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Chapter Thirty



"Thor, Steve, Kara." Xavier said in greeting to the trio entering his office. "You missed all of the excitement."

"We heard." Steve said as he placed a container of blue, glowing liquid on Xavier's desk. Xavier looked at it curiously.

"This is all that we could salvage from the wreckage." Steve said in explanation. "There is enough here to counter the Kryptonite in one of the sleeping Kryptonians. Lady Eir had managed to create enough for all of them, but Skurge destroyed most of it, as well as the equipment to make it, the ingredients for it and the notes she made. Lady Eir says that due to the scarcity of some of the ingredients, she will not be able to make more for quite some time. Because some of the things have to be grown and harvested, it could take a couple of years."

"But at least we can awaken another of the sleepers." Xavier said with a slight smile. "Kara, you know them best, which one would be the most advantageous to awaken?"

"Karsta Wor-Ul." Kara answered almost instantly. "She's startlingly intelligent and had just received her medical certification with perfect grades when Krypton exploded. She's a pacifist but she'll want to help finding another way to revive all of the others."

"One of Reed Richard's newest projects is the negation of the effects of Kryptonite." Xavier noted. "Perhaps Karsta could work alongside him on it."

"The Fantastic Four getting their own Kryptonian reinforcement?" Steve smiled. "Has my vote, they're good people."

"If thou dost wish, I shall relay to Healer Eir thine decision, that she may aid thee in reviving said damsel." Thor offered and Xavier nodded.

"Sounds like a plan." Steve grinned.

"But not today." Xavier said, earning several looks. "Today is a day for recovering and celebrating our victory."


"Way to go, beefcake man!" Doreen squee'd as Mystique stared wide-eyed at the ring in the box being proffered by a kneeling Clark Kent. "Please let me be a bridesmaid, I've always wanted to be a bridesmaid!"

Mystique remained motionless for a long moment, then she hurled herself forwards, wrapping Clark in the tightest hug that she could manage.

"I take it that that's that a yes?" Alex laughed from where he was leaning against the wall. "Have you decided who's going to be your best man yet?"

"Dibs on being the ring-bearer!" Chris called from where he and Laura were sat on the sofa with Laura helping Chris compose the essay he had been given as homework.

"Where did you learn about that?" Clark asked, slightly distracted and Chris shrugged.

"Well, since we live here, I started learning all I could about humans customs. Some of them are really strange."

"Humans are really strange." Talon laughed from the chair in the corner where he was lounging with Maggie curled up in his lap. "And as one who used to be one, I should know."

"Clark? I need you to… actually, it can wait." Xavier said from the doorway.

"Hey, does this mean Rogue will still be my auntie?" Chris asked and Mystique blinked.

"Oh my… She was my daughter for a while, and she might become my sister-in-law…"

"Sounds like a bit of a mind-screw to me." Alex chortled. "I wonder how complex your family tree will get? Glad mine isn't like that."

Both Clark and Mystique glared at him.


"So this is Stark Tower." Scott said admiringly as he looked out of the apartment, taking in the view of Manhattan.

"Amazing, isn't it? Especially since Kara got some of Clark's tech and let me tinker with it during the installation." Tony Stark said as he strolled over, a glass in his hand and a beautiful woman on his arm. "Pepper, meet Cyclops and Ms Marvel, otherwise known as Scott and Jean. Guys, this is Pepper, my assistant, keeper and the one who knows what I'm doing even when I have no clue myself."

Pepper blushed slightly as Tony finished his introduction, then Tony grinned and almost seemed to teleport across the room, scooping up the young boy that had just entered.

"And this little man is Harry, he was adopted by Natasha and is my favourite little nephew. When we're away, his aunt Pepper looks after him and he's real fun, although he did cost us a couch. Quite funny, really what he did. Turned it into ducks, of all things. Go on, show them how it's done!"

"Duckeefers!" Harry shouted and both Scott and Jean ducked as the couch in the corner suddenly erupted into a flock of ducks.

"Tony, you stop getting him to do that." Pepper scolded as she lifted the laughing boy from Tony's arms. "Jarvis, open the windows and inform the others that we have a Code Daffy. Again."

"Of course, ma'am." A smooth voice said as a transparent image of a butler appeared and bowed. Tony smirked.

"See? I told you that fitting the whole tower with image projectors was a neat idea. Aaargh! My leg!"

Scott couldn't help but laugh as Tony hopped around the room, trying to dislodge the duck that had attached itself to his trousers.

"Ducks again?" Steve asked in a resigned tone from the door.

"Get it off my leg!"

The windows opened and within a minute (aided by judicious use of psionic powers), the ducks were headed for the horizon.

"You've got feathers all over you." Pepper smiled at the boy in her arms. "I think you need a bath."

Harry froze, then tried to glare at her.

"That is an adorable pout he has." Jean laughed.


"Mom, dad, it's time you learned the truth."

Amanda's parents gave their daughter a quizzical look as she continued to speak.

"Kurt is a mutant who can teleport. He has limited range, only a couple of miles with the boosting belt that Clark and Forge made for him, and he can only teleport to places he knows."

"Did the recent attack on the White House have anything to do with this?" Amanda's dad asked and both teens nodded.

"I… do not look human vithout mein vatch." Kurt said slowly. "Amanda does not mind…"

"You kidding? You're a total cutie!" Amanda said, then she realised that she had just said it in front of her parents and blushed.

"Ja, your personal plushie." Kurt teased and her blush increased before she playfully slapped him on his shoulder.

"Kurt was at the White House, teleporting the shapeshifter pretending to be the President around in order to keep Magneto distracted."

"Wait, the teleporter looked… totally… what?"

Kurt lowered his hand from his watch and looked up, his yellow eyes wary even as Amanda hugged him.

"Mum, Dad, this is Kurt Wagner, also known as Nightcrawler of the X-Men." Amanda said with a wide smile. "A real hero and my boyfriend."

For a long moment, no-one moved, then Amanda's father stepped forwards and extended his hand.

"It's an honour to finally meet the real you."

"…zhank you…"

"So, how many times have you snuck into my daughter's bedroom?"

Kurt's shocked "I vould never do zat!" was almost drowned out by Amanda's highly embarassed cry of "Daaa-aaad!"


"Check me out!" Chris said as he entered the room. Clark looked at his adopted son and his eyebrows lifted slightly.

"Interesting outfit."

"Yeah." Chris grinned as he looked down at himself. "Trainer-style shoes, sleeveless bodysuit with our family symbol on and this cool leather-effect jacket that Alex suggested. Check out the back!"

Chris turned to show the large red-on-yellow S-in-a-diamond that took up half of the back of the jacket.

"I'm too small to do the cape look without it looking silly, so Alex suggested this instead." He grinned over his shoulder. "It even has inner pockets to store stuff I might need."

"Looks good." Clark admitted, then his gaze sharpened. "But you're not old enough to join the X-Men yet."

"Nah, I'm joining Generation-X." Chris said with another grin, then he sobered. "Everyone knows that I'm Superboy, so I may as well start acting as the hero everyone thinks I am. This way, when I get my full powers, I'll be totally ready to join the X-Men and fight alongside Scott and Laura!"

Clark nodded again. "I see you have it planned out. Have you shown Martha yet?"

Chris' eyes widened, then he spun round and sprinted out of the library.

"I shall guard him." Laura said from the doorway where she had been watching before she vanished as well.

"They grow up so fast, don't they?" Mystique giggled, earning a mock-glare from Clark. "Oh, I was talking to Susan and she and Reed are also tying the knot soon. Maybe we could use the Institute's grounds to hold all the guests and make it a double?"



The Argosian medic slowly opened her eyes and managed to focus on the person standing beside her.

##Kara? What's going on? Weren't we supposed to be entering stasis?##

##We were and we did.## Kara replied soothingly. ##My friend Jean is ready to help you learn the local language. Once we have you taught and dressed, I'll explain everything.##

"The third Kryptonian." Xavier said with a proud smile from the other side of the viewport. "Hopefully, she'll be able to help us revive the others sooner."

"I'm curious about how that cloning thing of Magneto's works." Clark mused. "Perhaps, if we can debug it, we can use it and the QNA samples to create a new generation of Kryptonians here on Earth."

The two men turned to leave even as Kara hit the control that opaqued the window.


"…and our main story tonight, the President has released a statement condemming the actions of the terrorist Eric Lensherr, also known as Magneto, and praising the team of mutants and superheroes who banded together to oppose him. In the hand-written statement, the President confirmed that all mutants are human and as such should not be discriminated against. In addition, any non-human sentient willing to live by the laws of the land will be regarded as being fully equal to human, with all the rights, responsabilities and perogatives that go with it…"

The screen switched off and Graydon snarled at it.

"This changes nothing. Soon we will show to the world the danger that mutants bring and we shall wipe them out."

Behind him, Boliver Trask nodded, then he glanced down at his datapad. Before he tapped the control to close the window, the contents were briefly visible.

Results of investigation into family of Graydon Creed
Mother :- Raven Darkholme (Mystique)
Father :- Victor Creed (Sabertooth)
Brother (half) :- Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) (Mother - Mystique)
Notes :- Did not inherit the X-gene

"I agree, sir." He said calmly. "Mutants are to be destroyed. Wherever they may hide."

He would wait. For now, Creed was useful, but his days were numbered.

Trask would finish the task and wipe out all the mutants and their spawn.

Wherever they might hide.








Author's note:- And so ends The Institute Saga II with enough plot hooks and remaining Chekov's guns that a third story is possible (maybe next year).

I have a number of other projects I am working on before I can get round to IS3 (assuming my muse holds still for long enough).

And yes, Generation-X now have their own Kryptonian, even though he's only got a small portion of the full set of powers.

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