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Chapter Four - Way through the forest

I took a deep breath through my nose before I re-opened my eyes to meet his blue ones with an icy stare. I really had to step on my pride to get the next few words out of my mouth.

"Okay, please take me with you. I'm going to reward you." My lips immediately sealed after those words and I started chewing on my bottom lip, just to cure the chaos in my head. My eyes focused on the ground, covered with the dark green grass, which grew on the whole field behind the hill. He chuckled a bit and I looked up at him with narrowed eyes. He offered me help and now he's laughing at me for taking it? I huffed in anger and felt my cheeks warm up a little as I shifted my eyes to the side only to avoid his stare. His laughter faded soon after and I risked a look over at him, just to check out on his was doing, nothing else.

"Alright, I'm glad that I won't be having another tossed away life on my mind at night. Well then, we will be paying my father a visit." Now I felt a bit betrayed. He said he'll take me to the next city, not the king of the elves. I wasn't looking forward to a meeting with Legolas' father either. There will appear too many questions in his head. And I was pretty sure that I didn't want to answer them all. Maybe not even the half of it, I figured.

"You said you'd take me to the next town. Not to your father's kingdom. I really don't want to meet any more elves if they're all as arrogant as you." The wind was blowing stronger now. My black hair kept on sweeping around behind my back and I didn't look at him while I was speaking. He was arrogant and I knew I might have hurt him, but the truth must be told and his feelings weren't really important as long as I was alive.

I was always the only really important person to me. All the others were different from me. And I really can't stand new things. The feeling of unawareness makes you feel weak and scares you. That's why I never cared for anyone else. Not even for my mother I cared. When I was born, I'm sure I made no kind of promise to look and care for her. I wasn't responsible for her in any way, that's why I can travel around without any worries for anyone. It was the feeling of freedom. And I didn't plan on loosing it as long as I was alive.

"That wasn't nice." It was a statement of his, not an answer or another question. It was just a statement he told to me for once without a smile. I nodded, which wasn't logically, because he wanted an excuse or something like that and I only took his words in and didn't apologized for mine. I saw this action as mistake in my personality, so I added some more words.

"I think we should go. But I'm hungry, so we can go to your father, but I want to get out of there alive. Or else I'll curse every single one of your species. And believe me, the people over Middle-Earth will hear of it. And I've talked to too many people to let the curse pass their ears without getting reminded of me. Sometimes, one meaningless insider can cause a bigger war then a meaningful outsider ever could."

I knew my words were cold and made me look heartless, but that was the point of my words. I never wanted to meet such people. Right now, there was a burning anger inside my chest, even though I had no idea where it came from, but now it was present and my words were already spoken. And I never go back on my word and that was also one of my characteristics. When I am angry, I can do nearly anything, just because I don't want my rage to turn into sadness. As long as I was moving, I could live out my anger until it faded away completely. But when I just lay or sit somewhere, not being able to move, the anger will fade over the time and turn into deep cutting agony. That was one of my greatest fears. To become sad and sink down into the abyss of depression, just like my mother did before she drowned herself into the lake behind our village.

"Strong words for someone who's crying tears for no reason." As my brain registered the elf's words, I was confused at first. But I noticed that the memory of my mother actually made me cry. I covered my face with my left arm and screamed out in anger. How I hate this male! Words couldn't describe how bad I wanted to kill him. But I just couldn't, it wasn't worth the trouble. But I had to let my anger out on something or I'd become sad. And that wasn't an opinion.

He screamed something after me, but my mind didn't want to listen to him. I didn't want to hear the hateful words from that wannabe-prince's mouth. My mouth let out a long cry full of anger and desperation as I grabbed my saber in a tight grip and ran down the hill towards the forest. I ran past the dwarf and Aragorn, towards a big, light green leaves wearing tree. I held the saber over my head and took another short breath before I smashed the blade against the strong wood and I didn't stop moving after that. I just kept on swinging the blade against the dark trunk of the thick tree and with every hit, a scream left my lungs.

At some rate, my hands got numb, my throat hurt and I got reminded of my aching foot. But the anger disappeared nearly fully, so I just fell forward against the tree and started to cry silently. This elf was so god-damn unfair. He was so goddamn coldhearted and mean. He was one of the people god sent to make my life worse and change me. But I won't allow this. I won't allow anyone to push me into that abyss. I'd rather die.

"What are you doing, Alma? This tree didn't do anything wrong." I recognized the voice. It was the human, Aragorn. He had put a hand on my shoulder and shook it a little to get an answer out of me.

"But that bastard of an arrogant elf did! And because I obviously can't hit him with my blade, I sadly had to hurt this poor tree!" I was still screaming. But I chocked soon after, because my throat was already damaged. Aragorn sighed and I raised myself up on the tree to look stronger. To look taller, to let my words actually mean something.

But as soon as I turned around, Aragorn hugged me. I wasn't sure if I should be angry at him because he made me look weak or because he had no right to do such a thing. "Let go of me." "Calm down first. You seriously could cut off heads with such a rage." I wanted to punch him and scream in his face that it was a fear, not rage. Or maybe the fear was hidden inside the rage. I really didn't want to know.

"Alright, I promise, I won't cut off anyone's head. But I won't hand you my saber and I also don't want to meet any more elves. If they're all like that one over there, I will run away, deep into the forest, as soon as one of them gets in sight." I just wanted to make that clear, that was all. Aragorn finally let go of me and stared at me with unreadable eyes. "I wonder what Legolas said to upset you this much."

With these words, he turned away to greet the arriving elf that walked down the hill, his usually calm façade, but for once, there was no smile on his face. Not even his eyes gleamed like they normally did. But I also wasn't interested in what he wanted to say or if he wanted to apologize. I officially hate him and none of his words can change that. I looked over to the dwarf and he looked back at me with a raised eyebrow and a questioning glance. I just shook my head in frustration and looked at the other two males. And once again, they were talking in Elfish. The way they pronounced the words nearly made me flinch, the endings were very sharp voiced so they hurt in the ear. Soon after, they were done and turned around, the elf walking off to the dwarf and Aragorn walked in my direction.

"We have to go into the woods. There we have to pick up some food and water, so we can travel in the next town. Are you still coming with us?" That was a stupid question in my eyes, just because I decided to hate elves a minute ago, but on the same time, I had to over think my old decision again. I didn't want to go there anymore, I was sure of that. But only to pick up water and food was an opinion I could deal with.

"As long as we're only going to pick up our things, it's okay. But I won't do anything more and nothing less." He nodded with an understanding smile and I nodded back at him. He started to walk over to the elf and the dwarf and I followed with a not very pleased feeling in my stomach, but I still followed close after Aragorn. The elf looked like he wanted to say something, but he decided that it was better for him to shut up and I was glad that he realized that. So we walked towards the forest and I realized that it was creepier than I thought it is when we were haunted by the orcs. All the trees were dark and something that looked like a fog started to cover my view.

"And the king of the elves lives here…? I wouldn't like it here…" I'm pretty sure that I would run away after a few minutes, but my pride held against the fear, that was why I kept on following the males. We walked in a slow pace and after a few minutes, it started to freak me out.

"Can't we speed up a little? I think that…-" My voice was cut off after I looked to my left and saw the boy from my village. It was the boy with the green eyes. It was the creepy boy that could read my mind. He smiled and waved over at me. Behind him, there stood my mother. She also waved and smiled in my direction. My mind told me that this couldn't be real, but my hands wanted to prove my mind wrong and wanted to touch them. It was just to make sure that they were actually here and real.

"Alma! What are you doing?! Get back here immediately!" Aragorn's voice called my name from a distant place, so I could only barley hear it. I kept on walking towards the other two humans with my shaking body and tears slowly started to form in the corner of my eyes. Why were they here in this forest and not in the village? Before I could open my mouth to speak or ask, a hand grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"Hey, what were you thinking?! You could have gotten lost in this forest!" Now I registered another voice calling out for me. It was the elf, Legolas and he was looking at me with a stern look in his eyes. Anger once again started to burn inside me. "Let go of me, I have to…!"

As I looked back over to where my mother and the boy were standing, I couldn't see anyone anymore. Confusion started to linger through me as I scanned the whole forest in my view and disappointment replaced the anger inside me. It was just an illusion. They weren't real. My mind once again was right and my hands were wrong.

"You have to do what? Go away a second to kill yourself? Get back on the way." He ordered me and pointed at the way from where Gimli and Aragorn looked over at me. "But mother… The boy… Where did they go?" I asked myself and insisted to go back.

"They were never there. It was an illusion. Now go back over there." I didn't believe his words, so I pulled my arm out of his grip. "Why should I believe you? All you want is me dead, isn't it?" My voice was trembling and I looked up at him with hateful eyes. His expression quickly changed into a confused one. "I would never think or say something like that. What makes you think like this?" He asked me directly.

I bit my tongue, so I won't be screaming at him, because I wanted to get out of this forest and if I was truthful, I didn't even knew an answer to his question. "Let's just go." So I didn't answer his question and just walked over to Aragorn with quick steps and stood beside him, before looking back to Legolas.

"Elf, are you coming?" Gimli asked in a loud voice so he would be able to hear what he said. But he looked out in the woods without moving from his place. Aragorn also just wanted to open his mouth as he turned around. "Alright, let's go on." The other two males nodded and followed after him, together with me.

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