Tonight's episode gave my massive Mommy!Regina feels, so I had to write them out.

Also, I don't mention it in the narrative, but Henry is 4 in this chapter.


Regina woke instantly, already halfway out of bed before her brain even registered the terrified cry from down the hall. She didn't even think to grab her robe before running out of the room, pajamas fluttering around her due to the speed she was moving. Bursting into her son's bedroom, she surveyed the scene, noticing that the boy was huddled under his blankets, tightly clutching his teddy bear and pressed firmly against the headboard. And he was crying.

"Oh, sweetheart, come here," Regina murmured, moving to the bed and holding her arms open.

Henry immediately launched himself into his mother's lap, trembling and crying into her chest.

"Shhh-shhh," Regina hushed gently, rocking the little boy and running her fingers soothingly through his hair. "What's the matter, hm?"

"I ha-had a nightm-mare," Henry said haltingly, around hiccuping sobs.

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

Henry quickly shook his head and whimpered.

"All right." Regina pressed her lips to the top of his head, closing her eyes as she held him. "You know I would never let anything hurt you, don't you?"

"I-I know," Henry replied weakly, the images of his terror still running through his mind.

After several long minutes, Regina still slowly rocking the boy in her arms, she added, "I'll always keep you safe, my little prince."

Henry nodded against her chest before looking up and whispering, "Can I sleep with you, Mommy?"

Regina hesitated, weighing the potential of introducing a bad habit. All she had to do was look into her son's teary, red-rimmed eyes to come to her decision. "Of course you can, Henry," she said softly, tightening her grip on him and standing, carrying the little boy down the hall to her own bedroom.

Once they were settled under the fluffy duvet, Henry curled tightly into his mother's side, he quickly fell back asleep, safe in the knowledge that she would protect him.