Watching the show is pissing me off with the whole adoption thing and how Emma comes in and takes over once the curse has broken, even going so far as to say that Henry isn't Regina's son. So I needed some fluffy mommy!Regina. (Note that I've only watched to halfway through season 2, so if anything's off, that's why.)

Crying woke Regina in the middle of the night, and she quickly slipped out of bed, blinking the haze of sleep from her eyes as she gently picked up the baby from the bassinet next to the wall. "Shhhh, Henry," she soothed, cradling her son against her chest. "You won't be hungry much longer."

As she walked down the sweeping staircase and into the kitchen to take a bottle of formula out of the fridge, Henry rooted insistently at her breast, pulling a melancholic chuckle from his mother. "I'm sorry, dear," she whispered, pausing to bend her head and brush her lips against his downy head. "Your meal won't be coming from there."

She ran the bottle under hot water, warming it before she pressed the nipple to Henry's parted lips, watching him latch on to it eagerly. Standing in the kitchen for a long moment, Regina watched her son nurse, a warm fullness in her heart that hadn't been there before the first time he was put in her arms.

Humming softly, Regina mounted the stairs again, returning to her bedroom and settling in to the rocking chair she'd bought for this express purpose. To rock her son while he ate.

Soon Henry's frantic sucking at the bottle slowed, and his dark eyes looked up at his mother, heavy with sleep. He blinked slowly before his eyes drifted shut, mouth falling lax around the bottle.

Regina kept rocking for a while, simply holding the baby as he slept. Finally she stood and returned him to his bassinet, leaning over and giving him another kiss on his forehead. "Sleep well, my son," she whispered. "I love you."

This may end up being a series of one-shots, it depends on how annoyed I get with the show treating Regina like she's not Henry's mom.