Summary: Fuji Syuusuke dressed up as a boy to join Kaze Entertainment so she can make some money for living. Tezuka Kunimitsu is an actor/singer of Flame Entertainment, the rival of Kaze Ent as well as Fuji's biggest enemy. What happened when one night they got drunk and resulted in a pregnant Fuji?

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Warning : Female Fuji, Yukimura, Bunta, Gakuto and some others. OOC for many characters. Italic is thinking grammar errors, typos, confusing sentences.

Moon Butterfly

Chapter 1

Today was the birthday of one of the best actors from one of the biggest talent agencies in Japan. Today was Atobe Keigo's birthday, one of the best stars in Kaze Entertainment. Of course being an Atobe, he threw a big party in a famous bar. All the singers, models, and actors in Kaze Entertainment were so excited, well not all of them. Inside a dressing room there was a beautiful young woman who didn't even look a bit excited about the party. It was not that she disliked party but she didn't like where the party would be held. A BAR. Oh only God knows why she hated bar so much! The reason was simple actually. She got drunk easily. When she got drunk she intended to do something so stupid that almost blew up her cover.

Fuji Syuusuke was her name. Twenty five years old. A famous singer in Kaze Entertainment. One of the few stars who didn't become an actor there, although it was better to say she didn't want to be an actress actually because of the fact that she was a female. The worst thing that she would have to do for being an actor was if she had to half naked. It would blow up her cover immediately. She had had a difficult time to convince the photographer every time she had a photo shoot. The ones who knew she was a female was her best friend who was joining the Entertainment before her, Saeki Kojiroh, and her guardian's family.

The reason she joined the Entertainment was because she needed money to live when her parents died on an accident. She lived with her guardian, Suwa Kurogane, and his wife, Suwa Fai. He was her parents' friend and had become unofficial family for Fuji. She didn't want to bother them for a long time, so she tried to find job once she graduated of Senior High School. She called her best friend and asked for his help and finally she agreed to join the famous entertainment industry with him.

It had been eight years since she joined the Entertainment. She was twenty five years old now instead of seventeen years old like the first time she joined through the audition. She had moved from her guardian's house but still visited them regularly. Until now, no one except Saeki and Kurogane's family knew that she was a female and she quit happy with that.

She sighed. How could she avoid the party? If she didn't go, Atobe would surely pick her up himself. Atobe always found it was amusing when Fuji got drunk since Fuji would do something stupid so he would always tried to get Fuji into a bar.

"Fuji, come on!" A familiar voice called her name. Fuji turned around and saw her best friend leaning on the door.

Saeki was coming to rescue Fuji before Atobe had a chance to drag her to the famous bar. Fuji quickly gathered her things and walked to the door. After all the lecture from Atobe Shizuka, the owner of the talent agency, about how Flame Entertainment (their biggest rival) was dangerous and all, all she wanted was to go home instead of spending her time in a bar. Both of them were just walking for several meters when someone stopped them.

"My, My, My... Fuji Syuusuke and Saeki Kojiroh, where do you think you're going?" Atobe asked, smirking. Fuji narrowed her eyes before walking past the rich man. Who cared if this was the owner's son? After all, Atobe Shizuka treated all stars in the agency with same treatments, Atobe include. So, Fuji had the right to treat him just like she treated others, right?

"Home," Saeki said.

"Home? Come one... today is Ore-sama's birthday. Ore-sama invites you two to come with Ore-Sama. The others have already left this building and head to the bar. Come!" Before they could protest Atobe had dragged them to his car and drove to the bar.

When they came into the bar, most of the customers were stars of Kaze Entertainment and Flame Entertainment since it was the nearest bar from both building which were only few blocks away. She looked around and saw the last person she wanted to meet. At the corner of the bar there were five men, singers and actors, gathered around.

They were Atobe's best friends from both Kaze Entertainment and Flame Entertainment. Well, although both entertainment industries were rivals to each other because of the hatred of the owners, most of the actors were friends. They shared the same fate as being money machines to each industry. Now let's take a look of them...

Kaze Entertainment :

Sanada Genichiroh, a twenty six year old handsome man with black hair and brown eyes. He is one of the famous actors right now. He always looked stoic but when it came to work (acting), friends and family his warm personality was shown. He was the polite one in the group.

Oshitari Yushi, twenty six years old, blue hair and sharp eyes, an actor. He had a girlfriend named Gakuto, a teacher in Hyotei Junior High School. They had been dating for four years and planned to get married soon. His hobby was playing violin. Even though he looked like a playboy type, he was actually a nice and full of commitment.

Flame Entertainment :

Masaharu Niou, twenty five years old, silver white hair and charming smile. He was an actor and had a nickname the illusionist because his ability to hypnotic girl with his smile. He had a girlfriend named Marui Bunta, a fashion designer.

Shiraishi Kuranosuke, twenty five years old, brown hair and hazel eyes. He was a playboy and had many girlfriends. He was an actor as well as singer although he enjoyed acting more than singing. He was acceptable in Fuji's opinion. He could be polite when he wanted to but could be rude when the situation demanded it.

Then the last person Fuji wanted to meet. Tezuka Kunimitsu, twenty six years old. He is a charming guy with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that covered in soft oval glasses. An actor and a singer. His deep and husky voice made every girl, who was listening to his song, swooned over him. Just like Sanada, his handsome face was always expressionless and only showed several expressions when he was acting and interacting with friends and family, made him more appealing and mysterious. He got the biggest fan base among all the stars in Kaze Entertainment and he was also Fuji's biggest enemy. He always teased her, mostly because Fuji was so feminine for a man. Fuji's soft voice and short figure didn't help much either. Of course she was. She was a female after all but he didn't know it...yet.

Her blue eyes met his hazel ones. Fuji saw a smirk made its way onto Tezuka's lips. Fuji narrowed her eyes and tried to look away. When she took a glance to where Tezuka sat, she found that he was not there anymore.

"Fuji Syuusuke..." a familiar voice called her name from behind her. Fuji quickly turned around and saw Tezuka Kunimitsu in all his glory, black jeans and loose purple shirt. When did he come here? Is he a ninja or something?

"Oh, it's you..." Fuji huffed, not really wanted to make a conversation with him. Tezuka's smirk widened.

"I don't know that you like to go to a bar... Tensai-chan."

"Stop calling me that! And I was about going home when Atobe dragged me here so it's not like I want to be here at first place." Fuji said, irritated. Tezuka just continued to show that annoying smirk.

"Ah, really? Maybe you just want to see me, pretty boy."

"In your dream!" Fuji said angrily and walked away to find Saeki, who was drinking his beer with Oishi. Tezuka watched as Fuji walked away. He couldn't deny that Fuji was too beautiful for a guy although he wouldn't admit that in front of everyone. He shrugged and went back to his friends.

"Here have a drink, Fuji-kun!" Atobe shoved a glass of beer into her hand. Without thinking, she drank it. And the night went on...

-Next morning, somewhere, 09.00 am-


"Argh," she moaned painfully.

'Damn that Atobe! Why should he threw a party in a bar, force me to come and handed me a glass of beer? He knew so well that I drunk easily! What the hell he was thinking?! Right, he always wants me to be miserable!'

Fuji tried to turn the alarm clock off when she realised it wasn't hers. Her alarm clock was blue and this one was brown.

'Wait, wait, wait... where am I?'

Looking around, she instantly sure that she wasn't in her room. The big room was filled with many expensive things she wouldn't buy with her precious money. Big television, guitars, keyboard and many more could be found in the room. A big wooden wardrobe stood beside a small bookcase at the corner. A big window with dark green curtains was happily filtering the sun light, making the usual bright light turned into soft dim light.

She tried to get up, but, to her horror, a strong arm tightened its grip around her waist. Slowly, she turned her gaze to her left.

'Don't tell me I...'

Beside her, lied a handsome man with messy dark brown hair. His handsome face, without the usual glasses on this time, was so close to her own face that she could feel his soft breath on her cheek. His tall muscular body pressed on her left side with his left arm wrapped around her waist.


To Be Continued

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