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"For the love of all things holy, tell me you got laid."

"Excuse me?"

"Regina, I worked my ass of last night so that you and Emma could have a private meeting at 108 Mifflin. Please tell me it went through." Tink followed the brunette as they walked to their seats somewhere in the little clearing, waiting for the wedding to start. She couldn't help the small yawn escape from her lips; she'd been up most of the night corraling a bunch of drunk women.

Regina frowned in thought. What am I supposed to tell her? She wondered.

"You have exactly two minutes to tell me if you stuck it to Emma real good."

"That's not exactly the right terminology dear."

"Whatever. You have to realize Hook's the only one I've really ever heard any kind of sexual terminology from."

"Poor you."

"Time's running out Regina." They had found seats then, sitting down next to one another. Regina formed her lips into a line, trying not to laugh.

"Did you have fun running around with Ruby and her wolf pack last night?"

"Don't avoid the question Regina. I will get the answer one way or another."

At this moment, the music started up and everyone slid to see the wedding party begin their march to the altar.

First Belle's half of the party did the ascent; Alexandra walked along, tossing flower petals in front. Then followed Ariel, Mulan, and a very pregnant Aurora. Regina smirked, knowing that had probably been extremely awkward, what with Mulan and Aurora's history. Or more so what with Mulan's never ending devotion and secret love for the princess.

Poor Mulan. This was Aurora's third child with Phillip.

Then Henry, who though was seventeen had agreed to be a ring bearer and also a child tamer, making sure Alexandra didn't get too bored. Sure she was seven but the girl had a mind of her own. He made his way over to the little girl and smiled when the seven year old blushed. She held out her hand and he took it.

A finally Ruby's half of the party rounded it off. Snow smiled proudly as she walked down the middle. Regina rolled her eyes.

Not even her wedding day and she acts like she's the center of attention.

Ashley followed.

"Well she's nervous," Tink remarked as the blonde slightly stumbled.

And then Emma appeared and Regina couldn't help but smile. Their eyes met and Emma smirked, quickly turning her eyes forward. The blonde passed them then and Regina heard Tink clear her throat.

"Regina. Is that..."

"A hickey! You have a hickey!" Snow was screaming at the blonde in one of the bedrooms at Granny's B&B. Emma rolled her eyes, she really didn't have the time for this. Or the energy for that matter.

That was Regina's fault. But her mother didn't need to know that.

"And what is that?! Is that... Emma Swan!" Her mother was running her fingers over the claw marks that Emma was sure graced her back. "You go get makeup right now and cover all of this up."

"You do realize I'm a grown ass adult and you can't tell me what to do, correct?"

"Do not test my patience Emma." Snow huffed and walked out the door, slamming it and leaving Emma, Ruby, and Ashley staring after her.

"I'll... I'll go get her," Ashley mumbled, gathering her dress up and leaving the room.

Ruby and Emma remained in silence.

"Regina really did a number on you Em." Ruby wasn't looking at her but Emma knew the brunette was grinning that wolf grin.

"Regina didn't do this."

"Oh shut up Emma. You're not fooling me. There was no cat that needed saving. At least, not of the four legged, meowing variety."

Emma did blush then.

"I thought you were wasted."

"I was. But that doesn't mean I don't pick up on things like two insanely hot women dancing all over each other on the dance floor or the fact that you came in wearing one of Regina's blouses this morning."


"And let's not forget the claw marks that scream the name of the only other well manicured woman in town aside from myself. I mean, you're hot Emma but you're so not my type."

"Gee thanks Rubes."

Ruby smiled, standing to place a hand on Emma's shoulder.

"I don't care if you keep the hickey. But cover up the claw marks. I really don't want to have to take your mother to see Whale because of a heart attack. Showing up on my wedding day may give him the wrong image."

"He's such a leech."

Ruby nodded and went back to the make up process. Emma did as she was told, not sure how she felt about being caught.

"I don't really know what it is Ruby."


"No!" Emma scoffed. "I mean... this thing. With Regina. I don't really know what it is."

"What do you want it to be?"

"I... I don't know."

"Do you want it to be just sex?"


"Well there's your answer."

"It's not that simple..." Emma muttered to herself as she did her best to cover the marks on her shoulder.

"You know I can still hear you." Ruby had turned to look at her, concern in her eyes. The blonde looked kind of mopey, her eyes giving that sad, kicked puppy look. She smiled when green eyes met her, hoping to cheer her up. "Em, you talk to her and tell her you want it to be more than sex. It is simple."

"You're not going to tell anyone right?" Emma looked back down at the make up in her hands, her heeled foot kicking at the carpet. Ruby waved a hand before standing to wrap her arms around the blonde.

"Belle called it way back at the 'welcome back from the enchanted forest' party we threw for you and your mother. She and I both witnessed the little scene outside the diner. She was convinced it was straight out of a rom-com."

"But.. you won't tell anyone else right? I mean... not until she and I can figure things out."

"Your secret's safe with me Em."

"You're staring at Emma. You're supposed to be watching the brides." Tink whispered in Regina's ear.

"But Emma is so much better to look at." Regina smirked. The pride from the mark she'd left on Emma still hadn't left her. She knew there were also marks on the blonde's shoulder but figured her mother had made her cover them up since the strapless gown couldn't.

"Regina, I have something to tell you." Tink whispered again.

"And it has to be right now?" She still hadn't taken her eyes of her blonde lover.

"Well it doesn't have to be but since I have you I thought you should know that you and Emma were glowing last night."

This caught Regina's attention. "Neither of us are pregnant dear."

"No I mean... you were both literally glowing. Green to be exact."

Brown eyes went wide.

"You don't have any magic Tink."

"You don't think I know that?"

"But how..."

"I don't know. But the two of you? I was practically seeing green. And not in the sense I was getting sick."

Regina looked away from one blonde and to the other. Emma was smiling as she watched the two brides kiss, declaring their true love. The blonde's smile was large and Regina couldn't help but smile too. She only watched the blonde as Belle and Ruby walked down the aisle hand in hand, the crowd clapping for them. Her eyes flitted back to the ex fairy.

"That doesn't make sense Tink. You showed me the man at the bar."

Tink didn't really have any clue as to how it happened. She just knew it had.

"Maybe," She hesitated, not really knowing if what she was saying was correct, "Maybe you can have more than one true love?"

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