Chapter One – Troublemaker-Girl

It was strange to wake up in such a beautiful morning, thinking that life maybe isn't even as bad as the older people always tell, but the exact opposite. They tell you as soon as you're not young anymore, then you have got nothing left but memories of the good times in your life. She could only roll her eyes because she heard those words way too much for her liking. In every town, the same words, but different faces. After all these years, it's starting to get old. And there were always the same friends, but different personalities.

That was the fate of a gypsy, as simple and hurtful as that. At least I came around the world and no one seemed to hate me, because for all them, I was only another face in the crowd. But at the same time, they were the same to me as I was to them. But it was a good way to keep the faces in mind that really mattered to me and not forget them, just because I needed to remember new ones. But it wasn't that good either. Then I also have to remember the sad times of the past. One of those memories is the main reason of why I'm standing here. I was young back then. Much younger then I am today, but this memory was my motivation for exploring the world. The memory was still as clear as my current vision of my surroundings. I was sitting on the bench next to the small building I called home back then and tried to draw a flower, as a boy from my neighborhood walked up to me. He was same age as me, but no one played with him because he had that special aura. They all felt it and didn't want to get near him in any way. Only I didn't care if he sat next to me and watched me draw. I didn't ask for his name, he didn't ask for mine and I didn't ask why he was watching me. But after a few minutes of watching me, he opened his mouth and what came out of it, were the words that scared and amazed me in the same way. "You don't speak because languidly you can't get anything started and your mind is filled with a deep feeling of frustration, which no one understands at all. So you gave up, talking to people. You should stop doing that, or one day, your stomach will be filled with air and you'll burst from all the frustration which built up inside you over the years." After those words, I didn't could feel my small book fall on my feet and onto the grass as I stared at him with wide eyes, maybe because he read my mind or he knew me that good… "How…" I couldn't find a sentence in my brain, so I sat there, not moving at all and waiting for him to speak. He only looked back at me without anything shown in his pupils. It was really scary. His eyes were a mix of blue and green, like the water of the nearby lake next to my house. It was always full of life, the lake. But the color of his eyes was made by a piece of lake, which was so still, even fish avoid it. But the worst of all was the fact, that I couldn't shake the feeling off of me, that no one was in there. "I can read it in your eyes. Can you tell me what you can read in mine?" My eyes were even wider now than before after I heard his statement. But I still didn't spoke to him or answered his question, but I focused on his eyes with great concentration because I didn't want to say that I couldn't tell anything about him as easily as he told me about myself. But I gave up after a minute, because I was starting to get scared of that boy. And he seemed to know about that and so he rose from his seat and looked down at me with a small smile on his lips. "I thought so. Sorry for bothering you." He laughed a little and turned around to run out of my sight. I never heard anything of him again since that day…

Now I'm currently in another city I don't even know the name of. But once again, this is not the first time I don't remember the name of the city I'm staying in, so it even could be possible that I was already here once before… I shook my head at that image and continued to walk down the stone street I wanted to head down. My destination was the big market place with the church on it, because the man I asked a few minutes ago told me to go there if I searched for a cheap place to stay for the night. The bag felt really heavy on my shoulder and I was happy when I could finally put it down and lie on a nice bed or at least something to sleep on… I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand as I looked around for the hotel the man told me about and as I didn't saw it, I just choose to ask someone directly. I saw a man standing at a small booth with vegetables, so I decided to ask him. Turning my steps towards the man, I already started to form a sentence in my head, so I won't be left standing there like an idiot. As I reached him, I breathed in and out once more fast and then tapped the man's shoulder carefully to not to surprise him too much. The dark haired man turned his head towards me and I was careful to not do anything wrong now. "What is the matter?" He asked friendly and I spoke the words I formed in my head a few seconds ago. "I wanted to ask you if you might know where I can find a cheap hotel to stay for the night?" I asked him with a very small smile because slowly my desperate need of finding that building only grew bigger and bigger. "If you're not searching for a certain one, me and my friends are staying in a really cheap one, right behind the meat booth. When you see an elf and a dwarf standing next to a door, enter that one." He explained to me with a small smile of his and even pointed over to it. I nodded and thanked him with a nod. Then I made my way over to the house the man pointed at so friendly and started to think about the fact he mentioned before. 'An elf and a dwarf… In the middle of a human town and I really wonder what they are searching for here…' I thought to myself a raised my hand beneath my chin, that was my typical thinking position. Something was a bit strange about that man, too… He was friendlier than all the other men I met in the past when I was wandering through Middle-Earth. But so I decided to leave this topic alone until I've got a room for myself in that hotel. I started walking again, even though I didn't notice that I stopped doing so. As I passed the people, which were fighting over the last pig on a booth, I could directly saw the two the man was talking about. They stood on both sides of the door and looked after every human that walked closer than three feet past them. I was slowly starting to make up my mind and just wanted to turn the other way again, as I bumped into a person. "I'm really sorry…-", before I could apologize further, I realized that the man I bumped in was the one from the booth, who gave me the directions. He smiled a little surprised himself and I waited a little stunned for him to talk. "Well, hello again. This is the house I was talking about." I was drifting between to run off and to follow him in that house that doesn't really looked like a hotel, more like personal house. I started taking small steps towards the building and he was following me not far behind, like he wanted to make sure that I wouldn't take the second decision. But as long as I got something to sleep on, I didn't care if it wasn't a hotel, because my feet were starting to hurt much more than they did ten minutes ago. My heart also started to race a little as the dwarf and the elf noticed me and the human coming near them. My heart's pace was quickening even more as I realized that the dwarf carried an axe and the elf had a bow with enough arrows to shoot loads of people. I gulped but remained in my normal state, so they couldn't see my fear. They were starting to run towards us and I breathed in and out steadily, just so I wouldn't pass out in an emergency. "Aragorn! What took you so long and who is that little girl with you?!" The dwarf asked with a hint of suspicion in his voice and if he wouldn't have carried an axe, I would have narrowed my eyes at him for calling me a little girl. But I left the talking to the man, who was obviously being called Aragorn. "She's just a wanderer looking for a place to sleep. And if you aren't gentleman enough to let her sleep on a mattress, then I'll volunteer to sleep on the floor." The dwarf looked a bit confused at so much information at once, but the elf helped him out. "I don't think that this is a good idea. She could hinder us or be a spy, you know…" Slowly I was getting tired of all this and for one out of a few times in my life, I decided to take things in my own hands. "Sirs, I would like to make a few things clear; I wouldn't hurt a single fly, I would pay to sleep on a comfortable bed and if you aren't okay with that, I'll search for another place to stay because I really want to sleep." Now they all looked at me with different expressions but I only stared back with lazily blinking eyes to show them how much I would like to sleep right now. After a few seconds they turned their heads away and looked at each other. "I'm still against it. What do you think, Legolas?" The dwarf asked the elf with a grim expression. "I think that I'm against it if I can't take her weapons away for over the night." The elf stated in a careful voice and looked at Aragorn. "I'm still for it. You two have no idea how it feels to sleep in a bed after you have wandered through the forest for days and you had to sleep on trees." It kind of looked like the conversation was over now as the man crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at the other two males. I was very displeased at the fact that the elf wanted to take away my weapons and the dwarf was fully against it without even naming his reason, but I felt sympathy for the other human, because it looked like he understood me even though we only exchanged like three sentences. The dwarf mumbled something and now the elf was talking back to the man with a bit more power in his words, but in Elfish. Sadly, I didn't understand what they were saying, but it looked like a very fiery argument o me. The dwarf meanwhile looked back to the entrance of the small house, just to make sure that no one entered it. I was starting to wonder what was up with this house and what the big deal of letting me stay in there was. I looked around a noticed that Aragorn and the elf named Legolas were both silent and staring at me with strange looks. I quickly looked away and stared up on the church to the sun-clock. It was just typically for me that I got myself in such a situation, I was just so clumsy. But really now, if the males won't be finishing their argument soon, I will walk off and sleep on the roof or something. Because like Aragorn said, it was more comfortable than sleeping on a branch in a tree. "Alright, I'll trust in your knowledge of human nature, but she's under your care and you're responsible for her actions. If she kills us all in our sleep then it's your fault. I didn't have anything to do with it." Now he was the one who crossed his arms and looked at the human with icy blue eyes. The dwarf also had to give in or otherwise he was the one who had to sleep on the roof. I was a bit mind-absent by then and sang a song I've heard not that long ago from a man I brought paper from. The dwarf grabbed my shoulder, so I would face the males again and I quickly stopped my voice to spare myself a lot of embarrassment. "You can stay here for the night, but first you must swear on your pride that you aren't a spy." The elf said to me and I really wanted to ask from where I should be a spy of, but I said something different. "I am a gypsy. I only have a really small amount of pride I can swear on, but if you wish me to do so, then I will." So I placed my hand on my heart and swore while they all watched silently. Aragorn chuckled as I was done and the dwarf raised one of his striking eyebrows and looked over at him. "What's so funny?" He asked as Legolas was turning his head towards the house, like the dwarf did before. "Her words just reminded me of myself when I was wandering through Middle-Earth… But now, I'm Aragorn. And my two companions are Legolas and Gimli. It's really nice to meet you." He offered me a hand and I shook it a little unsure. The elf and the dwarf followed his movements. "I'm Legolas. Sorry for my suspicion, but I just…-" "You are just too careful! I'm Gimli!" The dwarf pushed the elf a little aside and also offered me his hand and as I took it, it felt like he wanted to break it. I stepped back not soon after they introduced themselves and rubbed my hand. "Aren't you going to tell us your name?" Gimli asked me. "My name is Alma. It's nice to meet all of you and I am really thankful for meeting such nice people as you and that you're going to let me stay with you for the night." I said and bowed to them. They laughed a little and I also put on a shy smile. "It's not a problem, let's go inside." Aragorn laughed and walked towards the green door of the small house. Me and the two males followed him inside.