The following is a scene taken from the early draft of The Institute Saga III which, at the current time of writing, has 3 complete chapters.

I thought you deserved to know who at least one of the Big Bads will be…




Mr. Sinister pushed the petrified body of his cloned servant to one side as the final Gate opened with a low rumble. Followed by Mesmero, he strode past the shattered statue and towards the runic-engraved rectangular sarcophagus set between a quartet of obelisks, all of which were glowing with a slowly-pulsating blue light.

"My Master." He whispered reverantly, placing one hand on the sarcophagus.

"Will we revive him now?" Mesmero asked and Sinister shook his head.

"No. If we awaken him now, he will be weak. Once I infuse him with the powers of as many mutants as possible, enhanced by the abilities of the Kryptonians, then it will be time for our Lord and Master to awaken from his eternal slumber and once more rule over all. Soon, my loyal aide, soon En Sabah Nur will arise and take the world in his hands, and we shall be rewarded and stand by his side."




Edit – Part of the confrontation!


"You are the one they call… Superman." He stated, glaring at the red-and-blue clad figure. "I have only one thing to say to you."

"And what might that be?"

Apocalypse smirked as he reached inside himself, summoning the new abilities that he now possessed thanks to his servant. Behind his back, a corona of energy formed around his fist.