Note: After thirty-one chapters I have ended Twisted Fate. I hope you enjoyed the story and thank you for reading.

Rescue the Future

Dumbledore screamed as the curse hit him. –Wingardium Leviosa.~ The headmaster was lifted off Daphne and with a wave of a wand, was thrown into the opposite wall. Out of the flames stepped a boy with red eyes and slits where a nose should be. "Kidnapping children now are we Dumbledore?"

He turned to Daphne and dropped the glamor on his face with a smirk before putting it back up. "Stupefy!" Dumbledore shouted pointing his wand at the back of the boy who had entered.

'Don't be a fool Dumbledore. ~Protego.~ I'm more powerful than you are."

"Tom?" Dumbledore asked seeing the face of the boy before him. "But how are you alive?"

Phoenix's cold laugh rang out around the cell. "Did you not think I took steps to prevent my death?"

If Daphne hadn't seen Phoenix drop the glamor when he had looked at her, she would have thought that Voldemort was still alive. She had to admit even though she couldn't see the fight much; it was amusing to think of Dumbledore being scared for once by a man who supposedly died twice.

Phoenix undid the glamor he had cast on himself and grinned at his ex-headmaster. "Hello headmaster. Remember me? The person you betrayed?"

"Oh it's the vampire," Dumbledore said.

~Expelliarmus!~ Dumbledore's new wand flew out of his hand and Phoenix snapped it in half before holding the pieces in his palm and setting them on fire. "So the 'great Albus Dumbledore' shows what a true asshole he is," Phoenix said as he walked to stand in front of the headmaster. "Kidnapping innocent children and raping and/or attempting to rape them, wiping peoples' memories that certain children ever existed. Oh yes I know that you wiped Minerva's memories about my parents and myself from her mind."

"How the hell could you know that you filthy creature?!"

Phoenix flashed his fangs as he smiled at the headmaster. "When you're one of the undead you get a lot of time on your hands to research," Phoenix said. "Funny how I got the freedom I wanted after being killed. Funny how I am learning things about my history that you and your mortal fools kept from me."

~Diffindo!~ Phoenix aimed the spell at Dumbledore's right hand, slicing it cleanly off.

Dumbledore screamed in pain as he lost his hand. The screams of his enemy were music to his ears. He waved a hand and conjured shadow chains that pinned Dumbledore to the ground. ~Serpensortia!~ A king cobra appeared in front of Phoenix.

~Why did you bring me here?! Put me back now human!~

~At peace noble snake.~ The snake looked at Phoenix in surprise and Dumbledore had a look of fear in his eyes.

~A speaker?~

~Yes. Please bite Dumbledore in his remaining hand and inject your venom into him. Then I will send you home.~

~As you wish young speaker.~ The snake slithered forward and sank its fangs into Dumbledore. It struck again and again, pumping its venom into the wizard before slithering back to Phoenix. Phoenix waved his wand and the snake vanished back to its home.

"That snake was a king cobra," Phoenix said causally. "One bite contains enough venom to kill twenty people. And considering how that was three bites, which means you have enough venom in you to kill sixty people. Dear oh dear. Pity that magic doesn't have any affect against snake venom isn't it?"

"For my entire life you used for me your own gain. You made my cousin the way he was and turned him to the dark. You made sure my godfather was sent to Azkaban and my honorary uncle never bothered contacting me while living at the Dursleys. You prevented my shadow animal from finding me and made sure I was kept in the dark about my heritages. You stole my money from me, attack my subjects, and then kidnap and attempt to rape my mate! Pity that I can't just string you up in Diagon Alley where everyone can see you but you'd probably find some way to get away so I guess I'll just have to settle for hearing your screams right here."


"In case you can't tell, that's a spell cuts your eyes to shreds," Phoenix said as he conjured a comfortable chair. He removed the magical cuffs and helped Daphne to her feet before leading her to the chair and pushing her gently down in it. "Get comfortable my dear and watch the show," Phoenix said.

~Incendio!~ Flames shot out of Phoenix's wand and covered Dumbledore's body, causing the old man to scream in agony. The smell of burnt flesh wafted through the cell. Phoenix created an air bubble around Daphne so she wouldn't have to smell the scent of burning flesh, his eyes glinting with mirth. ~Glacius,~Phoenix hissed and ice covered the burns of Dumbledore. He repeated those two spells five times, causing the screams to intensify each time the flames licked him. "Never thought I'd enjoy killing you so much," Phoenix said.

Aiming his wand at Dumbledore's arm, Phoenix said ~Ossis Effergo,~ the bone breaking curse. "Oops my wand must have slipped," Phoenix commented. "Silly me."

/Confringo!/ Phoenix watched as the blasted Dumbledore's arm off along with a chunk of the wall. "Well that's interesting. Didn't expect that to happen. As much as I'm enjoying this, I have things to do and more people to destroy. Goodbye Albus." He pocketed his wand and pulled out the Elder Wand. Aiming his wand at Dumbledore's chest he grinned and said in Lumen; /Bombarda./ A hole exploded in Dumbledore's chest as his heart was blown out the other side. Behind him he heard retching noises from Daphne. He walked over to the old man and blasted his head off as well for good measure. "Oh dear me. Looks like the Light Lord is dead. Such a shame."

He pocketed the Elder Wand clenched his fist, causing the air bubble to disappear. "Are you alright Daphne?"

"I've been better," Daphne said weakly.

"That does it. You're coming back with me and going to Astral Academy where I can keep an eye on you," Phoenix growled. "No objections Daphne!"

"But you killed Dumbledore."

"But the bastard has supporters that I plan on killing and that will take time. I'll feel better if you're at school with me where I can keep you safe. It's that or be locked in Azkaban with private tutors for the next few years."

"Fine," Daphne said hanging her head. She knew there was no good arguing with her mate. "Phoenix do you still… love me?"

"What kind of a question is that? Of course I love you. That wasn't your fault. Don't ever think that," Phoenix said cupping her chin and lifting her head to so that their eyes stared into each other. "I will kill anyone who harms my mates," Phoenix growled. "Now hang on. I'm going to flame us back to Hogwarts and then to Azkaban where you can get treatment. I need to appoint a Headmaster and a Deputy Headmaster of Hogwarts as well as restore Minerva's memories. Dumbledore wiped all existence of my parents and myself from her mind and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet."

Daphne wrapped her arms around Phoenix and he flamed back to Hogwarts. He had a dementor tell him where Minerva was and then apparated there, giving the woman a fright. As the owner of Hogwarts, he could apparate and disapparate at will throughout the castle. "Hello Minerva."

"Who are you? How did you get in my office?"

Phoenix frowned. "I am Phoenix Moon, formerly Harry James Potter. Son of James and Lily Potter nee Evans and the owner of Hogwarts at your service."

"What do you want with me?"

"I'm not going to hurt you Minerva," Phoenix said. "I'm just going to restore some memories that have been erased from your mind."

Phoenix watched impassively as his ex-Transfiguration and Head of House fell into a chair, her eyes wide with terror. He walked over to her and placed his hand on her head, closed his eyes and concentrated. A white blue light surrounded them and sank into Minerva's head. The young vampire sought to restore not only the memories taken from her about the Potters, but also fixed her mind which was affected from mind magics'. It took him two hours to repair the damage Albus had done to her, for he knew that it was the old man's doing. When he was done, Minerva blinked her eyes as if she was coming out of a dream as memories flooded her head. "Harry Potter?"

"I'm now Phoenix Moon Minerva and you will be retiring. I got you a house in Italy." As he stared at his teacher he was surprised to see his magic had done more than fix her mind. It also appeared to have de-aged her to sixteen with all her memories intact. "Well that wasn't something I was intending to do," Phoenix muttered.

"What is Mr. P… Mr. Moon," Minerva amended.

"See for yourself," Phoenix said, conjuring a mirror wandlessly and handing to the woman-no-girl. Minerva took the mirror and saw herself as she had looked at sixteen. Her hair seemed to have more life to it than when she had gotten old. The wrinkles were gone from her face as well as the age lines. Her hair had a shine to it that hadn't been there when she'd been a kid and her eyes were no longer stern. Minerva was speechless. Phoenix was shocked at the results. Pulling out a key and a port-key, Harry handed them to her. "I recommend choosing a new name and starting over," Phoenix said.

"Oh Harry forgive me," Minerva said with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not sure I can ever forgive you," Phoenix said, choosing to ignore his birth name. "But maybe we can start over." Minerva nodded and grabbed the sneaker. Phoenix muttered the spell and Minerva vanished to her home in Italy. Phoenix then went to Filius and after explaining what he had done to Minerva, which had made the delightful Charms Professor excited, had done the same to him. Harry appointed Pomona Sprout as the Headmistress of the school. Then he flamed back to Azkaban with Daphne at his side and sent her to the medical wing for treatment. A few days later he had his family and slaves together on the balcony of his bedroom in the Royal Quarters of Azkaban.

"We'll get through this Phoenix," Sarah said, a hand on her stomach.

"We have a powerful mate and husband," Daphne said.

Emily said nothing but stood in front of Phoenix, looking out at the village square with all the Azkabanians standing quietly at attention. The young vampire lord who had grown up in hell and dealt with betrayal stood with his family, his allies and his subjects out stared out at the dark horizon. Phoenix finally had a real family and would do everything his power to protect them. He knew it would take time for him to finish his education but he had eternity for that. Although they didn't know what would face them in the coming years, Phoenix knew that as long as he had power in his veins, he and his family would fight to turn the magical world upside down and make it a better place for human and non-humans.