I posted this story for Christmas last year, but it was removed along with some of my other ones of mine. So, here it is once again. I'm writing something else for you guys for this year, but maybe this can tide you over until it's ready.

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A Home for the Holidays

Summary: Bella's roommate, Kate, offers her a place to stay during Christmas break. Unfortunately for Bella, Kate's dad is kind of a DILF. Attraction, UST, and a meddling daughter may just bring these two together. AH; ExB; Romance/Humor



Laying on my bed and looking at the ceiling bored out of my mind, I can't help the anger and sadness welling up inside me. "I can't believe they're doing this to me," I whine.

"Don't complain, at least you're not stuck with one of your father's random fuck buddies trying to pretend they care about you," Kate, my roommate, reminds me.

"It can't be that bad." I turn to look at her. She's lying on her bed playing with her phone. "I mean, at least your dad's there, right?"

She groans, seemingly not pleased. "Bella, trust me. Those women he dates are all mean, money hungry bitches. I wish he'd just find a nice woman. I mean, he's not a bad looking guy."

I can't help but giggle. "He's old. I bet his nutsack's all shriveled up."

"Shut up, Bella. That's my dad...ewww." She throws a pillow at my face.

"When you come back you have to bring a photo album. You keep talking about him with all those women, and I keep wondering what he looks like."

"It's not my fault you're never around when he drops by, Bella." I groan and she stands up and gets off the bed. "Anyway, I've got to go meet Garrett for some lovin' before he leaves on Friday to go back to Milwaukee for Christmas break. Think about what I offered. It would be better than staying here by yourself or going home to an empty house, yeah?"

I nod and watch her saunter off leaving me alone in our dorm room.

I can't believe my parents decided to go off on a second honeymoon without me. Oh, and to top it all off, they're doing this over Christmas break.

When I went off on them about how terrible this is and how lonely I am going to be, Mom had the nerve to tell me I am being selfish. Ugh, I'll show them selfish. I hope they get traveler's diarrhea. That'll show 'em.

Now my options are pretty limited, it's either I stay here for two weeks and fester in our little dorm room during the Holidays, I go home and stay there alone for the Holidays, or I go stay with Kate and her dad and his many, many mistresses and be surrounded by people I hardly even know for the Holidays.

Decisions, decisions.

I. Hate. My. Life.

Merry fucking Christmas, to me.


I spend the last two days of school with my head in the clouds thinking about how sucky this is going to be. I accept Kate's offer, but I'm really uncomfortable spending Christmas with relative strangers.

I've been living with Kate for the last three months. She's really great. Well, she's better than the skank roommate I had last year, anyway. That whore, Leah, was a tough one. I didn't kill her, so I guess she wasn't that bad, but still, walking in on her random fucks wasn't exactly the highlight of my life.

Kate's quiet, and she's been dating Garrett since our first week here so at least she's not spreading the goods. I can admire that. Not that I'm whoring it out myself since I haven't had a boyfriend or any kind of romantic entanglement in about six months. Which reminds me, I need to pack Jake, my trusty bunny. He makes everything feel better. At least he'll be there for me through my hardships and holiday downers. He's always there for me. Such a good boy.

Kate and Garrett seem to have the real thing going on. They're adorable together, which makes me thankful he won't be at her dad's house with us. I don't want to be around that—people all lovey dovey fawning over each other. Ugh. If I did, I'd live with my parents. After all, I did grow up in a neighborhood about ten blocks from UDub. It's a little sad that I'd rather live in dorms than with my parents, but their lovin' has gotten a little wild in their old age and they creep me the fuck out. A lot.

Unlike my parents, who've been together since high school and are obscenely happy and annoyingly in love, Kate's parents went through a bitter divorce when she was younger.

Her mom's a raging bitch on wheels. I cringe every time that woman calls. If I were a man, just the sound of her voice would make my dick shrivel up and fall off. She moved to Florida once Kate started college.

I've never met Kate's dad, but he calls every Friday to check up on her. He lives about an hour from here, in Burlington, and that's apparently where I'll be spending the next two weeks of my life.

Kate and I had a few classes together last year, so when I got my roommate assignment for this year, I was pleased as punch to live with someone I already knew a little bit.

Now that my parents have decided to be selfish assholes and not spend the holidays with their only child, I'm sort of glad to have Kate in my life. She's a great friend, plus she's saving me from this place by hauling my ass to her house. I secretly think she just wants a buffer between herself and her dad's girlfriend.

I only hope her father's not a giant asshole. I'm not sure how much of that I could take without saying anything out of line and ending up alone in either our dorm room or my old bedroom at my parents' house.