"You're early." A slurred, sleepy voice came from an approximately twenty-two years old lady greeted him. She was rubbing her sleepy eyes. Her slender form in a knee-length night gown with one of its straps falling from her shoulder indicating she came looking for him right after she woke up.

"Morning, princess."

She opened her eyes slightly, due to the sunlight basking on the living room. He was drinking coffee – perhaps. In front of him, was a coffee table with newspapers on it. He probably just done reading them.

"Come here."

She shook her head. "I'm going back to sleep." She turned around, ready to have another round in Dreamland. But, a pair of arms snaked around her faster than she could move.

"Are you that sleepy?" He huskily whispered into her ears. Burying his face in her neck, he inhaled her scent. Her intoxicating lavendar scent. And his grip around her waist tightened itself.

She didn't reply. Only a nod answered his question. They were standing like that for a couple of minutes. He continued playing with her locks of hair and she would just stood there without any sound. Only the sound of breathing could be heard.

"Aiko-chan~" The silver-haired man cooed. "You didn't play with me last night." He made a fake disappointing voice, but Aiko knew better he just purposedly doing so.

"You were busy doing some things."

Abruptly, he turned her around to face him. "Hm...are you jealous?" The smile on his face was getting wider.

"No. Can I sleep now?"

Makishima didn't answer. He carressed the female's cheek this time. "You are..." His finger travelled to her cherry lips. "So tempting."

And he crashed his lips on hers. Aiko didn't resist nor inviting. Makishima continued licking and sucking on her lower lips, causing them to be a tad swollen.

"I see kissing in the morning took a toll on you." He said after parting with her. His saliva was forming a bridge between them until Makishima wiped it using his thumb.

"Can I sleep now?" She still repeated the same question.

"Because you're such a good girl, I'll let you sleep." He pulled her in his embrace. "Now, sleep."

Aiko didn't take long to do so. Right after her head landed on his chest, the drowsiness immediately took her to another realm, without a single care for this world anymore.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Makishima didn't turn. "No. What is it?"

"I see you're fond of her." The long-haired man said with his eyes closed. Oh wait – he always has his eyes closed, unless he's serious.

"She is so plain. And yet, so intriguing."

"It's not due to the face she's related to that Enforcer, isn't it?"

"Hm.." His smile widened again. "That and a lot more."

A/N : I wish this anime has more episodes. Honestly, I think if Makishima existed, he and I could get along well. Heh. Aiko is my OC. Other than that, I own nothing.