(nest chapter and another lemon!)

Gardenia wandered around the city in a daze, dodging some cops that thought she was a wild pokemon. Eventually she got the courage to

return home. She gingerly opened the door, involuntarily cowering. Her past life screamed to her that she was about to be beaten senseless


"Hey gardenia! " Mark called out. He was sitting on the soft leather couch next to a reading lamp reading the Key of Solomon. "C'mere this

thing is nuts! "

she approached and knelt ont the floor by him, resting a hand on his knee.

"You've heard of Arceus and Giratina right? And all the other legendaries? "

"Ofcourse, " she nodded, forgetting her past trauma, " knowledge of the Creator is born with all pokemon, as well as the traitor. Some

legandaries are servants of the King, while others joined Giratina in exile."

"BUT, " he waved his finger, " have you ever heard of God, the human God?

"I've never heard of that..."

"He was one of the dominant gods a thousand years ago, before the Big Atom. After the Big Atom wiped out all technology and history,

knowledge of this religion was fragmented at best." He flipped a page, " that's what the book says anyways. It claims that he was God to the

humans. This is actually quite fascinating. The Big Atom was a weapon, and it leaked poison gas that morphed the world's ecosystem giving

rise to... pokemon " he glanced at her, "sounds like bullshit but it's interesting nonetheless. It gets wierder here. The book says that the

human God and the devil, Giratina's counterpart I'm guessing, have their own servants that people can learn to control..." he flipped a few

more pages, "anyways I'll probably keep reading this..."

"... I'm going to... go in my pokeball for a little okay?" She found it all interesting yes, but just to be in his presence made her shrivel inside

of her in shame.

Mark looked up from his book, "In your pokeball? You never go in there though," his brow furrowed in confusion, "why now?

"It, it just helps me sometimes when I'm not feeling too well, the stasis I guess," she lied, if you look at it a different way she didn't really

lie. It was this seclusion she was seeking.

"Do we need to get you to a center?" He began to get up and close up the book,"

"no, no," she waved him away, " I just need to rest..." And she floated away before he could argue. Gardenia came into his bedroom and

fished out the pokeball he had stashed at the bottom of his backpack. With a press of the button, she vanished into a flash of red, and her

mind rested in oblivion.

Mark continued flipping through the book. Geometric sign and strange letters poured from each page. Pencil sketches of winged humanoids

fascinated him, "Are these pokemon? It mentioned things about control..." Mark came across a particularily crinkled page. One of the most

complex designs he'd seen yet. Triangles inside circles inside triangles surrounded by flowing letters. He wanted to know what those letters

said, and he knew just how to go about it. Mark trotted to his room and slid into his computer chair. After he booted up the PC, Mark held the

book in front of the camera and said "Translate!" The computer whirred to life as it took a snapshot of the page. The picture was blown up on

screen. Constant error messages flew about as the computer tried to translate the geometric shapes, until it pinged upon the strange letters,

and began to speak.

"Language: Hebrew. Status: Dead. Translation: Speak the enemy of my enemy to be free once more. Light-Bringer guide us in this dark

hour and guide us to your perfect light. Hail Light-Bringer! Be free once more!" A screen with the literal hebrew letters and sounds popped up

alongside the photo:"מדבר האויב של האויב שלי להיות חופשי פעם נוספת. מביא האור להנחות אותנו בזה כהה

שעה ולהדריך אותנו לאור המושלם שלך. ברד מביא האור! להיות חופשי עוד פעם!"

Mark read these words aloud with the computer and thought, "Interesting language..." Bit cold he just realized and rubbed his arms. As he

was turning off his computer his elbow hit his stereo turning it on, much to his poor eardrums, at full volume, "WE ARE SCREAMING OUT ALONE


GOING DOWN AND NEVER HIGHER, WE'RE FALLEN ANGELS-" He cut the volume holding his head, "Damn scared me!"

Mark shook his head from the ringing and decided to go get a hotdog from his favorite stand, down by the park. After making sure

Gardenia's ball was safe in his pack, he jogged down the sidewalk and down a few blocks. He stopped with a groan after he forgot to see if he

had any money left. An excavation into his pocket uncovered a few poke. Just enough to buy a hotdog. There it was, a beautiful sight for his

eyes, the gleam of cheap aluminum and bubbling grease vats against the street. He stood behind a guy with a cane ordering one for himself.

"How much!?" he suddenly exclaimed, "I don't have that kind of money on me!"

That much money? How poor is this guy? After several heated exchanges Mark tapped the old man on the shoulder, who whirled around

with eyes that wanted to kill, "WH- what is it young man?" His expression softening suddenly. His black trench coat swirled about him. He had

a strong stature to him, he didn't even seem like he needed the cane. The steely gray eyes still bore into him from beneath his stark white


Mark held up his poke, "here, it can be embarrassing to forget a few extra cents," he smiled, giving him the whole lot. He wasn't sure if

he was poor or not, but it didn't matter, he wasn't that hungry.

"well aren't you a kind lad ?" He patted him on the shoulder, "thank you kindly," With the money, he bought himself a hotdog. "I plan

on repaying you my boy," he said in between mouthfuls, "its been a while for me."

"It was just a few poke, don't worry about it,"

"Let it not be said" he waved his finger, "that I did not repay those who helped me!" he nodded, seemingly satisfied with himself, "but not

with poke, as you said, it wouldn't be worth much to you."

Mark raised his eyebrow to this, "Well, I'm not sur-"

"Yes I will give you a most precious thing, boy... love."

Mark cringed at the word 'boy', but even more so when he said love. Was he trying to hit on him? An old guy? what the hell, was he about

to be molested?

The girl of your dreams will be the girl of your life, mark my words," He waved his finger again as Mark sighed in relief. He's only crazy.

"Well," he chuckled, "thanks for the offer,"

"No!" The man grabbed his hand in a steel handshake, "Thank you, for everything."

Mark came home without incident and decided to let Gardenia out of her ball, "hey, feeling better?"

"yeah," she nodded.

"good I-"

"MA-... mark... I need to say something." she bit her lip and stared at his feet with a frown.

"Is it about the sickness?"

She shook her head, best to get it out before she chickened out, "I had sex today."

Mark stared at her in bewilderment, embarrassment, and just plain shyness for a full minute, "R-really," his voice squeaked. What else

was he supposed to say to his pokemon that said she got banged? "Who?"

"D-daycare center," she blinked away her tears and forced herself to look him in the eye, or at his chest, "...Pokemon,"

"oh... okay... " he was a little relieved honestly, he thought something bad happened again.

"There's something else,"


"Do you love me?" she knew the answer but she wanted to hear it from him.

That wouldn't be immediately unfortunately as Mark face reddened and he stuttered, "W-why, wa-why-what... why do you ask?"

"Do you?" She asked a little more forcefully.

In a moment of vulnerability, he answered, "yeah... I guess I do."

"Then I want to have sex with you." she stared at him.

One could hear the hair off a venonat fall in the stunned silence. "I... why?" he rubbed his face for about a minute out of sheer confusion

and nervousness.

" I want to show you how much I love you, and frankly... I need it."


"Gardevoir, like all pokemon, are rather energetic sexually. The partner doesn't matter. But for certain pokemon, like gardevoir, it becomes

difficult when love is involved. To mate with someone other than our love produces great feelings of anxiety and depression, and it's very

difficult to avoid mating. Point is, I love you and I want my body, to be yours."

Mark stood there in stunned silence.


"... well... sex... doesn't really sound like a bad thing... I guess"

"So you'll do it?"

"It's kinda sudden... " he looked up, immediately noticing all of Gardenia's curves and appealing parts of her body.

"we can start off small if you want" she smiled cutely, automatically melting his resolve.

She walked him over to the couch slowly, Mark was acting as though he would bolt any second, and sat him down. She jumped onto his

lap and whispered into his ear, " I know all the fun things too~" An erection had already built up in him from the suspense, "and this is where

we start!" she tapped it with a grin, making him jump. Her hands dextrously unbuttoned his pants and slid both them and the underwear

down. Mark's member was at full attention, but he had second thoughts. his hands reached down to grab his shorts when her warm mouth

destroyed any such thoughts. Gardenia began to suckle on the tip, looking as his expression melted from worry to arousal. His hand instead

rested on her head and petted her slowly, making her mewl happily. She took his length in and out of her mouth, sucking on every sensitive

spot until his breath came in ragged gasps. About fifteen minutes later, when Mark could hardy comprehend, Gardenia felt the pulsing deep in

his shaft and prepared herself. Shoving down her mouth on him, Gardenia moaned as the creamy spunk shot down her throat and leaked onto

her chest. Whenever it dribbled onto her chest horn, she shivered and moaned loudly. She smiled at mark, white spilled on her body ,"how do

you like it so far?"


The front door opens.