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Kagome watched black smoke rise from the sky in an ominous pillar of destruction, eyes closing as the world seemed to slow around her; she screamed, "INUYASHA!"

She launched off the building, rage filling her veins, that son of a bitch really was trying to wipe them out. She never should have believed he would still abide by their deal once she broke it off with him.

She should have given him a knife through the eye as a goodbye present. Her school wouldn't be burning if she had.

She stormed through the empty streets, the sound of raging people leading the way, a lot of arguing people.

Keeping to the shadows Kagome glared at the group, cursing herself when her heart squeezed at the first glimpse of him.

He looked almost exactly the same save from the dark circles and clear signs that he hadn't been sleeping very well. He was yelling at some blood bitch woman, Kagome climbed up the building so she could watch from above and hear more easily. His snarl broke through the air, "you were given no orders to attack the rebels much less BURN DOWN THEIR BUILDING!"

"but boss!"


She crossed her arms, "that bitch just left us, left you and it damaged us…she news to pay for what she's done."

Kagome shook her head, that woman and other Blood Hounds thought that they should attack her and her rebels because she was no longer with Inuyasha? Idiots the lot of them. She turned to leave when Inuyasha's voice broke through again, "pay for it? so you attack her rebels? thats stupid this entire thing is stupid. staring a war over one rabid woman is easily one of the dumbest things you could do, her leaving didn't damage the Blood Hounds, we didn't need her in the first place. you were all sent out here to find Sango and Rin do your fucking jobs."

Kagome would be lying if she said that his words didn't sting. Still part of her was reassured that she wasn't wrong in thinking Inuyasha wouldn't attack her, she walked away from the scene, using her boards to make it back to her rebels.

The would need to be handled carefully otherwise they would want blood, not just of that one group but of every Blood Hound.

She was only interested in the blood of the idiots who blew up her school. Inuyasha needed to get better control of his dogs.

With Inuyasha:

Inuyasha leaned against the wall watching smoke rise from the faraway building.

He closed his eyes briefly knowing full well this could start a war.

And if a war started, he would eventually face Kagome in battle, and if he did one of them would die.

And he knew he wouldn't be able to kill her if the time came.

The question was would she kill him? would she plunge a knife into his body if it meat helping her rebels?

Of course she would. She was an amazing leader it was one of the sexiest things about her; she's strong, powerful, ad nurturing all at once. She would kill him in a heart beat if it helped them.

He couldn't find it in himself to care all that much. Kagome killing him with her own tiny little hands, the same hands that he had wrapped in his own so many times before would kill him, the same slim fingers he'd kissed so many nights they lie awake would wrap around a knife and plunge it into his flesh. And he just couldn't care.

The only reason he had even come down here was to catch a glimpse at her, see how she's doing. He didn't give a shit about locating Sango and Rin, he knew they probably came down here to see her. See how she was doing, if she was still healthy.

She was so skinny when they first met, beautiful but too skinny, unhealthily so. He wondered if she was back to that after three months.

Probably, the war zone wasn't a place where one came by food easily.

Inuyasha took another look around, realizing with slight reluctance that this place fit Kagome better than Tokyo, that these wild streets fit the wild girl who lived here. That taking her back to an orderly society after she had lived in a place with none for so long must have been hard for her.

It must have been so hard for her to worry about business and appearance after never having to before, to learn how to cook complicated things and not hunt for her own food, to learn about electronics she never even knew existed in the first place much less needed, to stop her little joys in life like bathing in the rain on a rooftop in order to learn how to function properly in a new society.

Peeling himself off the wall Inuyasha looked up the building, contemplating going onto the roof and take a look at Kagomes maze, slowly shaking his head e walked away and down the empty street.

Some time later:

Inuyasha sighed, amber eyes taking in the scene, The rebels found where his men were staying and were currently in battle.

But there was no sign of Kagome, he wondered where she was.

She wasn't one to miss a fight.

He was just going to leave, find Sango and Rin and let the two sides duke it out when a building a few blocks away rumbled, catching fire with a loud bang as more Blood funds rushed in.

This…was not going to end well, his people were mad her people were mad and they were all blood thirsty in the first place.

Another building exploded, closer this time.

The building next to them rumbled and suddenly the rebels started running, toward the building in a panic.

Inuyasha couldn't for the life of him figure out why until the black haired woman went plummeting off the edge in a half jump, half fall. His eyes widened as she landed on a Blood Hound nearby shakily standing on her feet and brushing herself off; oblivious to the dead silence around her she started walking off, "sorry if I killed you dude, but thanks for breaking my fall. it means a lot. Promise."

The rebels collectively sighed with relief Hojo stepping up and checking for injury, "Leader! you were supposed to stay back! What about your-"

Kagome shoved a little white stick in his face, "I told you I wasn't pregnant! I just got a little sick for gods sake the lot of you are idiots!"

They all just stared at her, Hojo smiling a bit, "Well we all kind of figured…you left tokyo for a while..you haven't been feeling well…your distant and more private than usual."

"…so you thought I was pregnant?"

They all nodded.

Kagome groaned, throwing her hands in the air, "NOT PREGNANT!"

Hojo rose a brow, "so then why were you-"

"OH LOOK WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE GO, FIGHT, WIN!" She threw a knife into one of the Blood Hounds throats, starting an uproar again and distracting her rebels so she could slip away. Only to run smack dab into Inuyasha on the way. She blinked at him eyes narrowed, "why is it whenever I meet you its after one of your asshats blew up my building?"

Inuyasha found himself smiling a bit, she was still here, still Kagome. It made him both happy and made him miss her all over again. it was a bittersweet feeling really, "how the fuck should I know?"

Her eyes closed for a moment before the eerie blue of her iris revealed themselves again, and inuyasha could have sworn she looked like she was about to cry. She didn't say a word and didn't move an inch.

Inuyasha spoke first, "this is fucking pointless."

She gave a watery laugh, "…yeah well your idiots didn't leave me with much of a choice dog boy."

"Not what I meant Kagome."

Her breathing seemed to stop for a moment, "..oh."

He watched a single tear run down her cheek and her expression grow angry as she rubbed it away, she looked so fragile then it was physically painful to watch. Ignoring everything that was going on around them, he grabbed her slim waist and pulled her closer tucking her into his chest as he had done so many times before. Running his fingers through her hair, "I miss you pet."

Her body shook, "I can't Inuyasha I just I can't. I-"

He shushed her, ignoring the the feeling he got hearing her say his name again, "I know."

She let out a small cry and gripped his shirt in her fists, "I'm sorry."

"I know."

"It was too much for me, I….can't do it. I tried but I can't."

"I understand."

She buried herself in his chest and ignoring the battle in the background Kagome let herself cry over Inuyasha for the first time, she knew it was wrong to cry into the chest of the man she was crying over, but she didn't know what else to do. Inuyasha was the only person who ever saw her cry, "I.."

Inuyasha cut her off, "You're skinner again."

She nodded into his chest, still crying but thankful for the distraction.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around her a bit tighter, "try not to let that get out of hand."

Another nod.

"you should probably board up your apartment more, the winters going to be harsh and apparently you've been sick."

She let out another cry, "Why?"

"why what?"

"Why won't you yell at me?!"

Inuyasha let out a heavy sigh, "because Kagome I'm not angry anymore. I miss you yes, with every fucking breath I take. But I love you and this is what you want."

She started crying harder clinging to him.

"I thought about hunting you down and dragging you back with me, locking you away in my apartment and never letting you leave again but that would only make you hate me. I would rather know that you loved me and left then you being there and hating my guts." He continued when she was silent save for her quite sobs, "I'm sure I'll always miss you but I need you to be happy and if being here back to your old life makes you happy then so be it."

She let out a scream into his chest, "BUT I'M NOT!" She sobbed, "I thought…I thought I would be…but it hurts.." She whined a bit, "It hurts Yasha…god it hurts. I don't…I don't know what to do."

Neither of them noticed that the battle had stopped a while ago and the two had become the center of attention.

Running a hand through his own silver locks Inuyasha tucked his fingers under Kagome's chin and made her look at him, he wiped her dirty tear stained cheeks clean, "You're just as beautiful as the last time I saw you."

More tears dripped from her lashes, "really? you look like a train wreck."

Inuyasha laughed, flashing her a fang filled grin, "I really fucking missed you pet."

Kagome sniffled, "I missed you too…"

"Do you want to stay here?"

She hesitated a moment before shaking her head.

"Do you want to come back home with me?"

She gave a small nod, looking up at him with wide blue eyes, "I love you.."

A smile spread across his face, "I love you too." He leaned down cautiously as if worried he would scare her off and captured her lips in a kiss. Having every intention of being gentile after so long but losing it when she let out the small gasp and melted against him as she always did. He gripped her as close to him as he possibly could and devoured her lips with his own, growling at her soft moan as her gripped her hair in his fist tangling his tongue with her own. Tasting every bit of her sweet mouth as he could, savoring the feeling of her body pressed up against him after all these months. God he missed this, and if the way she was latched onto him and the passion in her kiss meant anything she missed him just as much. Reluctantly broke away, whispering in her ear, "when we get home, I'm going to show you exactly why you are never going to even consider leaving again."

She shivered against him and offered a tiny mewl, voice barley above a whisper, "you could always show me now."

He smirked, "I would but we have an audience."

Her head whipped around and her eyes narrowed in rage, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LOOKING AT ASSHOLES!?"