Summery: I'm not exactly Tolkien, and this isn't exactly a wonderful piece of writing. A Poem supposedly written by Boromir, as he's dieing okay definite award for stupidest summery here. Anyway yeah, read, reply, or totally ignore (option three, option three!)

Heaven doesn't cry for me By: PTB

Shadows deepen, the light is gone Am I to die so far from home? Should not the road go ever on? I, yet, will no more roam.

Life yet fades into darkest night The path of death may beck and call World is fading from my sight From this world I will fall.

Life and light, shadow and death Darkness claims my heart and soul Save me now, oh Elbereth! May my redemption be thy goal.

Heaven doesn't cry for me For tears of glass shatter on the ground Torment for all the eternity Until my salvation has been found.

No more to see my brother's face Or hear my father's words of wise Now I pray for Valar's grace As I still my breath and close my eyes

Heaven doesn't cry for me Still yet I will pray That there is rest yet for me Until again light is day.