Ok so I'm back with the next part to 'Quest for the Holy Grail.' Expect fluff lots of fluff mixed with possibly a tad of angst and heaps of adventure. I'm a sucker for everything being rosey so this fic is never going to get too dark. If you haven't read the other fic and you don't want to….I think this story will stand alone pretty well….it will just start with Myka and HG already in an established relationship. The fic is going to start of rated 'T' but the odd 'M' chapter may be needed I'll forewarn you if it does…not that I think any of you really mind.

Thanks again everybody for all the support and great messages and reviews after the last fic. It's because of you lot I am finding the time to continue Myka and Helena's AU story.

We'll start off with an easy chapter….get back into the swing of things so to speak. I hope you enjoy. (As ever please excuse any errors.)

'Muuummmmmmmm! Mum! Mummmmm!' Christina leaned out of the upstairs window of the brit's manor house and shouted out for her Mother.

Poking her head from her bedroom door the little girl's Mum frowned at the raven haired child.

'Darling. What on earth is the matter, you sound like a terrible banshee. ` The identically dark haired woman went back to her room spritzing her wrists with the perfume bottle in her hand along the way.

`Muma it's Myka! She's here! ` The little girl yelled even louder to regain her Mother`s attention. This time she got it in full.

Running across the landing to her daughter's side the writer matched her little girls position and stretched her body across the windowsill to get a better look at her driveway. Sure enough Myka Bering was currently driving up her gravel track towards the house. Jumping down to attention Helena dropped the perfume, straightened her shirt and untucked her collar. Myka`s flight hadn`t been due in until tomorrow. Running her hands through silky black hair the inventor looked down at her little girl.

`How do I look?` Helena checked her reflection in the large window and smiled when she caught sight of her daughter's smirk.

'Myka likes you even when you are all scruffy from the work shop, I don`t think you need to worry Mum.` Christina rolled her eyes sarcastically.

`Hey cheeky.' Helena ruffled the girl's hair. ` You are too grown up for your own good madam...anyway...how do you know Myka likes me all scruffy?'

The small girl looked to the side and grinned. 'I heard her telling Pete that day he came over to watch the football. `

Helena grinned a beaming smile to match her daughters. `Did she now...I'll have to remember that. ` The writer kept her following thoughts to herself.

'Quick! She's nearly here!` Christina flew to the top of the stairs and slid down the slide her adventurous Mother had built to run alongside the solid oak staircase. Following fast in her daughter's footsteps Helena took the first few steps... paused...shrugged...and pushed herself off down the slide too. Whatever would get her fastest to Myka was the way she was going.

Still in second place to her little girl Helena made it to the front door just in time to spot Christina launching herself onto an unsuspecting Myka as the archaeologist opened her car door.

'Myka! You're here.' Christina hugged the American tightly, burying her hands into the brunette's curly hair.

'I am...and what a lovely welcome. I've missed you.' Myka touched her nose against the little girl's for an eskimo kiss. Helena meanwhile watched longingly, her heart pounding at the perfect scene in front of her.

Gently placing Christina`s feet on the ground Myka looked towards the manor house entrance, her heart fluttered when she spotted her writer. Immediately she was captured by the brit`s deep dark eyes.

'I've missed you too you Miss Wells.' Forgetting her bags the archaeologist let her long legs take fast wide steps toward her waiting fiancé. The moment her senses were hit by the brit's sensual fragrance Myka lost the world around her and saw nothing but Helena. She had only been away three weeks but after their whirl wind couple of months of adventure and romance it had seemed like a lifetime to be away from her girlfriend.

Closing the gap between them Myka wrapped her arms around the slender brit and crushed her lips passionately against the time traveller's. Eventually pulling away gasping for breath the archaeologist felt like the luckiest woman on earth.

'Honey I'm home.' Myka flashed her perfect white smile.

'You most certainly are darling.' Helena let her hands lower to the American's behind only to be promptly nudged away.

'Not in front of Christina.' Myka mocked chastised the pouting brit.

'Myka darling I just missed you and your pert little bottom so much though.' Helena smirked when she received a slap on her own behind for her comment. 'Now darling that's very unfair if you are allowed to touch and I'm not.'

'I don't believe you have missed me at all.' Myka played with a strand of the Brit's hair.' All you care about it my body; it wouldn't matter if I was dumb for all you would care.'

'Hmmmmm.' Helena pretended to think about her reply. 'Yes darling you do have a very good point there...your body is divine...I've missed it an awful lot.' The brit teased her American playfully running a hand along the archaeologist's thigh.

'I knew it...you really don't care about me at all...I'm going straight back the way I came.' Myka acted as if she were about to leave and she found herself pulled forward quickly and easily into a tighter embrace with her time traveller.

'Darling you know I only jest. I have been lost without out you...we both have.' Helena nodded towards her little girl struggling to unpack Myka's heavy bags out of the car. 'It's crazy how easily you have become part of our home...our family. These past few weeks a Myka shaped hole has been in both our hearts. It is healing now though ...now you are back home...here with me. I've missed your delicious smile and beautiful laughter...the way you make me special shaped pancakes for breakfast and steamy notes on the mirror in the morning...the way you furrow your brow when you read and the concentration on your face as you work at your desk...'

Helena couldn't utter a word more as Myka claimed her soft lips for a second time.

'You bonkers brit... you're just a big romantic at heart.' The archaeologist pecked the writer's cheek pressing her full lips into the soft warm skin.

'Damn it! My ruse has been discovered. I am only a hopeless romantic for you though my love... to everybody else I am a smooth, cool, calm and collected mysterious writer ok... so don't go giving my game away.' HG returned a scatter of kisses to the brunette's neck.

Myka leaned away letting out a sensual moan. 'Sweetie as much as I love it when you do that ...I don't think continuing would be wise with your daughter around.'

As if on cue Christina gave out a small yelp from behind the car. Rushing to the boot of the vehicle both women tried their hardest to smother their grins when they found the mini Wells sat in on the gravel with a travel bag twice the size of her covering her lap.

Helena knelt down and removed the bag. 'Darling, why exactly are you wrestling with Myka's luggage?' The brit pulled the little girl to her feet and began to brush the dust away. Christina sighed and whispered in her Mother's ear.

'I see. That was a very good plan my love. Shall I take it from here?' Christina looked at the rest of the bags in the car and nodded.

Myka meanwhile watched with one eyebrow raised as the little girl whispered once more to her Mother before turning on her heels and running as fast as she could back into the house.

'What was that about?' The archaeologist laughed.

Helena smiled up at the woman above her; Myka was the most beautiful woman she had ever met. 'Christina wanted to hide your luggage so you couldn't leave again.'

The archaeologist's smiling eyes turned to confusion. 'Helena she does know I'm moving in right?'

HG stood up to meet the brunette's gaze and sighed. 'I'm sorry Myka, i haven't said a word yet...I just...' The writer looked at the ground. 'I just wanted to be sure you were coming back for definite before I told her. I was scared you would go back to America, your home, suddenly realise what you were doing and decide to forget about the crazy woman who thinks she's HG Wells and wants to marry you within a week of knowing each other.' Helena looked back into Myka's emerald eyes. ' I just realised how away from here, away from adventure, me and Christina, that the package I have to offer may not be quite be as appealing as you might have thought once you had a clearer look at the situation. I couldn't risk disappointing her. She idolises you.'

'Oh Helena. Come here you great dope.' The American pulled her fiancé into a tight hug. ' After all I have seen, scarily you being a time traveller is more than plausible...I believe you...you are not crazy...or if you are I am crazy too. Crazy for you. Let's be honest I was yours the moment you stumbled into our morning meeting that day at Glastonbury Abby. It just sealed the deal the moment I found out you were not only a genius scientist but my very favourite author of all time.' Myka kissed the top of the Brit's head. 'I'm not going anywhere, not without you...the both of you. Do you believe me?' The American tilted her lover's head up to look her in the eye.

Helena nodded feeling slightly choked. How did Myka make her feel so vulnerable, nobody had ever made her feel this real...this loved. 'I believe you.' The writer practically whispered her reply.

'Good because Little Miss Christina is no fool... she must realise if we are going to get married it probably means living together sweetie.' Myka kissed the time traveller's forehead.

'I know, I forget how fast she is growing up. I still think of her as so much younger. I will tell her, but for now I have assured her I will take on her plan and hide you bags in my wardrobe in exchange for her doing her homework upstairs for an hour without making a sound. I thought we could quickly have our own private catch up session.' Helena winked at the archaeologist.

'Devious Wells...I like it. Lead the way gorgeous I am right behind you.' Myka grinned to herself as she let her eyes fall straight to her girlfriends behind and swaying hips as they walked into the house. Damn Helena was perfect...model perfect...Myka still had to pinch herself to make sure this was all real, never...even in her most fantastic dreams had she ever imagined she would share her life with someone like Helena.

As soon as the women made it into the comfy lush lounge the bags were forgotten and Helena had Myka pressed and pinned firmly onto the sofa, her thighs straddling the Archaeologist firmly. There was no escape for the American who wanted nothing more than to be consumed completely by her delicious girlfriend.

Helena looked at her watch. 'By my calculations we have exactly 47 minutes before Christina is finished.' The writer breathed heavily her pupils dilating.

'We better make this a fast one then.' Myka smiled seductively, her eyes equally as dark.

Tongues met and intertwined as the brunette and brit lost themselves in each other. It was a kiss filled with longing and promises, both women had yearned for this since the day Myka got on the plane back to America all those weeks ago.

Slipping her fingers beneath the archaeologist's blouse Helena savoured the sound of her girlfriend's reaction as the American groaned, audibly encouraging the soft fingers to continue their journey.

Helena began to continue lost in the moment when her door bell rang throughout the house in three continuous bursts. Sitting up abruptly the writer rolled her eyes and clenched her fists.

'Who the bloody hell is that?!' HG stormed towards the still ringing device leaving Myka to collect herself and catch her breath.

Throwing open the front door, thunder in her eyes Helena came face to face with Pete.

'Peter?' The writer couldn't fathom why the great buffoon was goofily hanging around in her porch.

'Is she here? Is she ...is she?' The tall man practically bounced to see past Helena into the house.

'Perhaps. How did you know? The flight doesn't come in until tomorrow.' Helena eyeballed the American guy for an explanation.

'Christina text me from your phone. I made her pinky swear she would as soon as Myka returned.' Pete winked at the Brit infuriating the writer more; she would have to change her phone password...again!

'Mr Lattimer, Myka is here...but for now otherwise engaged. Come back tomorrow.' Helena hastily began to close the door when she heard her lover's voice coming up close behind.

'Helena? Is that Pete? ….Peeetttte? Is that you ?' Myka called out from the living room.

Helena spoke up before the American guy could utter a word . ' No darling just a delivery man.' The writer lowered her tone so only could Peter could hear. 'Mr Lattimer leave now without a word and I promise I will provide you with a 3month supply of those American donuts you like so much.'

It was too late Myka placed her palm on the small of Helena's back just as she was about to click the front door shut.

'Helena?' Myka quizzed her girlfriend in the one worded utterance of her name.

Groaning the writer looked guiltily at her girlfriend and reluctantly pulled the door back open. She just wanted to have her fiancé to herself…what was so wrong with that? Must she always share? It had been hard watching Myka leave at the end of the month before but Helena knew the archaeologist needed to tie up her loose ends in the US before moving herself and work over to the UK. To be fair her girlfriend had it all sorted a lot quicker than she had expected... but wasn't it only right she be the first one to get to spend some time with the curly haired American.

'Mykes!' Pete couldn't resist calling out from behind the door.

'Helena ?!' Myka looked at her girlfriend incredulously as the writer pulled the front door back open.

'Bloody hell.' The time traveller whispered so only she and Myka could hear. 'Darling...I was just testing these blasted hinges; they've gotten so stiff of late.' The inventor pretended to study the door mechanism.

'Hmmmm. Miss Wells you are incorrigible.' The brunette kissed the writer on the back of the neck before Pete could launch between them both. Gathering Myka into a big bear hug he twizzled her around the hallway.

Helena couldn't help smile with affection as her girlfriend giggled and playfully slapped at the buffoon like man. After their adventures in Paris during their course of work back at Glastonbury Abbey the two had grown very close. As Helena went back to work on her writing Pete partnered with Myka and the two no matter how different they were from each other seemed to compliment each other completely. Pete saw Myka like a little sister and Myka saw Pete like the fool of brother who needed directing on the right paths.

'What are you doing here Mykes. Why didn't I know you were coming home today?' Pete made a puppy dog face.

Myka screwed up her face. 'I kinda just wanted to surprise Helena and have a whirlwind weekend of ...'

'Ew say no more !' Pete pushed the brunette away. ' The perverse side of me kind of wants to know... but at the same time I reeeallly don't. It's very confusing for me.'

'Peter you do look ever so darling when you blush.' Helena smirked wandering to her fiancé's side. 'You interrupted a whirlwind moment just now quite perfectly Mr Lattimer.' The writer practically growled.

'Uh...oh. oops.' Pete smiled his cheeky grin. 'I just needed to tell Mykes about this new girl I met...aw Mykes we have so much to catch up on.' The man bounced with excitement.

'Yes as do we.' Helena let out a long sigh receiving a playful slap from the younger woman.

'Ok, ok. A guy gets when to take a hint. Text me when your uh...free.' The cheeky chap winked at Myka.

'Yes it will be at least a few days.' The writer urged the man backwards and opened the heavy door ...

'Hey HG long time no see.' Claudia the fiery red head stood leaning in the writer's doorway.

'What the hell is bloody hell going on? I don't hear from any of you for weeks and you all turn up today.' Helena held up her arms exasperated.

'Pete text me to say Myka was back.' Claudia watched as the writer's eyes widened.

'Well that's just charming. None of you visited me once...then Myka gets back and you are all here ringing on my bloody door when I just want to have welcome home sex !' Helena stamped her foot not noticing the blush creep up her girlfriend's neck. Never the one for mixing her words the writer saw absolutely nothing wrong with her blunt honesty.

'Okkkaaaayy. I see I have walked in on something.' Claudia took a step back.

'No darling that was Pete.' Helena corrected the red head.

'I just needed to speak to Myka ...I have a new lead on the King Arthur trail...I...' Before Claudia to begin her explanation she was promptly interrupted.

'Nah huh, no way, no more bloody Arthur. Myka's got the next week off and I do not want to hear one more word about the sodding grail.' Helena folded her arms and looked at the three stood around her.

' Ooohh miss grumpy pants...who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.' Pete goaded the brit.

'Helena...sweetie...it's really ok. Claudia... as much as I am dying to hear your lead... Helena is right. Could we leave it until a week on Monday ?' The brunette made an apologetic face. She really was dying to hear what the red head had to say but she had promised Helena a work free week.

'But...argh...of course... I understand.' Claudia turned on her heel and remembered the package in her pocket. 'I have this for you as well... It's for tomorrow... Sorry I checked your records a while back and I remembered it's your birthday.' The red head handed over a brightly wrapped parcel.

The inventor watched with her mouth open. ' Your birthday ! ! What ? Why didn't you tell me ? Am I the last one to know everything around here?!' Helena raised her hands and dropped them to her side annoyed. This was not how she imagined her and Myka's reunion.

'Sweetie...I don't like a fuss made ... I didn't tell anyone. Claudia that was really bad of you. You really didn't have to get anything. Thank you though.' The brunette hugged the younger girl and whispered into her ear. 'Text me about the lead.' With a wink the archaeologist pulled away.

Myka rubbed her dejected looking girlfriend's shoulder. 'If you two don't mind could we possibly catch up later?'

Both Claudia and Pete agreed in an instant under Helena's glare. Within minutes both friends were driving back down the track with the slight fear of the writer's wrath adding extra speed to their departure.

'Sweetheart. That was a little rude.' Myka pulled her girlfriend back towards the lounge.

'It got me what I wanted though.' Helena smiled seductively.

'You really are terrible.' Myka pulled her fiancé back down on the sofa.

'I've been called worse. Anyway you are the mean one not telling me about your birthday.' Helena pouted. ' Claudia has rather shown me up now.'

'Sweetie. Don't worry yourself about it. I don't want anything more than you…. maybe you could show me the time machine again...could we just sit in your workshop amongst your old things while you read 'The invisible Man' to me or something. That would be perfect. That's all I want.' Myka tugged the brit closer. ' You know how much I love imagining you back then...all Victorian and proper.' The American giggled.

'Darling I still technically am a Victorian and I am of course very proper.' The time traveller pushed Myka back to her original position on the sofa. 'I am still cross though that young Miss Donovan new of your birthday when I did not. You may have to be punished.'

'Is that so? Well I guess I will just have to succumb to whatever is my fate. Do with me what you will.' Myka surrendered her whole self to the beautiful woman on top of her.

The inventor was just about slide off the Americans top when a bundle of energy burst through the door.

'Bollocks.' The writer retreated upon hearing the encroaching footsteps.

'Muuuum I've finished all my work. It's been an hour! Do I get Myka time now ?'