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Chapter 1: Bloody Times

A strapping young man in blue jeans and a loose button-up was trudging down the dirt road. He was sixteen, but he had only just got his first badge from Aspertia. He wanted to start his journey six years ago, but his parents were very protective of him. His mom and dad were moving to Castelia city, so they were allowing him to collect some badges along the way while they went with the moving truck, "At least I don't have to help put everything away." He didn't really get caught up with the badge trend like everyone else. He just loved pokemon and traveling with them. Tepig was his starter, powerful little guy. Mark always liked the fire types, they always packed a powerful punch. A thick wall of trees surrounded the road like living walls. He was actually feeling pretty good. The sun was radiating warmth and he saw a patrat pop his head up for a moment, wiggling its nose.

"At least I can get my first three badges, get some of my friends to shut their yaps about me not having any. And maybe the folks will let me continue the journey." He banged his head a bit as he turned on his iPod, listening to a Dio album.

However his thoughts were cut short as he saw a flash of blue amidst the brush off to the side of the road. A low moan caused Mark to stop for a moment and glance over.

Mark's hand wandered onto his pokeball as he circled around to try and get a good look. Whatever it was obviously proved no threat, but now the important question was what is it? He moved the bushes aside and jumped back again as the creature, a girl is what it looked like, groaned. She was wearing a white and blue dress and had….blue hair? But these oddities are not what caused him to recoil, it was the pungent odor of blood. Her legs and torso were covered with blood, and the girl's beautiful features were marred with a swollen lip and tear stains. The only thing that made him realize that something was off was the red horn sticking out of her body. "A Pokémon?" He struggled with the revelation, thinking surely she was human, "She must be a…gardevoir?" Mark's stare was broken when he realized, human or not, she was badly hurt. He fished around in his pack and got out his last potion. He couldn't see any wounds on the legs, where much of the blood was, strangely enough. So Mark sprayed it onto her mouth, to at least bring some comfort to her. He put what was left of the potion back, best to do it in a couple doses or her immune system could be overwhelmed. He gingerly picked her, wishing that he had a spare pokeball. Mark began to walk down the road with the gardevoir in hand. About half an hour later he stopped to rest and propped her up against a rock. He took out the rest of the potion and applied it to a few cuts that he noticed. The potion must have stung, because the gardevoir woke up with a scream and blood-shot eyes. Mark jumped back," Hey hey now it's oka-"his sentence was cut short as the Pokémon growled and her eyes flashed. Mark grasped at his head as he fell to his knees, "Goddamn I'm trying to help you!" The gardevoir closed her eyes and Mark barely reached out his hand in time to keep her head from hitting the stone as his vision was filled with black spots. He curled up on the ground with a throbbing headache and slipped into unconsciousness.

Mark began to stir into consciousness, he was tired and his head still hurt. He felt something soft, a bed? He bolted upright as he remembered the gardevoir, slamming his forehead into the top bunk and rolled off of the bed in pain, holding his head. He was in a room with several other beds like the one he just woke up in,"Damn, damn, damn" he rolled around on the floor.

"Is everything okay?" asked a feminine voice as the door opened and the familiar face of Nurse Joy appeared.

Mark grunted, still hurting, "Yeah yeah, just hit my head…why am I here?" his confusion showing.

"A trainer found you passed out by the side of the road with the gardevoir" her expression darkened, "Did she attack you for some reason? Or I should ask why she attacked you, it's obvious from your brain waves that psychic trauma was responsible for your black-out."

"Oh yeah, no it's not really her fault you see. I found her all bloody and passed out so I tried carrying her. But I guess when I applied the potion the second time it stung, cause she woke up and screamed at me. I think her eyes glowed, and then one hell of a headache."

"I see, nevertheless, I must have Officer Jenny keep you here while I run DNA tests." Her expression cleared somewhat.

"Officer Jenny? DNA tests? What now?" The police were almost never needed for cases like this. And why him?

"Did you not know the nature of her injuries?"

"Well yeah she had a swollen lip, some cuts, and a black ey-"

"She was raped."

Mark stood there in shock" Raped….?" He grabbed at his head as another headache set in. Oh Arceus….the blood on her legs…I never knew where they came from… "Will she be okay?" He was starting to get sick. Images flashed in his head. His little sister lying bloody on the floor, her frail body tossed aside like some rag. The court hearing. The man's face. His parent's crying out their hearts. The little tombstone. A couple tears swelled up and he blinked them away.

Nurse Joy was sorrowful as she told him the next part, "I'm afraid she is in a coma…the emotional trauma…it was probably her trainer." She motioned for him to follow. The gardevoir was in the next room. She was lying on a white sheet. Mark's heart was torn to shreds. Her face wasn't full of the peace that someone sleeping should have. Instead there was pain, fear, anguish. Everything that he and his parents went through.

Nurse Joy turned to him," Can you sing?"

He narrowed his eyes and gave her an angry look," I hardly think this is th-"

"She is a gardevoir," the nurse explained, managing her patience," Also known as emotion pokemon. Music is a powerful force in our lives and Pokémon, especially those of the ralts line, typically sing to speed the healing process."

"….I see…." Mark stared at Nurse Joy until she got the hint that he wanted her to leave. After she left, he sat on the adjacent bed. "Let's see" a song his mom would sing to him as a child….

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

You make me happy, when skies are gray,

You'll never know dear, how much I love you,

Please don't take my sunshine away"

He repeated the song. Mark's voice would crack from his still lingering puberty, from sorrow, and unbridled fury. The man only got ten years. And what did his sister get? A gravestone? His thoughts whirled around until he fell asleep on the other bed.