours." Leo smiled as Jim's fearful face.

Jim and Winona had a fantastic relationship, once she'd ditched the ass-hole she'd married after George. They were best buddies and Leo thought the world of her; so did almost everyone in Starfleet for that matter. Even if she weren't the Kelvin widow...she was smart, funny, tough, loving and could drink even Montgomery Scott under the table. In short, she was awesome and Jim was right to be afraid of what was going to happen to him when she showed up because she was a force to be reckoned with. To be honest, now that he was thinking about it, he wasn't all to sure how confident he felt about having Winona know everything about him either. He mentally cringes at the thought.

"Well look, Jim, some of the abnormalities that you've told me about could be explained with some info from her. If she knows about your family medical histories, that is. I mean, Khan's blood it brought out some recessive genes in your DNA and we could be better prepared to know what we are dealing with if she's got some information. You promise me that you'll talk to her about it?" Jim chews thoughtfully as he narrows his eyes at Leo and his rambling.

"'Course I will Bones, don't even worry about it. But, you know she's gonna, like, demand that you're there anyway. You can just ask her yourself." Bones curses mentally; he knows that he is unprepared for a conversation like that with Winona. She's gonna kick his ass.

Sighing in defeat, Leo gets up from his seat and drops his dishes into the sink. He turns and faces Jim, who is doing his best Spock impression, trying to get one eyebrow higher than the other. He fails miserably.

"Just put your dishes in the sink kid and I'll wash them in the morning. I haven't...uh, haven't slept too good since everything happened and I'm beat. I'ma hit the hay." Without waiting for a response from Jim, he heads into his bedroom and shuts the door firmly. He completely misses the longing look that follows him from the room.

Around ass o'clock in the dark of the morning, according the chrono on his bedside table, Leo opens his eyes to see his mother sitting on the side of his bed, petting his hair. Grunting with effort, he twists his body so that he can sit up, thinking that it was probably the most pleasant way she'd ever bothered to wake him. He meets her eyes and for just a fraction of a second, he sees true affection for him in her gaze and his own eyes soften in response. Then her too-sunny smile reappears on her face and he braces himself for what's going to come out of her mouth.

"It's cheating, really it is for you to direct him towards his mother for answers. I should punish you for that my Cupid, but I'm tired of seeing you in this grumpy doctor persona thingy. For the record, Winona does in fact know who her late husband was. It crushed her when he left and couldn't come back so I'll just let you live with dealing with her tears. That's punishment enough." His stomach drops at the thought.

Winona Kirk crying is not something he could ever deal with.

"Anyways beautiful boy, she'll be here tomorrow and you can get on with the teaching and the seducing. Don't look at me like that, you'll just get riled up like your father and never get back to sleep and you need some beauty sleep, if you don't mind me saying so darling. Anyway, good luck tomorrow and I'll be watching." With one last ruffle of his hair and a peck on the cheek his mother is gone.

He flops back onto the bed and nearly screams in pain before jack-knifing back upright. Damn wings.

The next time he wakes up, it is nearly noon and the sound of the door chime is ringing though his head. He groans and reaches a hand behind his head to check that his wings are gone before rolling onto his back and sitting up. That's when he hears the yelling.

"James Tiberius Kirk, you open this door right now or I swear to God above I will kill you again! I will go straight to that lovely Uhura and tell her the most embarrassing stories from your childhood that I can think of! Get this door open right now!" Leo pulls on pants as quickly as he can and flings his bedroom door open to see Jim, clad only in boxers and his golden skin with the worst case of bed head hair he'd ever seen, slamming his hand on the door activation to open it.

Winona takes one look at him and all of the fight sags right out of her. She throws her arms around Jim's neck and he has to pick up her diminutive form out of self preservation. She covers his face in kisses, all the while checking to make sure that he's really there and all right. Leo crosses his arms over his bare chest and watches the scene from his bedroom doorway in fondness.

"Mom...ack, Ma stop it! I'm fine. I'm right here. Bones saved me and fixed me. Go smother him for a minute! Ma...stop!" She pulls back and looks Jim in the eye before kissing his forehead again and nodding her head. She releases her grip on Jim and turns towards Leo, who gulps fearfully and thinks briefly of retreating into his room. He thinks for too long apparently.

Winona is giving him the same treatment as she gave Jim, all along with a running commentary.

"I can never thank you enough. You saved my baby, my only baby. He's still here because you are brilliant and amazing and I think, if I were 30 years younger and Jim wasn't in love with you I'd ask you to marry me." Leo freezes and his eyes dart to Jim, who is standing there in shock.

"Mother! You interfering old woman! Bones, don't listen to her, I mean she's practically senile." Leo lets a beatific smile cross his face and quotes at Jim, " Methinks he doth protest too much. But we'll talk about it later." Jim blushes and Leo is fascinated by the way that Jim blushes with his whole body. It's adorable and a few other things that he shouldn't be thinking while he's got Jim's mom in his arms. Bare arms. He pulls back from Winona's embrace and looks down at her to see she looks mischievous and dangerous. He's seen that exact look on Jim's face too many times to count in the last four or five years. He groans.

"I need a shower, clothes and coffee in that specific order before I can handle the two of you for the day." He turns around and can actually feel two sets of blue eyes on his ass as he retreats into his room. It feels great. As he shuts the door he hears Winona stage whispering to Jim.

"You haven't old him yet? Not only is he a doctor Jim, but did you actually look at him? He's fucking gorgeous. You'd be an idiot not to hit that." Confirmation that his feelings are returned from Jim's mother gives Leo a very positive outlook on life. His own mother has been known to mess around to much for him to trust her word on things like his love life.

Feeling slightly more normal once showered and dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, he sits down with mother and son at their small dining table and reaches for the coffee. He leans across Jim in the process and smiles at Winona when they both hear a small choking noise from Jim when his shirt rides up to show the skin above his hip. Never mind that they both had just been showing a lot more skin than that; Cupid knew full well the effect of just a little bit of skin showing. He'd been doing this for more years than he could easily count after all.

"So mom...ahem. Mom, Bones here says that the serum that saved me may have messed with my DNA some. We want to know some family history on Dads side." Leo rolled his eyes and slapped his palm to his face. Trust Jim to put it that way. He poked Jim hard in the side before turning to Winona to explain.

"As high up as you are in the ranks Winona, there's only so much I can say. But Jim...while he sort of got the gist of what I was trying to say last night, he's not right." They both laugh as Winona points at Jim and says, "We know he's not right, but please explain Bonesy." Leo sobers at the fact that he can't refuse the use of his nickname to Jim's mother.

"The serum had to affect Jim at the molecular level and we've...I've noticed some recessive traits that are coming out in Jim now. I tested his DNA and found some changes...nothing dangerous or bad,but we were hoping that you cold maybe give us some family history on the Kirk side so we can be prepared for what's coming." Winona narrows her eyes at him, trying to read his expression and the things that he's not saying. He lets it show on his face briefly.

Winona's eyes go impossibly wide, darting to Jim then back to Leo before raising an eyebrow. He nods and she snorts in exasperation.

"Hey, why do I feel like you two just had a whole conversation without saying anything? Mom? Bones? What the hell is going on? What do the two of you know that I don't?" Jim is whining and Leo can't help but roll his eyes.

"Well shit Jim. You never do things by half you know? I was really hoping that you'd...well, live your life without getting this particular shit from your dad. It's not bad stuff just... well, heartbreaking for me I guess. And you, Leonard... I knew there was something about you. Once you're introduced to that stuff, you never forget it. You'll have to share some you know." Leo nods distractedly getting impatient for her to start telling Jim what the hell is going on.

"I guess I'll start at the beginning. Your dad was...different Jim. Like, like someone out of their element you know? But so brilliant and not just in the way that you and Bones are. He...glowed with brilliance. I was so drawn to him, but there was something that kept me at arm's length too. Please understand, whether he'd never trusted me with the truth or not, we'd have fallen in love. It wasn't one wasn't hero worship or any other shit you might hear...or have thrown at you now." Winona looked so much younger as she talked; so happy with the glow of love. Leo's heart was damn near broken at how much she must be hurting to talk about George.

He stood from his chair and placed a gentle hand on her elbow. She blinked herself out of her memories and craned her neck so she could look up at him. He guided her out of the chair and into a hug. He felt her sadness and radiated warmth and love back at her as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, hidden from Jim's curious eyes, " You can see him again, you know. I can make that happen for you." He felt her take a deep breath and hold it against everything she wanted to say.

Winona pulled out of his embrace shakily and laughed, "I know it's early for you two kids, but I need a damn drink and a more comfortable chair." Leo swept past her into the kitchen, to his own store of bourbon, pouring her a healthy three fingers and heading into the small living room. He sat on the couch and gestured Jim to join him, who did so suspiciously. Winona threw back a healthy gulp before sitting in the chair across from them.

"I didn't believe him at first, you know. It sounds absolutely crazy when you hear it the first time. I imagine that you'll have some trouble with it too Jimmy. You were always too much like me for your own good." She threw back another slug of the liquor and shivered.

"That is some good shit Bonesy. No wonder must have a pretty sophisticated palate, if you were half as old as George." Unable to stop himself he answered her rhetorical statement.

"Older, actually. He's kind of a youngin' to me and my kin." Winona's eyes went impossibly wide again before she smiled.

"Robbing the cradle has a new meaning to you then..." She trailed off and looked pointedly at Jim, who was nearing levels of pissed off that he'd never seen before. He assumed that they should get to the point and soon.

"Jim, I can't believe I'm saying this out loud, I feel like a crazy person. Jim...your dad was Thor." Jim froze. Stopped blinking, stopped breathing, stopped everything. Leo turned towards him on the couch, not knowing what to do for a Demi-God going into shock. Then Jim started to laugh. Softly at first, growing louder and louder until he was howling with laughter, holding his stomach and tears were streaming down his flushed cheeks. Leo flopped back into the couch cushions with a huff and looked to Winona, who shrugged her shoulders and threw back the last of her drink.

"Show might be the only way." Leo frowned, but knew it to be the truth. He stood up slowly and peeled off his t-shirt, knowing that the wings would go a long way to verifying his story.

Jim sobered immediately and sat up with an intense look on his face. Once Jim was looking into his eyes, Leo took a deep breath and started to slowly change his appearance. Gone were the wrinkles from his face, his muscles firmed up, his skin bronzed in color, his hair lightened and finally, when Jim looked like his eyes were going to bug out of his head, he released his wings to spring out from his back and flutter softly. He briefly felt his feet leave the floor as he stretched his wings.

Jim was drooling on himself because his mouth was hanging so far open. Leo flashed a smile at him before spinning to look at Winona, who looked suitably impressed. He took an impish bow as she stood up and came towards him. He nodded his head as she paused with her hand halfway to his wings. She stroked her fingertips along the edge of them and he shivered at the sensation.

"Older than cant be Iris, as you are most certainly male and those aren't on your feet so you aren't Hermes, you must be Eros?" She guessed with a smile on her face. He smiled back at her.

"Yeah, but my mother calls me by my Roman name...Cupid. Do I look like a cherub to you?" He gestures at himself and sees Winona lick her lips and shake her head in the negative. He actually flushes at being ogled by Jim's mother and turns back to Jim, who has been suspiciously quiet and bursts out laughing.

Jim has fainted.