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Kyou stopped, somewhere along the road leading to the main house to catch his breath. Small puffs of steam curled out as he exhaled heavily, leaning to rest against a metal lamp post. He glanced over his shoulder, half-expecting the mouse to have followed him. When he saw nothing but the lights of a passing car glowing through the sleet and rain, he slowly let himself relax, shivering in the cold.

He put a hand to his mouth absently. He could still feel the mouse's lips on his own...somehow warm, but at the same time, cold and demanding. He could still taste the faint flavour of his own blood, from where Yuki had bit his lip to allow himself to taste Kyou. He could still feel Yuki's slender hands shoving him roughly against the wall of Shigure's house, still feel the tingle in his skin as his body reacted to being touched so intimately, as it never had before. The tingle was still there almost, just a flicker somewhere inside of him, making him feel almost...well, there wasn't a word he could think of to describe it.

He had to find some place to go, somewhere where he could at least get help. Not that he wanted to even HELP the stupid mouse, no, NEVER. He just...didn't...want...to be in the house...with that thing. With that thing that wasn't even the stupid mouse. He just wanted to make that thing disappear and bring the stupid mouse back to reality, bring Tohru back to him...


The main house. Where Tohru was. Where Hatori was. Hatori could tell him what was wrong with the stupid mouse, couldn't he?! Obviously there had to be some mental condition that caused you to suddenly force your rival against the wall and kiss him passionately. Obviously. Yuki just hadn't shown signs of it before.

Stupid mouse. Stupid thing. Stupid tingle. Stupid cold.

He shivered a bit more, and then bracing himself on the lamp post, stood up to continue his way towards the main house


"Why are you scared?"

Yuki smiled, an almost sadistic, frightening smile, sitting alone in his room. The blinds shut out any light from the room outside of a few candles that flickered the shadows of the room, illuminating the mouse's face.

"There's no reason to be afraid...stop it. Stop being afraid."

The voice demanded it, speaking aloud in Yuki's mind.

"We can have him…share him...together, my sweet little mouse."

"Yes...of course...." Yuki's voice, soft as velvet, disrupted the silence that overhung the room, as he lit another candle. Kyou would be his, soon enough. Of course.

"Patience, my friend. Patience."