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Take Care
Chapter 7

The date was going really well. Jon and Shanna ended up going to see a movie followed with dinner. They had been going out for a little over three months now, and things seem to be going well. Shanna knew that in due time they would end up sleeping together; she wanted to decide the time though. She wanted to make sure that Jon wasn't going to turn out like her last relationship.

Of course that was in the back of her mind. With no divorce grant in sight, Shanna was treading on thin ice if her husband found out. She needed to tell Jon about what happened to her. She was seeking the right time to do so; but it never seemed to be the right time. She already wasn't comfortable discussing it.

"It's funny how until now you've never seen my apartment." Jon said to her, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"I know right? Well with your lifestyle it's kind of hard to do." Shanna said.

She was going over there and staying the night with him. They had a XZW show tomorrow night, so they were going to be together the whole weekend. Shanna was glad she could just be in the crowd and watch. She wanted a break from being a valet, but she wasn't about to tell Jon that. It just wasn't her thing.

Jon pulled up to the apartment complex, which didn't look too bad. Shanna knew he made enough money to pull rent, as much as he was on the road she was surprised he even made it here even if it was for a couple nights a week. They soon walked up the staircase leading to his apartment, and after unlocking the door, Jon opened it and allowed her inside first.

The apartment itself wasn't fancy, but it was decent enough. The carpet was a little worn, and it seemed dark. There was only a couch and a TV in the living room, and for a bachelor pad, Jon kept it pretty clean. Of course, there were tapes in a pile on the floor next to the TV stand, along with some pens and a pad of paper. Jon wasn't bullshitting her when he told her he studies matches and keeps up on stuff in his spare time.

"Not the best thing, but it's fine for the time being." He sheepishly grinned.

"Hey I get it; it's all good." She responded.

Shanna walked to the bedroom and sat her things down, taking a look around. He had what looked like to be a double bed, and just a dresser drawer. Typical single man living. His clothes were neatly folded on top, and his dirty clothes were in a small heap on the floor. Shanna took her jacket off and laid it on top of clean clothes and walked back out to the living room, where Jon was fumbling through some tapes.

"I figure I could show you some of my beginner stuff. Comedy hour."

"It can't be that bad." She laughed at him.

That's what they did for the next hour or so. He was telling her the stories about the matches and his life at that point. To be fair, he was pretty lanky. If she met him back then and he told her he was a wrestler, Shanna most likely wouldn't believe him. It ended up being alot of fun getting to know this side of him. He didn't talk about his family much. He had hard feelings towards his parents, who were addicted to various drugs. Wrestling was a way out for him.

Shanna didn't press the subject, just like he didn't press the subject of her husband. For Shanna, she wanted to lead a positive life despite the hand she was dealt. Jon seemed the same way.

Over the course of the tape, the two of them snuggled and every once in awhile shared a kiss. It was in the air that Shanna knew tonight they could take this relationship to the next level. After their conversation, Shanna knew she wanted to do this. When he cut the VCR off, Shanna stopped him from getting up and instead kissed him passionately.

As she kissed him, she moved to straddle his lap which earned a groan from him. Shanna weaved her hands through his hair as she grinded against his body and placed kisses along his jawline and down to his neck. Jon's hands skirted her waist and along the bottom hem of her shirt, touching her hot skin. Their tongue lashed against one another as they continued to get lost in each other.

Jon stopped her and the two of them got up. Jon took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Shanna's nerves were going crazy. This was the official first time she was alone with a man in quite awhile. Alone as in "we're gonna have sex" alone. She was excited, but yet nervous. But she couldn't help but to back away from Jon as he made his way to her.

"Where are you going, Shanna?" He cooed to her. "Relax...come here...make yourself comfortable. It's just you and me, girl. My girl." Jon put his arms around her and brought her to him, pressing her body against his. Shanna placed her hands on his shoulders having a slight grip on them.

"I'm just...nervous." She breathed as he placed kisses along her neck.

"Why?" He asked. Shanna swallowed hard.

"I...I just am." Her breathing became quick and erratic.

"If you don't want to..."

"I do. I do." Shanna assured him. "But I think I owe you another side of my story..."

Shanna removed her shirt, letting him take in the view of her in just her black bra and jeans. Purposefully she ran a hand along a light pink scar that horizontally aligned with her abdomen.

"Do you like what you see?" She swallowed again.

"Very much so." He responded. "Have you forgot about the first encounter?"

"No. But I figured you would say that." Shanna said sadly. "But you haven't seen this side of me."

Shanna unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor before turning around. Tears sprung to her eyes as she heard Jon gasp. It wasn't a good one either. Shanna brought her hands up to her chin, closing them as her chin sat on them. She felt completely vulnerable, her secret was now out.

Jon couldn't believe what he saw. Her back was adorned in dark, red scars. They looked to be burn marks, maybe deep cuts. He wondered what on earth happened to her. Jon remained silent as he took in the scene before him. He then stood up and come behind her, taking her hands in his.

"Shh...Shanna..." He whispered. He could hear her sniffling.

"You wanna know don't you?" She said.

"Of course. But if you don't want to tell me, I'm okay with that. It bothers you." He said, pulling her close to him.

Shanna continued to silently cry as he held her. She didn't know what was going to happen next. At least he didn't walk away. He could have, but he didn't. Shanna already was vulnerable and insecure; she knew this was a risk showing him the back of her battered body. She knew then that she could trust him. She calmed down and asked to sit down.

Jon took her hand and led her to the bed. Jon removed his shirt and snuggled with her, rubbing her back slowly. She didn't want to sob when she start to tell him what happened. They remained quiet for a few more minutes before Shanna was strong enough to speak up.

"Okay." Shanna said, sitting up. "I think I'm okay enough."

"Whenever you're ready." Jon said, pushing a strand of hair from her face.

She took a deep breath. She remembered it like yesterday.

"Well I told you I was married at 19, and it was hell." She started. "Well at first it wasn't bad. We met, fell in love, he asked Max for my hand in marriage. That happened and it was happy ever after. For about eight months that is."

Jon listened intently as she took another shaky breath.

"Chris started getting real possessive then. He would call constantly when I was out with friends. I mean for a two hour dinner, he would call several times. Text even. If I didn't answer, he would show up. Embarrassed me every time. Well the possessiveness turned into jealousy, and jealousy turned into rage. With that, he started beating me."

"Shanna..." Jon started. She held her hand up.

"Let me." She said. "He found any and every reason to. Whether I was late, or I didn't cook something to his taste. Clothes were not completely dried even though I put them in way before he went to work. I get the shit beat out of me. And well, I started fighting back."

"I left him and I didn't see him for a couple months. I figured that was that, I was getting ready to cash in one of my trust bonds to get a divorce but I had to wait until I was 21 for that particular bond. That was like a week from then. I came home from work one night and he was there. We argued and started fighting. Well this time he had a knife. One of those knives cooks use. He started stabbing me when he got me down. Then, he tried to douse me with gasoline, which he only got a small spot due to me moving. This is how I got this."

She pointed to her light scar on her stomach. "He slashed me and kicked me in the ribs, breaking two of them. He lit a match and that's that. I was rolling around, screaming, etc." Tears were falling by then. "My neighbor heard me, and saved my life. He called the law then came in and wrestled Chris to the ground. By then I got the fire out but the burns was excruciating. I couldn't do anything."

Shanna lost it after that. "I thought I was going to die. I couldn't breathe, and my skin was burning, I was bleeding. Losing consciousness. I begged God to take me."

Jon held her tight as she cried. Normally he isn't moved by things, but this almost rocked him. Shanna hid the story well. He couldn't believe what happened to her. No wonder she didn't want to be around anyone. Jon was surprised she had the courage to even move on.

"He doesn't put you through more then what you can handle." Jon said, stroking her hair. "You survived. And you do great things for guys like us. Please know you're not horrible or anything like that. We appreciate you, and I'm not the only one who feels that way."

Shanna looked up at him. "I know."

"Good." He said.

Shanna cleared her throat. "I know because it was Nick that saved my life."

The next morning

Shanna woke up the next morning feeling like a new woman. Now that she told Jon her secret, she felt so much better. He seemed to accept her, and Shanna knew she was ready for that next step.

He was still asleep next to her, deep in slumber. Shanna began to think of little sexy ways to wake him up. A smile creeped up on her face as she began to think and ponder. With no hesitation, she began tracing her fingers along his barely defined stomach. You can tell he worked out, and it was starting to show. Shanna hummed as her fingers danced along his flesh.

The two of them had fell asleep as is last night after her confession about her scarred back. So he was still in his jeans, and she was too. Shanna kicked off her shoes and adjusted herself on the bed as her hands moved below his navel. She carefully unbuttoned the jeans and slid her hand down his boxer shorts, cupping him softly. She worked her hand on him, massaging and squeezing until he responded to her.

A growl escaped from her throat as now she was getting pretty turned on. Jon was still out of it, but he was at full attention. Gently, she opened up the front of his boxers and sank her mouth down onto him. Luckily he was asleep, but once he woke up it would be a different story. Shanna's head continued to rise and fall, knowing he would wake up soon.

Moments later, Jon seemed to stir out of his sleep. After turning his head from side to side, his eyes fluttered open to the scene below his waist. She saw Jon throw his head back onto the pillow and he moaned as she hummed, the vibration felt good to him.

"!" he moaned as she continued to push her lips onto him.

Shanna felt his hand caress her back, eliciting a moan from her. His hand then went into her hair, grabbing it and bringing her up to him. He crashed his lips onto hers, pushing his tongue in as he caressed one of her breasts. Her nipple hardened immediately, which he began to twist and pull on it as he continued to kiss her. Shanna moaned into his mouth, placing her hands on his shoulders.

Jon then laid Shanna down onto the bed and removed the rest of his clothing. Shanna's clothing soon joined his as he removed her remaining garments one by one. He got in between her legs, stroking her with his long fingers and slowly entering her. Shanna gasped at the intrusion, forgetting how good it felt to be touched like this.

"Yea baby, you like that shit." He said, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Yea..." She moaned, rocking her hips to the rhythm his fingers were doing.

Jon withdrew her fingers much to her disappointment. He grabbed her breasts and began to rub them as he rocked his hips against her. His lips sank down onto one of her nipples, nipping and sucking on it. He moved to the other one and did the same thing. Pulling her nipples once more, he then grabbed a condom packet from his nightstand and went to put it on. Once it was on, he took his shaft and traced it along Shanna's soaked slit, teasing her once more.

"Enjoy the ride..." He said as he pushed himself into her.

Shanna gasped once more as began to rock slowly into her body. She gripped his sides and placed her legs along his hips to get comfortable. Without warning Jon began to quicken his pace, slamming into her again and again. Shanna actually enjoyed it, the whole scene was intense.

"Oh God," Shanna moaned, gripping his bottom and aiding him in pushing into her.

"Close, aren't ya?" He taunted, stopping suddenly. He placed on of his fingers and began to rub her clitoris rigorously. Shanna moaned in response, using one hand one his shoulder and the other one to play with one of her nipples.

"Fuck yea, that's hot baby." He responded.

Jon grabbed one of her legs and hoisted it up on his shoulder. Making sure Shanna was comfortable first, he began to pump into her again. Feeling her tighten around him, Jon began to roll his hips against her, doing so until she exploded. He moaned at the feeling; she was extremely tight as is. Few strokes later, he pulled out and began to stroke himself once taking the condom off. Shanna took his free hand, and held it as he spilled his seed onto her stomach.

After a quick shower and getting ready, the two headed out to the show. They stopped to Shanna's house so she could make sure things were in order and to change. Once they were done there, they headed to the flea market where XZW shows are regularly held. Jon needed to be there early to help set the ring up. While he did that, Shanna had drove to Wal Mart down the road to pick up some stuff he needed. He had asked her to do that if she wanted to. Being that she didn't want to sit around the flea market, she took Jon up on the idea.

Soon enough the show started to a pretty decent crowd. Football season was over in town, so many younger kids were showing up to the show. During the second match, Shanna noticed a plump blonde girl looking in her direction. She looked rather unkempt, but Shanna observed her from a distance. Shanna saw a couple wrestlers talk to her during the next couple of matches, and when Jon came out to wrestle, the look on her face changed. It was a look of want, a look of need.

Shanna's woman intuition kicked in as she watched the girl. She screamed so loud for Jon, calling out 'COME ON MOX' ever so often. She never seen the girl before, but judging from how she was acting, she knew about him. Jon kept looking her way, and Shanna noticed that too. She wondered what was going on.

Jon ended up winning his match and headed straight to the back before intermission started. Once it started, Shanna went to get a Coke before heading outside. After leaving the concession stand, she ran right into the girl. And it was no accident.

"Hi, my name is Jessica." She said. "I'm Mox's girlfriend."