Sleep is a form of activity to rest our mind and body from fatigueness. In urban dictionary, sleep is deprived as a form of another world to run away to.

In her words, sleep is used to escape from all the bullshits.

And now, she had to wake up because of the incompetence of the so-called Generals. Pfft..

"So, Brain woke you up." Cobra was walking around with Midnight to hunt the Alliance down.

"Racer and Angel was out of commission. Hot Eye is nowhere to be found. Father is truly disappointed."

Cobra smirked while patting his so-called purple snake friend, Cubellios. Is Cubellios a female or male snake?

"It's a she." Midnight cussed him inside of her mind. "And yes, thank you for your compliment."

"How many of the Alliances anyways?"

Cobra started to flashbacked. "Titania Erza, Jura the Ten Saint and some more."

"That's too vague."

"I don't see the need to remember trash's name."

Midnight sighed. Her finger touched the tip of hair ornament hanging from her hair. "I knocked out two – is it three?" She pondered about the number. "Oh well..."

"Shall we get back?"

A yawn escaped her lips. "I want to go back to sleep."

Using her last energy, she crawled with difficulties, trying to find someone who crossed her mind on the verge of death.


Cobra opened his eyes when his name was being called. He tilted his head to the right side. A smile crept onto his face. "Even you was beaten."

"Titania indeed is strong."

Cobra's eyes widen. "She's alive?!"

"The Sky Maiden healed her." Midnight grumbled. "You shouldn't have give too much time to her!"

"And you're lecturing me!?"

"Who else fault is this to begin with?!"

"AAAAHH! Shut up!" Cobra whined in pain. "My wound will open if I continued talking to you."

Midnight obeyed. Until she realized something. "Where is it?"


"The snake."

Cobra closed his eyes. "No idea."

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" It's Midnight's turn to battle with her wound. Damn it!

"She disappeared."

"Find her then!"

"I would if I could, damn it!" His high-pitched voice slowed down. "But I couldn't. For some reason, I couldn't hear her voice anymore."

"Maybe she feds up with you and eloped with another snake in the forest."

Cobra hissed. "Shut up!"

It's been seven years. People leaves, feelings changed – except for the two. She could see how Cobra – no, Erik smiled like a screw or two loose in his head ever since they battled it out with Fairy Tail again for the clock hand. He got caught but it seemed like he accomplished something in his life.

"Are you that happy returned to this prison?" Midnight asked while knocking on the magic glass.

"It's a good thing knowing you have friends, even if it's only one." Cobra started to smile, which gave Midnight the creeps.

Midnight's jaw-dropped. Is this really one of the badass Poison Dragon Slayer seven years ago? "Did Fairy Tail mush your brain with their nakama-philosophy?"

"Shut it!"

"Ne..Cobra." Midnight looked at him. "You could hear her voice again, right?"

"How did you know?"

"How about you read my mind?!" Midnight stuck out her tongue at him and turned away from the snake-person.

"HOI! You purposedly doing that despite knowing well nothing past this magic glass!"

It's because I always looked at you.

a/n : I skipped the battle scene between Erza and Midnight because I'm too lazy and well~ I'm suck at writing it hahah! And yes, I wish I could write this longer but nothing comes out to mind except this pairing. Sorry. FT is owned by Hiro Mashima.