Freed froze the three boys that were ready to spill some blood. This allowed the guild some time to pull them away from Natsa and into a different corner.

"This entire ruckus just for Natsa," Evergreen shook her head as she monitored the transport of Sting.

Bickslow stuck out his tongue as he dropped Sting into the seat. His babies followed him and dropped the boy as well into the seat; Sting grumbled but couldn't talk. "What about you try to help?," Bickslow stated.

Evergreen smirked and looked at her nails, "I just got them done. Isn't my job to look pretty? And that's men work." She smiled and left the man. Her heels clicked on the ground as a group formed around her and Natsa. The pink haired just stood there with sweat steaming down her face. One of her friends came and held onto her arm.

"They are under control for now, thanks to Freed, but once it breaks…they will want an answer."

"That's what I'm afaird of."

The door opened and Glidarts stepped inside. The door came apart just from him pushing in. The guild was a mess. Piles of wood and crumbles of rocks divided the guild. "Good, I haven't missed it," he chuckled. He saw the three young boys in the different corners; each of them not moving an inch. In the middle of the room were Natsa and Erza.

He walked into the guild and pulled out a chair that was still in one piece. He sat in it backwards and watched the group of members, "You can go on now." He grinned from their confused expressions.

"Old Man, you're not helping!" resorted Cana. She grabbed a barrel of sake and drunk it.

"Well I'm not making it worst, am I? Plus, I can't miss this. It will never happen again."

"This is a day to cherish," grinned Macao. Natsa glared at him. "Hey! If there were three girls fighting for me, I wouldn't be upset over it."

Wakaba chuckled and agreed with him. "Who wouldn't?" His face flushed.

"Perverts," mumbled Cana. She turned to Natsa, "Pick already."

"Don't rash your decision, though," Mirajane countered. She placed a gentle hand on Natsa's shoulder.

"Pick the cutie," added Evergreen. "Sting."

"Ever. Cana. Mira. Let her decide," ordered Erza. She glared at each of the girls.

Freed came back to the ground. Some sweat around his forehead, "It won't last for long. It will last for another minute."

They gasped, and all of them started talking at once. Natsa couldn't hear, nor understand any of them. It just went pass her head each and every time they talked. The red haired guy sighed at the group's chaos that surrounded the young girl. He stood up from his seat and entered the crowd that surrounded Natsa.

"Which one can't you live without? You value their relationship that you would regret if you could never see them again," he stated before getting hidden by the by the crowd.

Her hand darted up to look at the messanger; instead she zoomed out of the crowd and stared at the three suitors sitting in the corners.

Sting. He was only a boy she met least than a year ago. A friend; or a small brother at most. He showed her new things in life and had fun doing them with him.

Gajeel. She didn't even think of him as a friend until these so-called dates. She didn't want anything to do with that guy; until she saw that they liked the same things.

Gray. He always got on her nerves whenever they were around each other. He was a piece of her life since they were kids and knew exactly what she liked and disliked.

"Thanks Gildarts," she uttered. He smiled at her and stretched his arms as he went back to his seat. He hated seeing just a feast over this concept, but she was of age for a romance; and this may be the only way she could consider it.

The spell broke over the boys. Gray and Sting hopped up to their feet, while Gajeel stayed in his. The blonde looked around and rubbed his butt; he felt as if someone dropped him. The raven hair looked around the guild, and spotted Natsa. His shirt disappeared as he took a step forward.

Natsa cleared her throat before the three could make a move. She went to each of them and slapped them.

"Natsa..?" questioned Lisanna.

She turned around and glared at Gajeel before moving onto Sting. "What? I haven't even done anything!" argued Gajeel. He crossed his arms and sat back in his seat.

"Maybe I wanted to hit you idiots!"

"That doesn't give you a right!" Gray narrowed his eyes.

"You guys made a freakin' bet! Isn't that right, Happy!"

Happy nodded his tiny skull, "Aye! I heard it all! Kill them!"

"Kill them…?" echoed Sting. He shook his head and went back to staring at Natsa.

Natsa nodded at Happy's answer. She went back to staring at each one of them. "Either it was a huge prank-"

"They meant it," finished Mirajane.

"Yeah that too. But why the fuck would you do that to me?!"

"Because all of us want to date you," answered Gajeel plainly. He hunched forward in his chair.

"Natsa, get on with it. Master and Laxus will be back soon," called one of the guild members.

"Yeah, well I pick Gray. Okay? Fine. It's all over."

"Wait…what?!" Sting gasped. Out of everything, he was not expecting that. She didn't even second guess it or anything. A frown appeared on his face and he crossed his arms.

"Heh, knew it," grinned Gray. His body relaxed and he allowed a breath that he's been holding to release.

Gajeel shrugged his shoulders and stood up from his seat. At least no blood was shred, or feeligns were hurt. She's happy; right? If that bastrad ruins it, then he still has a chance; after he kills the Stripper.

"Oh Gray-sama…" mumbled Juvia.

Erza grinned and went to the three boys. "Now it's your job clean this up," she waved at the mess throughout the guild.

"Well, that was…non-dramatic. I was kinda hoping for a fight," mumbled Gildarts. He even left his house for some ass-beating; but also to see his little Natsa get her first boyfriend. At least he saw the latter.

Cana blinked, "The guild is already damaged enough. But…Natsa does look like she's ready to break some bones…"

"Uh! Mira, get me some popcorn!" he excited as his eyes followed Sting out of the guild.

Gray and Natsa sat on top of a hill. The sun was shining down on the couple as thy relaxed against the grass. Natsa took a bite of her sandwich as she stared up at the sky. Her feet were bare; her shoes were set to the side of the picnic blanket. An empty basket sat between the two of them.

The raven haired wiped his crumbs from his naked knees. His head popped back up when he wondered where his clothes went; they were at the bottom of the hill. 'Fuck' he thought. He went down and clothed himself quickly before sitting back on the grass.

"Hey Natsa," he stated.

"Yeah?" she didn't open her eyes. Her head was lying on her folded arms.

"Why did you pick me..?"

She smiled, "Because you were the only one not looking at my ass."

His head turned, "That's all?" He wanted to add 'You don't have anything to look at,' but thought against it.

"Nah. Like Gildarts said, I value you the most. Ugh, that doesn't sound right on my tongue," she spitted and wiped her mouth. It felt so unnatural just saying nice things about the Stripper. "Sting's..he's just, like a little brother that I got to protect. Gajeel is a comrade, well friend."

"Wait, what was that? I'm what?" He held his hand up to his ear.

"Nothing," she stated with light red cheeks. She should have not even answered that question in the first place.

"I thought I heard something…Like Flamehead saying I was the best."

"That would never happen, Snow Queen."

"I'm pretty sure it did."

She leaned up and stared at the raven haired, "Do you want me to regret my choice?"


"Thought so," she grinned and relaxed back on the ground.

"Now shut up and hand me another sandwich."

"There isn't any. They are all in your large belly."

Natsa almost hit him, but ending up smirking, "Then maybe Sting has some." She loved using this card against him; something that she won't stop using any time soon.

"I wouldn't be surprised," Gray remarked. That guy had enough money to pay for a mansion.

The pink haired nodded and slowly closed her eyes. Even if this was Gray, she wasn't regretting her choice. Not after the two of them endured together; saving each others' butts every single mission.

He will always be apart of her life.

Ever since their childhood.

The end.

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