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I'd like to begin with the cutscenes. We all got them, those scenes we wrote first, but then decided it shouldn't happen the way we first imagined. Here are my cutscenes from 'Simulation'.

#1 Injuries

I needed the story to go in a certain direction, meaning the characters will have to suffer, however you decide to turn it. The biggest changes were done to Hiroki and Jeremy. Originally, Hiroki was to be beaten and wake up next to Milly, with nothing more than a black eye. But we know XANA's much crueler than that, so it changed. Jeremy, at the other hand, has less physical damage. You can tell because he would have no concussion and no memory loss, but he would have lost that ear and at least three fingers. Furthermore, Milly was not to be beheaded, Yumi would not start this story unharmed either and Johnny and Tamiya would be alive and killed later.

#2 Emily & the OC's

My first idea was to include just the characters we know from the show, and nobody else. But, somehow, Emily got into this mess when I needed Jim to wake up one of his students during the attack, but since everyone I had in mind was either dead or busy, Emily helped me out. And I started to make people up to create Jim's early class. The part of Walt was something that just passed along the way, but in the end, all of them perished. Nobody was safe for XANA and my imagination!

#3 XANA/William

I wanted less XANA, more William. But that didn't go exactly as planned. I wanted to emphasize William's current situation and the impact of XANA keeping this body alive in innhuman circumstances. Instead, there was more XANA-talk and -actions while William just appeared every now and then. I even had a scene planned with XANA directly confronting Jeremy after finally killing Odd, but I scratched that because I thought there was not enough room to include it.

#4 Romance/humor

This can be a short section, since I really wanted to include a little Ulumi piece and Odd joking. But there simply was no room for that (Ulrich and Yumi had other things going on and Odd wasn't exactly Odd). Plus, I'm not that good at romance and humor. Besides, this turned out to be pretty good without it, didn't it?

I'm not going to leave this archive any time soon, so I want to do that by creating more stories. I already wrote a one-shot named "Twisted', but I'm aiming for multi-chaptered stories which I hope won't turn out as dark as this one. At this moment, I have two major ideas worked out, and in time they will be updated on this site. Yet, I don't want to give just a summary, so I'll give you the trailers of those stories, as I did with this one. You could tell me what you think of it, but it's still your own choice to review/PM.

Trailer: Position Switch

It was an ordinary XANA fight in the desert. The four Warriors had to battle three Krabs. One was taken out easily, the other two resisted much more. Ulrich went after the last Krab when Yumi – devirtualized by then – killed the second one. Before he could kill it, however, the Krab shot him and Ulrich was devirtualized as well.

The elevator brought Ulrich up to the lab, where Jeremy and Yumi would be waiting. Or just Jeremy, depending on the attack. The doors of the elevator opened, and everyone stared at him, and Ulrich froze at the spot. Those people were not Jeremy and Yumi, but three kids from his age he's never seen before.

(voice-over Odd) Something strange is going on with him. First, Ulrich doesn't recognize Kiwi. Kiwi was baring at the boy, and Odd had to tell his pet to stop doing that, since he's supposed to be used to him. But Ulrich had simply shrugged it off and told him to 'trust the dog'. Then, he storms out of class as if it's nothing, Jeremy's scan picked up some activity from their digital enemy. Ulrich simply asked if Jeremy was sure of this, and he nodded. Without further ado, Ulrich stood up and ran out of the classroom without giving any explanation. And now he seems too handy with the supercomputer! Seriously, …

"… either XANA did something to him, or that isn't Ulrich!" Odd finished ranting, while the elevator stopped at the scanners. He, Yumi and Aelita stepped out and each walked to a scanner. Jeremy had already taken place in front of the supercomputer.

"He can't be anyone else but himself, Odd," the genius said, "If XANA had replaced him, we would have noticed."

"In case you didn't hear me, I did notice!" Odd commented while the scanner closed itself and he was virtualized in Lyoko. When he landed safely in the mountain sector, he started talking again. "He is replaced, I can feel it!"


When Ulrich opened the door of his room, he saw one of those guys from in the lab. That boy was, just like Ulrich, surprised to see the guy in front of him. Ulrich frowned and proceeded in the room. He somehow barely noticed the lack of a dog and a second bed.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Ulrich asked the unknown boy who broke into his shared room. The boy in front of him was staring at him as if he was looking at something strange.

"I don't know what you're talking about," the boy said. Wow, he must be a really good actor, to say it this convincing. Ulrich took another step in.

"This is my room. I share this with Odd and Kiwi. And you… are you new here? I've never seen you in my life." the boy strategically took a step back, and sat down on the desk chair he was earlier sitting on as well. Then, Ulrich realized how weird that must've sounded.

"You're wrong, Christophe," the boy said, "This is my room. You're living with your mom in a house down town." Ulrich couldn't believe it. He knew he himself wasn't lying, and he didn't know if he could trust the boy in front of him – at least that guy decided not to lie until he began to say it was his room. Then only one question rested for him to ask.

"Who's Christophe?"


Odd was in his room, with Kiwi standing on the ground and 'Ulrich' sitting on his bed. At this point, Odd was staring at his dog, who was barking and growling like a mad dog at Odd's roommate, almost as if he's never met the young Stern boy. Odd picked his dog up.

"Kiwi! What is it with you today?"

"You know," 'Ulrich' started, not even bothering to look at Odd or Kiwi, "You might wanna trust the dog. It's a smart guy who follows its nose." Odd blinked, because of what 'Ulrich' suggested. Now he too was growing even more suspicious of the guy on Ulrich's bed.

"I don't know what's gotten into you, Ulrich, but I swear that if XANA has something to do with this, I'll personally beat him up for you!" Odd said, and by hearing the name XANA he abruptly turned his head towards the blonde, eyes screaming seriousness.

"You know XANA?" He asked.

A mix-up goes terribly wrong.

"So, you really are not Christophe?" a blonde girl asked him. Ulrich sighed, and nodded.

"No, I'm not Christophe. My name's Ulrich." he explained. The others (three guys) and the girl looked at him expectantly, as if they were waiting for him to say more about his situation. But, as he learned the hard way from XANA's attacks, strangers should not be trusted immediately, so he didn't say anything and he didn't reveal too much.


"Okay, you're not Ulrich," Jeremy stated. Odd gave the genius a look that said 'I told you so!' while Yumi tried to get more information out of the boy. She didn't even have to look at him before he started talking. Even if it's not the information they wanted to hear.

"I'm… not gonna tell you my name, age, status or any other personal information. You can't hurt my family and friends if you know nothing. But tell me, why are you fighting XANA?" The group gave each other glances. How could the guy still doubt them when fighting a common enemy?

There are certain differences…

When they were virtualized, their vehicles also came up. Odd jumped on his Overboard while Yumi picked her Overwing and Aelita unfolded her wings. The Overbike, however, stayed unused and that while they were waiting for 'Ulrich' to use it.

"Are you not gonna take it?" Odd asked, flying nearby his sort of best friend, who shook his head.

"Someone will be mad when I take it," he simply answered, and he super-sprinted away. Odd looked at Yumi, who shrugged and then followed their sort of friend to the activated tower.

and resemblances.

"Who's teaching me, actually?" Ulrich asked, and the boy from earlier smirked.

"Well, he teaches you and Simon and Roland. It's just too bad he doesn't exactly like Christophe. Once was in love with his mom, I think." The boy walked away to his class as Ulrich, Simon and Roland walked onto the sports field. A young athletic man with black hair was waiting for the to arrive, and Ulrich stopped in his tracks when he recognized the man.

"Does he really have to be Jim's replacement?" he asked the two Warriors, who nodded with one of them smirking because of Ulrich's despair.

Nobody likes to be tested,

"Hey, what are you doing?" The kid who called herself Leo said as Ulrich walked over to the Overbike. Before he actually could do anything, something blasted him away from his ride and he fell on the ground.

When he eventually looked up, the redhead stood in front of him, an orange energy beam ready to fire. He huffed at Ulrich. "You can run fast, so you don't need a ride. By the way, it is my ride." Confused, Ulrich watched the redhead get on his Overbike and he drove away. Then, his gaze met Leo's and she just laughed at this "amateur's" mistake. Roland, that shallow blonde guy, also cracked a smile.

but they don't have much of a choice.

"Where are you!" screamed Christophe to the air. He was in Lyoko, in the ice sector. And to be honest, he had had it. Those kids were too strange to befriend if he thought of it, and he really wanted to go home, where things made sense. And he didn't get any answer, which frustrated him.

"Show yourself! Coward!" he screamed, directed at XANA. He didn't matter what the damn virus would do to him or his so-called friends, as long as he got home.

Position Switch

Coming [insert date here] to Fanfiction

Two people stood in front of each other in Lyoko. They both were in a different time, and yet they stood there, seeing each other as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The others around them didn't see whoever those two were facing, and how hard they tried, they failed to notice the other group.

The two people, who resembled each other very much, tried to give each other a hand, but they went through the other's hand. No physical contact was possible, so could they at least talk to each other?

"Are you Christophe?" Ulrich asked, and the other person nodded.

"And you're that Ulrich, right?" Now Ulrich nodded, too, standing in front of the boy he switched places with.

Trailer: Haunted Theater

[shot on a theater near Kadic]

(voice-over Theo) A hundred years ago, the Gauthier theater was one of the most known theaters in France. It had attracted the world famous Hora Deltimi, a clockmaker, giving the theater its newest clock. Yet, on the 21st of January of the year 1908, a fire struck the theater, only leaving few parts. A group of teenagers walked towards the new Gauthier theater, reopened ten years ago. They didn't know anything of the theater's history, except the brown-haired kid who shared the same name as the theater: Gauthier. The daughter of Mr. Teodoor Gauthier was never found, and many people who were there died. Legend has it that if you listen well, you could still hear the ticking of the clock when wandering on the old grounds of the theater…

"You don't believe it, do you?" Odd questioned Theo, "It's just a myth to scare people. I bet every theater makes up his own ghost to attract people. Ever heard of the Phantom of the Opera?" The group didn't see how Theo slightly shook his head, confirming he did believe the story of his old family's theater was real.

Dutchwriters2 presents…

[insert soundtrack: XANA attack]

"I'm telling you, this is a cursed theater!" Theo continued, much to the others (Lyoko Warriors, Sissi and William). William stared at him.

"This place doesn't seem cursed to me," he reasoned, looking around.

A spotlight (without anybody handling it) shone to where Sissi stood on the stage, who quickly got out of the way, scared as she was. She couldn't have known one of the sand bags fell down at the same place she stood just one second ago, which could have (heavily) injured her, maybe even killing her with the injuries she might have gotten. Sissi trembled in fear, while the Lyoko Warriors just stood in awe. Theo pointed a heavily shaking finger at the bag.

"See? Is this supposed to be normal!?" It was a question William, just a few months ago being freed from XANA, didn't really have an answer for.


"W-Who are you?" Ulrich stammered, taken aback by this… well, ghostly presence of a young blonde girl.

"My name is Laura, Laura Gauthier. My father was Teodoor," the spirit answered. (voice-over Jeremy *surprised*) She got stuck in time!

From the writer of "Simulation" and "Twisted"

"Laura, is it true the clock caused the fire?" Yumi wanted to know, and Laura responded with a 'yes'.

"Is it true that it will do it every hundred years?" Aelita asked, with the same response from the ghost.

"And is is true that today is that day?" Ulrich asked, and Laura merely nodded.

[insert soundtrack: Emergency]

Time's running out…

"If she's here, this clock could be portal!" Jeremy said, enthusiast about this discovery.

"Are you certain about that?" Ulrich asked, and Jeremy turned his head to his friend.

"Not really…" Jeremy gave in.

and the only way to stop it…

"Look what you've done, you…" An outraged William advanced towards the ghost, who merely pointed the palm of her hand towards the boy to stop him in his tracks, and throw him onto the ground.

"I did not do anything, you fool!" Laura snapped at him as he crawled back up, with a surprised and confused look in his eyes.

is to go back in time.

"But… what if something happens? What if you get in danger? We'll have no way to communicate, I can't know if you are okay. How about your clothes? Who says you won't get caught? And…" Jeremy was freaking out, but Aelita could calm him down a bit.

"It's going to be okay, Jeremy," she told him, "we'll find a way. He didn't exist back then, and we'll be careful." With it, Aelita obviously meant XANA, not wanting to say that name aloud with Theo and Sissi listening – it would only scare them even more.


"Odd, you look ridiculous!" Ulrich noticed, while Odd himself laughed his butt off.

"You should take a look at yourself, mister fancy-pants!" He smirked.

"So we really are…" Sissi began, but she didn't finish. She was too scared to even notice her clothes had changed, or anyone's for that matter.

"In 1908? Yes, we are," Yumi confirmed as the four newcomers were looking at the clothes they were put in when they ran through the enormous clock to another time.


"Aelita…" Jeremy whispered, looking at the big clock standing in the main hallway. He couldn't believe it, Aelita… she still hadn't returned… could she be…

If you want to stay in time, not left to right, and in rhyme.

The Haunted Theater

coming [insert date here] to Fanfiction

"Wait, where's the manager?" Ulrich wanted to know, after Sissi tried to keep the manager, mister Teodoor Gauthier, oblivious of them trying to stop his brand new clock by Hora Deltimi. Now, Sissi had returned running, but the manager and his daughter, Laura, were nowhere in sight.

"I killed him," Sissi said casually, getting glares and exclamations of surprise and shock from the four Lyoko Warriors.

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