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Even though this is a Dean Ambrose story, this story is based off his indy days as Jon Moxley. Let me stress that everything in this story is purely made up. I haven't watched much of his stuff, and decided to just write based of my days in the indy circuit with friends. I thought this would be a good challenge for me, and Ambrose's reputation in the indys is quite known, so I wanted to create something different. This is a different change of pace for me, because I'm a Roman lover. But I hope you like it. Enjoy! -benova13

Take Care
Chapter 1

Kicking her heels off, Shanna Smith Malone dropped off her various items in different places as she walked through her double wide trailer. Her purse was dumped on the couch, her jacket on the kitchen table, and her sweet tea from McDonald's rested on the kitchen counter. It had been a very long night, and with her brother and two other guys in tow on the way it was going to be longer.

Not wasting any time, Shanna quickly changed into a two piece pajama set and gathered the things she dropped off earlier. She put her purse in the bedroom, and hung her jacket up on the hanger sitting beside the door. She worked on her sweet tea while straightening up the house and brewing some more sweet tea for the small army that was on the way.

Once she was done with that, she kicked back on the couch and enjoyed what little quiet time she had left. The nightly news was on, so Shanna left it on there. It was a change of pace versus earlier in the night, where locals hooted and hollered throughout the night in the small, cramped gym the local show was held tonight. The air was stuffy and you couldn't tell it was cool and comfortable outside for the bodies packed in the gym.

Shanna was not only a fan. She was the sister of a very popular wrestler around the state. His real name was Max Smith, but his wrestling name was Max DeGroot. And because he was popular, he was around a lot of wrestlers over time. She had met quite a few of them, becoming friends with some and others were eventually enemies. Frenemies even. Shanna watched some make it to Ring of Honor and TNA with pride, knowing she was a small part of them making it.

And by that, meaning that she was one of the ladies who would "take care" of the workers. With her brother, if they were traveling with him, they ended up staying at her place eventually. Shanna gave them a place to stay, freshen up or get a quick dinner before they headed out to their next show. She just made sure they had what they needed beforehand. But that's not to say they didn't try. Many of them did try, but found out that she didn't play that game. She was never a ring rat.

A lot of times, a good portion of them used her and she eventually cut them off. But there were ones who always thanked her for her generosity. Shanna never wanted anything from them. Like her brother, they were all chasing a dream. She was glad to help aid them in that. Shanna knew first hand the struggle they faced to "make it".

Even though she was in for a long night, she preferred that much more versus her past life. It was a bad time for Shanna, and the saying "things get worse before they get better" very much applied to that situation. Staying busy with her brother's career, then her own job kept her mind off of it and Shanna focused on being positive. Of course in a career like pro wrestling, that was a task at times.

Within minutes, the trio had arrived. The bass boomed from the vehicle and ended suddenly. It followed with loud, drunk chatter, as they got their things out and they entered the house. Here we go... Shanna thought to herself.

"Hey girl!" One of the guys said, coming her way to hug her. "You see the match?"

"Of course I did." She returned the hug. "They always save the best for last, right?"


Her company got settled down and they just chilled out. One of the guys turned his IPod on, letting the music play while the other guy got drinks out for everyone. The next couple hours they talked about the show and bullshitted around with one another. It ended up not being a bad night. There was laughs all around. These were Shanna's favorite nights.

"I'm going to bed for the night. I'll see y'all in the morning?"

"Sure thing!"

The next morning came soon enough and before she knew it, it was time to wake up. Getting a quick shower, she got dressed and went into the kitchen to see what she had for the small army. Her brother was awake, looking through his phone. He was most likely on Facebook, which was his main use of social media.

"What time are you leaving?" She asked.

"Probably around 1." He said, looking up. "We have a show in New York today. We're gonna hang at Impact this week too; I was able to switch shifts Thursday."

"Oh cool, hope it works out." She said, still fumbling through the refrigerator. "Hmm I got some leftover chicken. Pot pies sound good?"

"Hell yea sis!"

She was excited about the information her brother passed to her. He wanted to eventually make it to WWE, but it could take years for him to realize that dream, depending. TNA had a pretty decent talent pool, and he had expressed desire to work with some of them. It could work out. He said he planned to try out for Ring of Honor in 6 months; he wanted to get in better shape first and fine tune his promo skills.

She thought about his possibilities as she made them lunch. Since they were nine and ten, wrestling was a big part of their lives. Shanna was pretty shocked when he had made the decision to wrestle. But he was pretty good at it. Maybe he will make it one day. He had eventually encouraged her to try as well. She took one bump though and that was the end of it. Shanna knew it wasn't for her. She'll just watch from the stands.

Soon enough, it was time for the small army to go. They had gotten their showers and one of them needed laundry done, which Shanna was kind enough to let him use her stuff. Thanking her, each one of them gave her hugs before packing into the car and starting their journey. Shanna's brother said he would see her next week.

"There's a new promotion starting up called XZW." Max said. "They're going to be at the park next week for that festival shit going on, I figured I could give them a try."

"Okay sounds good." Shanna said. She waved at them as they were driving off.

Little did Shanna know, it was going to change her life.