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Meeting the gang and Brian.

Harry stood outside The Racers Edge as he contemplated on going in. He took a deep breath and entered the shop. Harry stopped in the entrance and looked around before walking up to the counter. A dirty blonde man stood at the counter. Harry looked at the name tag and found out that his name is Brian. Harry snapped out of his thoughts when the blonde started talking.

"Hey, how can I help you?" The blonde asked cheerfully making him smile. "Um, hi. I'm looking for Harry." The blonde, Brian, gave him a curious look before heading to the back. Brian soon returned with a balding man following. While Brian went back to work the other man headed towards Harry.

"Harry's the name. Brian said you were looking for me?" The man asked Harry. "Yeah, name's Evan. I'm new to this area and was looking for a job. Someone told me you were hiring." Harry said calmly.

The man thought it over before nodding. "When can I start working?" Evan asked eagerly. Harry looked at Evan thoughtfully. "You can start now if you want?" When Evan gave a nod, Harry turned to Brian. "Brian!" The man in question looked up when he heard his name. "Yeah?" "Teach Evan the ropes so he can get started." Harry ordered before leaving Evan with Brian. Brian looked at Evan with a goofy grin. "Come, let's get started." Evan nodded before following Brian.

"Are you sure about this Evan?" A platinum blond asked Evan. "Yes, Draco. Brian said it's quit here and that there are not a lot of people." Evan answered before entering the diner. Draco reluctantly followed the brunette. When they entered and took a seat, a beautiful Latino greeted them and asked what they wanted to order.

Evan ordered two sodas, two ham and cheese sandwiches with chips for him and Draco. While she was busy filling their orders she started questioning them. "My name is Mia Toretto and yours?" Was the first question she asked. Harry spoke up first before Draco could. "My name is Evan Black and this is my brother, Draco Black." Mia noticed his accent and asked them where they're from. "England." Was Evan's simple answer. They heard an engine and turned to look. A Ford F-150 parked near the diner and a dirty blonde climbed out.

Evan noticed that it's Brian and returns to eating his sandwich. Draco follows his lead and takes a bite from his. Mia also noticed the blonde and sighed. Brian walked up to the counter and took a seat.

"Tuna on white and no crust, right?" Mia asked flatly. "I don't know. How is it?" Came the blonde's smart reply. Mia gave an exasperated sigh. "Every day for the last three weeks you've been coming in here asking me how the tuna is. Now it was crapy yesterday, it was crapy the day before and guess what, hasn't changed." Mia sarcastically replied. "I'll have the tuna." Brian finally replied. Mia looked at him before asking. "No crust?" "No crust." The blonde said laughing.

Mia started preparing Brian's order and Evan deemed it save to ask. "Brian?" Brian turned to look at who had called his name. When he saw the brunette he smiled goofily. "Hey Evan. I see you took my advice." Evan returned the smile. "Yeah, thanks for the tip." Draco cleared his throat to get Evan's attention. "Oh, that's right. Brian, meet my brother Draco. Draco, meet my co-worker and friend Brian." Brian held out his hand to Draco. "Nice to meet you." Draco sneered at Brian making him lower his hand. "Likewise." "Draco, behave." Evan scolded. Draco just gave him an icy glare before returning to his food.

"Sorry about that." The brunette apologized. "No worries it's all good." Mia returned with Brian's order and he thanked her. Mia gave them a curious look. She went through the magazine that Brian brought with him. They heard the engines of cars approaching and turned to look who it was this time. Four cars came speeding towards the diner.

The cars parked just in front of the diner. A Latino climbed out of the red car and had a look that said don't mess with me. A gangster looking guy climbed out of the yellow car. A tall scruffy guy climbed out of the blue car and started talking to the guy in the white car that looked like he had a severe case of ADHD.

"Talk to me Jesse, this ain't working brother." The guy with the ADHD, Jesse, answered him while climbing out. "It's your fuel map. It's got a nasty hole." He walked over to the scruffy guy's car. "That's why you're unloading in third." They all crowded at the car at Jesse's talking. "I told you it was the third." The gangster said. The scruffy guy glared at him and told him to shut up. "I'd lengthen the injector pulse a millisecond. Just tune…" Jesse continued rambling. The scruffy guy noticed Brian's ride and turned Jesse's face to look at it. He looked towards the diner were Mia and Brian was talking. At that angle they couldn't see Evan or Draco.

"What's up with this fool? What is he, sandwich crazy?" The scruffy guy asked his friends. "Nah, He ain't here for the food dag." The gangster answered. "Chill out bro. He's just leaning parts for Harry, man." The Latino tried to calm them, but was interrupted by the scruffy guy. "I know what he's slinging." When the gang entered Mia greeted them. "What's up gize?" "How jah doing Mia?" The gangster greeted. "How you living, girl?" The Latino greeted walking past.

"Hey, Dom. You want something to drink?" The Latino asked the guy in the back. This was the first time Evan noticed the guy. He was heavily muscled and had a bald head. When Dom turned and showed her the can he was drinking from, Evan's heart skipped a beat. The guy was hot and Evan couldn't take his eyes away from him. The Latino sighed and turned away.

Evan heard something being moved on the table and turned to see the scruffy guy sitting next to Brian. He glared at Brian and the blonde turned to look calmly back at him. He didn't seem bothered at all with the glare the man was sending him. "Ah, he's beautiful." Evan heard Jesse compliment Brian. "I like his hair cut." Came the other comment from the gangster.

"Vince!" Mia called to the scruffy guy. "Vince!" She yelled a second time. The scruffy guy, Vince, turned slowly to look at her. "What?" He asked her softly. "Can I get you anything?" She asked slowly. Vince looked to be contemplating it before answering. "You look good." He complimented her. Brian gave him a dirty look before getting up and paying. "Thanks a lot, Mia. See you tomorrow." "Tomorrow?" Vince repeated. Evan got a feeling things were going to turn bad.

"I love this part." Gangster said. "Yo." Vince called following Brian. "Try Fatburger from now on. You can get yourself a double cheese with fries for $2.25, faggot." Vince yelled after him. "I like the tuna here." Brian said, not turning around and continued towards his car. "Bullshit asshole. No one likes the tuna here." Vince almost yelled continuing to follow Brian. "Yeah, well I do." Brian continued without looking back.

That was the wrong thing to say because Vince pushed him against the Ford F-150. Brian nailed Vince in the jaw and Vince attacked him. Mia heard the commotion and ran to the front. The gang headed to the front to see what was going on. Brian and Vince continued to fight. "Fuck. Dom, would you get out there?! I'm sick of this shit." Mia yelled at the guy in the back.

He continued to ignore her so she yelled again. "I'm not kidding, Dom. Get out there!" Dom slowly stood up and turned around to look at the fight. Evan saw the displeasure on his face as he saw that Vince was getting his arse kicked. "What did you put in that sandwich?" He asked Mia with a deep and smooth voice that sends shivers run down Evan's spine. "That's really funny." Mia replied sarcastically.

"Dom!" The Latino said angrily where she stood next to Jesse and the gangster. "Alright." He answered before heading outside. Evan knew Brian was in deep shit and went to follow. He grabbed Draco by the arm and pulled him along. Vince was on top of Brian and seemed to have the upper hand before Brian retaliated. Dom grabbed Brian by his shirt and threw him to the side. Evan catched Brian before he hit the car and held him back. "Hey, man. He was in my face." Brian tried to defend himself.

"I'm in your face." Dom threw back. It seemed as though Vince didn't want to stop as he tried to hit Brian. Draco stepped in front of him. Vince stopped and looked into his grey-blue eyes. Both men stood chest to chest. Dom pulled Vince away. "Relax! Don't push it." Dom yelled at the hothead.

"You embarrass me!" Vince didn't care at the moment and tried to get free from Jesse and the gangster's hold. Brian stared at the blonde that stood protectively in front of him and Evan before turning to make eye contact with Evan. "Calm down, Brian." Evan told him sternly. Gangster pulled Vince away from the others.

"Jesse, give me the wallet." Dom told Jesse and he handed the wallet over to him. Dom opened the wallet and read out loud his name from the drivers licence. "Brian Earl Spilner. Sounds like a serial killers name. Is that what you are?" He asked holding out the wallet to Brian.

Evan let go of Brian so he could take it from Dom. "Ah, no man." "Don't come around here again." Dom ordered and gave him the wallet. "Hey, man. You know this is bullshit." Brian shouted and Evan hit him in the arm for that. Dom turned around and headed back to Brian. "You work for Harry, right?" Dom asked. "Yeah, I just started." Brian answered confused. "You were just fired." Dom said and headed back to his gang.

Evan grabbed Brian by the arm and dragged him to his Ford and showed him in. Brian wanted to protest, but Evan cut him off. "Shut up and go to Harry's to hear if you can save your job." Brian nodded before driving away.

Evan and Draco headed back to the diner. They walked past the gang and towards Mia to pay for their food. "Bye Mia. It was nice meeting you." Evan started walking away, but Draco stopped him. "Wait Evan. I'll be right back." Draco said before heading towards the gang. They gave him curious looks, but he ignored them and headed straight for Vince. Vince smirked at him, but he quickly lost it when the blonde kicked him in the groin. "That's for almost hitting Evan with the faggot." He sneered before leaving with Evan. Jesse and the gangster helped Vince while Dom stared at Evan and Draco driving away.