Episode Eight

Just a quick drabble I wrote on the fly to amuse someone at work. Hope it makes ya larf.

NB I have not abandoned Plum Crisp! It's just on Hiatus. (yes, a long hiatus). Like General MacArthur, I Shall Return.


Daryl: "Hey governor dude, we know ya got it in for Rick, we'll do ya a trade. You take him and back off, and I won't blow up your cute l'il ole tank with this bazooka I got right here on my oh-so-manly shoulders."

Gov: "Hmm, seems like a fair trade, send him out."

Rick: "Like hell, Daryl, who put you in charge?"

Daryl: "Same person that put you in charge when ya banished Carol, "officer friendly" – me, myself and I! Now git moving."

Rick: "Not gonna happen Daryl."

Michonne: (steps forward, unsheathes katana) "You think?"

Herschel: "Wait, we should take a vote."

Michonne: "Like you did last time the Governor offered to back off for in exchange for taking someone?"

Herschel: (Looks embarrassed) "That's one of the reasons we have a council now Michonne. All in favour of trading Rick for safety, raise your hand – the one that isn't holding your weapon that is. Hmm, looks like it's unanimous."

Rick: "CARL?"

Carl: "Just doing what I have to, to keep people safe Dad. You've become too much of a liability."

Michonne: "Out of the mouths of babes."

Carl: (beams) "You think I'm a babe?"