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"All hail Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!" The royal announcer called and Kristoff strained for a glance of his princess. Wearing her green summer dress with the embroidery that she adored, she beamed as she caught his gaze, enthusiastically waving to him. He chuckled somewhat, ducking his head as Elsa's eyes followed her sister's look before coming to rest on his. She bowed her head, respect evident in her eyes and he reluctantly made eye contact with her, acknowledging her presence. Truth was, despite everything he had endured in the past day—had it really only been a day? He owed Anna an apology about finding true love—he still felt out of place here among these people of high status. True, most of the foreign monarchy and dignitaries would be returning home with the tide, but he was in love with a princess.

He doubted this would be his last time at a ball.

"My sister and I," Elsa began, a confident grin on her face. "Would like to apologize for all the confusion that has occurred." Anna chuckled, quickly throwing her hand over her mouth to stop herself, but somehow only making it worse. The crowd shared and the youngest princess of Arendelle cleared her throat noisily. "But, now that the problems have been fixed and those who have caused our Kingdom harm have been dealt with, Anna and I would like to invite you to enjoy the rest of your day."

"Let's dance!" Anna burst out and Elsa laughed, her voice the sound of tinkling bells. It was a sharp contrast to the Elsa of the day before, all bound and cold. This Elsa was free, light and happy. This is the Elsa that Anna had been longing to meet again and seeing them so happy made Kristoff feel joy as well.

The orchestra, sensing their cue, began to play. Couples around him began to waltz and awkwardly, he stepped backwards, trying to be one with the wall, as if he could disappear into it.

"Not quite your thing, is it?" The voice had come from nowhere and the ice merchant jumped somewhat. Seemingly appearing from nowhere, a man with tousled brown hair leaned against the wall next to him. His suit was night like black but was decorated tastefully with a few gold sun emblems that Kristoff swore he knew from something. This man didn't seem like a prince. Unlike everyone else here, his aura was calm and approachable.

It was almost as if he had been in Kristoff's shoes, though Kristoff knew that was impossible.

"The balls?" He clarified and the mysterious man nodded. "No." The man chuckled dryly. "Truth be told, this is my first one."

"So," The man began. "If this isn't your thing, why are you here?" His hazel eyes met his and Kristoff wished that Sven were here in the ballroom with him instead of outside with Olaf. Reindeer were so much easier to talk to than people. Sven always understood what he meant, but people . . . people were so hard to figure out, so hard to understand.

"Princess Anna is my . . ." He hesitated, unsure of what word to use. Girlfriend? Friend? True love? How could he convey what they had when he wasn't exactly sure what it was? She loved him and he loved her—that he knew—but where they went from here? He had no clue.

"Ah, I get it." Kristoff raised his eyebrows.

"You do?" He echoed incredulously. The man turned to face him this time, a warm smile on his lips.

"I'm Eugene," He introduced, offering his hand which Kristoff shook. Eugene's handshake was firm, but not strong enough to hurt. It held enough power to convey that he could be a thorn in somebody else's side if necessary, but that he preferred for things not to get to that point. "Prince of Corona."

"Oh!" The sun emblem made sense now. Then, a spark of recognition flared up. "Wait a second, aren't you—?" Eugene smirked.

"Flynn Rider?" He completed. "Yes, I was."

"I heard so many stories about you!" Kristoff couldn't contain himself. The exploits of Flynn Rider were legendary and the ice merchant used to follow them closely, wondering what it felt like to have that kind of freedom. Now, of course, he was happy with his life, but at the time he had heard of Flynn Rider, something had been missing.

Seeing Anna in the crowd, he realized now what it was.

"Well, don't get too excited," Eugene replied breezily with a wave of his hand. "I'm not a thief anymore."

"No," Kristoff agreed. "You married Princess Rapunzel." At the sound of her name, an unrecognizable expression crossed Eugene's face. His eyes sparkled and his whole body seemed to relax. A lazy grin spread on his face.

"Yeah," He answered. "Yeah, I did." Eugene's eyes settled on something and Kristoff followed his gaze until he saw Anna excitedly talking to someone. He tilted his head and with a gasp realized it was Rapunzel. Her brown hair was somewhat spiky, but a few strands touched her pale pink gown. Her green eyes practically glowed with happiness as she spoke of something with Anna, the two girls now pulling Elsa into the conversation.

"Does it ever get easier?" Kristoff asked offhand as he watched Anna spin around the room, obviously explaining something to Rapunzel, who nodded her head vigorously while Elsa laughed.

"What? The whole getting used to these kind of people?" Kristoff nodded his assent and Eugene sighed softly. "Not really, no," He confessed, running a hand through his hair. "There are always rules to remember and people you have to be nice to even though you hate their guts and want nothing more than to punch them out—" At Kristoff's laugh, Eugene chuckled, clearly understanding his point, especially with what happened with Hans. "But, I do know this." He turned his head to look at Kristoff. "I would sit through an eternity of awful, uncomfortable balls if it meant being by her side."

And seeing Eugene's face, Kristoff knew he meant it.

"Ah, Eugene!" Rapunzel exclaimed, her green eyes lighting up upon seeing her husband. "You have to tell Elsa the story!"

"Story?" Kristoff inquired.

"Of how she and I met." Eugene explained, pushing himself off the wall and taking a step towards his wife. "Tell me something," He started quietly, his expression sobering. "Do you love her?"

"Of course."

Olaf would be proud—no hesitation here. He had loved Anna ever since he had caught her and realized in that moment, how wonderful she felt in his arms. The desperation he felt when he understood that she was dying and that the only way to save her was to entrust her to another man—that all made it crystal clear how much he cared.

Yes, he loved Anna. Nothing would change that. Everything else, he could deal with if it meant never having to part from her again.

Seemingly sensing this, Eugene beamed and patted him on the back before taking another step into the crowd.

"You've got nothing to worry about." He wandered into the crowd, skillfully weaving in and out of it until he came to rest by his wife's side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and tugged her towards him, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. She chuckled and Elsa and Anna grinned. Anna, seeing Kristoff once again, suddenly curtsied before she too headed into the crowd. In a few moments she was before him, glee alight on her face. She grabbed his hand within her own and began to tug him towards the exit.

"I have surprise for you!" Anna chirped as they neared the back of the ballroom.

"Eugene always loves to tell our story." He overheard Rapunzel explain and Elsa nodded.

"Then, by all means." Eugene bowed his head and then started with a dramatic flair,

"This is the story of how I died."

And before Anna tugged him out the door, he watched as Eugene began the story. He noticed how Rapunzel hung on every word, as if she hadn't lived it with him. He saw Eugene hold her hand tightly within his, as if he was afraid that she was going to disappear if he let go. The ice merchant realized that if a former thief could handle this for the woman that he loved, then Kristoff surely could. If it was for Anna, it didn't matter what he had to sacrifice. He would gladly give it.

"Kristoff?" Anna stared at him with a perplexed expression. "What is it?" He kissed her fiercely, his relief surging through him. No more being alone. No more choosing isolation in the hopes that no one else would hurt him. With Anna by his side, his life had new meaning.

"I'm just lucky to have you with me." He confessed as they broke apart and she chuckled, wrapping her arms around her waist and hugging him tightly.

"No," She informed him, her eyes meeting his. "I am."

And in that moment, Kristoff knew he was going to be just fine.

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