A/N: ...Dark Yuki. Yuki being seme to Kyou. Shounen-ai. Scared yet? Good. This is the prologue to a story I'm hoping I'll update regularly...somewhat of a new look on the Kyouke grounds. Don't kill me. Furuba and all characters are not products of mine.


You think you can hide it so easily. And they all believed you. As time went on, you even believed it. You're frightened, you're a skittish little kitten, confused.

You threw the first punch every time. Is your ambition really to beat me? Is that your fate? And every time, I won. Every single time, you were left running, or lying on the ground. Idiot cat. You can never beat me. You know that. But still you try so hard.

Did you think you wouldn't hurt me? Did you think you can fool ME? Think again. Why do you try? Why don't you want to just give into it, just give up?

My hands gently graze your face, and you freeze. You never used to. I won't let you go too easily, baka neko.

You'll never beat me, Kyou-kun.

You can try all you want. But you will never beat the fact that you love me.