The bartender turned on the overhead lights and the customers growled at the unsuspected light. They complained and grunted at the bearded bartender. He just clicked his lips and went on doing his job. He served drinks left from right. He gathered three cups of sake and went out behind the counter to a nearby table. "Here's your sake."

"Thanks," the blonde grabbed his cup. The bartender handed the other drinks to the other two at the table and returned to his spot at the counter. Blondie took a slip of the sour drink. His face puckered up from the taste.

The black haired who sat across from the blond gulped the drink down and snickered at the blonde. "Aren't 'ch a bit young for this?"

Blondie wrinkled his nose and took a bigger drink of the sake. He regretted it imminently as the sake hit his mouth. Once the sake poured down his throat, he wiped his tongue from the after taste of the drink.

"Calm down," the raven haired patted the blonde's back. He took a small slip of his drink and laid it back down on the table. "He's only trying to taunt you."

The blonde glared across the table at the snickering older gentleman. "Can we get back to business?" he asked sarcastically to the black haired; who just nodded in return. "We can't all have her."

The raven haired glanced at the black haired, "Nor share her."

"Yeah," the black haired rolled his eyes. He only suggested that for a joke but the other two were taking it too seriously. He gulped more sake down and waited for the blonde to continued his so-called plan.

The blonde tilted his cup as if the containment would disappear. "What about we all three get two chances with her."

"But we all can't have her," the raven haired repeated the blond's words from earlier.

The raven-haired listened closely as the blonde uttered his next words. "We all have two dates. Just two. Whoever is able to get a third...when she offers it, gets her..."

"...the other two back away," the black haired finished. He empty his cup of sake and looked at the other two to see if they understood. The blonde glared at the black haired for finishing his sentence, but he was calm since the black haired understood where he was coming from.

"There should be rules," the raven haired stated. His finger went up as if to emphasis that point.

"But do we agree to this first?" the blond questioned. They all three put their hands in the middle of the table; almost slipping the cups of sake on the table. Sting opened his mouth again while looking at his full cup, "Okay, so I will ask her ou-"

"Who says you get to ask her first?" Gray grunted. They never established that or anything like that. If anyone is going to get her first, it was going to be him; her childhood friend and rival.

"I was the one who made the plans," he argued as his shoulders raised.

"Those lame plans," Gajeel rolled his eyes,"I agree with Icehead. I will go first."

Gray had his hands around his cup, "That's not what I was talking about. I'm going first." He gotten up from the table and took the chance to get to Natsa before any of them. He ran out of the door and the other two followed him closely behind. They yelled at Gray from behind, but he didn't look back. He was focus on getting to the guild before them.

"Gray-san! You forgot, no one is faster than the speed of light!" Sting raced forward with a smug look on his face.

"You idiot! Don't use science in a world of magic!" Gajeel raced forward as he used his magic.

Gray froze the path ahead of him and slide on the ice forward. He jumped on the sheet of ice that covered a car and slide down with his shoes. He ended up running next to Gajeel and still behind Sting.


"Natsa-san! I'm here!" Sting gasped as he went into the guild.

"Sting?" Mira questioned as she saw Sting race forward. She tilted her head, "This isn't your guild." But he was already pass her and didn't even hear her soft voice. She looked behind him and there came Gajeel and Gray. They passed her with a gust of wind behind them. Mirajane could only guess as to what they were up to.

Natsa turned around as Sting appeared right in front of her. Her jaw dropped from surprised of the appearance of the blonde; who she was not supecting any time soon. Last she heard from the yellowed haired was at the Grand Magical Games Feast, which was longer than a month ago. "Eh...Sting?"

"Natsa-san! You're here!" he cheered. He glanced back and seen the other two so he hurried up and asked, "Will you go out with me tomorrow?"

"Uh...sure, I guess," she accepted. She shrugged her shoulders. She had no clue what he was meaning about so she just accepted. Maybe it was a fight? Or something to do with food. She had no clue.

"Yeah!" Sting roared. He cheered and the two behind him dropped to the ground; defeated.

"I'm gonna..." Gajeel started. His teeth grind as his hands clawed into the floorboards.

"...kill him," Gray finished. He laid his head on the ground and cursed Sting for using his magic against him. Why must Dragon Slayers be so fast? Even using his Ice Magic, he was a good mile away from the Light Dragon Slayer.

"Beat ya!" the blond shouted with his arms raised in the air. It was as if he just won a victory in the Grand Magical Games.

"There was a race? Why wasn't I invited?" Elfman grumbled. He crossed his arms and squinted his eyes at the younger children.

Lisanna giggled and leaned on the table where she and Natsa was sitting. "I never thought you would get a date before me~!" she uttered under her breath, "Let's make you pretty~!"

Natsa's head darted from left to right at that statement. She experienced Lisanna's makeover once and she didn't want it AGAIN. "Never!"

"Awe! Come on, Natsa!" Lisanna pleaded. She turned to Sting, who was still in the middle of his victory dance. "Where are you taking her?"

"Somewhere nice..." he hesitated for a moment. He was too busy focusing on beating the two losers that he wasn't thinking of where. He opened his phone and looked at the contacts. For being in a guild that was at the top of its' gain for seven years allowed him to have numerous resources to pick from. Even for a last minute date he was sure to acquire for being in such good terms of them. All he needed now was to know was where.

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Who will win? Gray? Sting? Gajeel?