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"This is just my opinion, but when it comes to teaching somebody discipline I believe pain is the most effective way." - Levi

In that small cavern where the soldiers slept nothing made a sign of life. The winds blew harder from between the trees and beneath those a horse slept with a soaked blanket well-tied around it.




Dark eyes opened to the rocky ceiling; water leaking here and there from those which resembled dangling ice cones.
Levi breathed slowly, and then finally came to his senses to realize he was resting on someone's lap. His elbows pushed down on the solid surface in an attempt to get up, but the strength left in his body sadly failed him.




A gentle touch on the chest drew the teen out of his slumber. He stirred in drowsiness, breathing heavily.


Eren's jade eyes shifted down to see his superior's hand; a palm lifted to the cadet's abdomen, doing nothing. It was merely there, a bit shaking.

His looks traveled lower to watch as Levi sighed in relief and then put his arm down.
Eren didn't say a word, lost in confusion.

Few seconds, and the leader's hand went up to the teen's face, tracing his jawline and chin with his whitish fingers. It stopped a bit, somewhere close to Eren's right ear where a small old wound had healed and formed a soft scab. The fingers drew invisible lines as they slowly passed by it, somewhat sensing it.

"C-Corporal…?" Eren finally managed to question.

Levi let his hand down and raised his face up lazily, looking the teen directly in the eyes.


The boy didn't know what to say and just succeeded to let a; "How are you feeling?" come out like a whisper.

"I can't fully get up yet." Levi casually replied, and then came the question Eren feared; "What exactly happened?"

"Ummm…Well… I believe you were somehow poisoned by something in the forest."

"No shit." An obvious irritated glare shot the teen. "I mean what happened to our camp and the others?"

"Oh… Well we thought we should follow your command and hide better, so they headed up the mountain to the barn by the East. They're waiting for us there."

The Corporal stared at his cadet for a minute, and his hand went up again to the teen face.
Eren was waiting; whether he gets grabbed by his hair and beaten up for his failure to stick to his comrades, or he receives an unusual tap on the head for doing a well job hiding here till the rain stops – which he didn't expect Levi was capable of.
However, he got neither.

"Don't lie to me, shithead." Levi said, pulling his cadet by the ear.


"Your ears turn red when you're lying."

Eren's heartbeats felt like thick drums in his head as his eyes were filled with water; pictures of his mother flashing in front of him. How much time had passed since he joined this squad? How much time had passed for his leader to notice this about him?
The corporal simply stared at him with blank gray eyes, expressionless as usual, saying nothing.

"So, are you going to tell me what really happened?"

The teen swallowed down his sadness, "Armin believes the Military Police might have to do something with what's happening. The cabin was burned down and we split up so that no one can follow us. Connie is heading to the central area to meet up with Hanji or Commander Erwin if possible. Our destination is really the barn to the east though. I just thought we need the rest since you were hallucinating all the time while on the horse with me."

"What?" Levi tried getting up again, but cursed as he fell back down.

"I'm sorry, sir. You were talking about...Petra.. in your sleep... so I couldn't help but to try to make sure we're safe until we're ready to fight again."

The leader sighed, this time wandering in thoughts, listening as Eren sniffed and gulped his tears quietly, a few of them managing to slip and slide on his cheek; carving a clean path and dripping on the superior's forehead.



More rain.

Corporal Levi finally broke the silence. "You know…You cry way too fast. You're such a spoiled brat. It's an irony that humanity's fate rests in your hands."

"It's not like that!" The teen interrupted.





Eren looked out at the rain, avoiding his corporal's stares. "Sir," He said again, "How many close friends died while you were serving in the Corps?"

"Why are you asking?"

"…Just trying to pass a bit of time till we manage to leave."

Levi was quiet and Eren felt a bit of guilt for asking. Yet he insisted. "How many?"

"10 people from my squad and 8 from others. 18 in total." Answered the leader, "…including Petra, Oruo, Gunther and Eld."

The teen took a breath and then gave a sad chuckle, "Allow me, sir." He muttered, "But you're a hypocrite."

"Do proceed to enlighten me." Curiosity was apparent in the corporal's sarcastic voice.

"You act like the most violent and selfish leader, quiet and egoistic, but I believe you've only seen the worst kind of scenarios to an extent that you want us to be comfortable with the thoughts of pain; only so that we become capable of handling the shock of the shit we see as recon corps.
I bet you remember the names and looks of each one who died on you."

"You've been spending a lot of time with Hanji, haven't you?"


"Nothing. You're starting to sound a bit like her. I just hope you won't catch her noisy attitude. She can be a pain in the ass sometimes."

"Is that why you didn't show up on the day of the funeral?"

Levi didn't have a smart comeback. Eren continued;

"I had thought you didn't care or running away from it. But when I got back to our headquarters I found you there and… I'm not sure of what happened."

"What do you remember?" The leader asked.

"Bits and pieces…"

"Such as?"

"Well…I don't know…"

Levi gave a frustrated sigh, and before he could say anything, the teen's trembling hands held him by the sides of his head and bent down to him.

Their lips touched, and Eren stayed like that for around 5 seconds. He then lifted himself up and looked outside at the rain, hiding his change of colors.
The corporal was caught off guard and remained silent for a couple of minutes.

"What was that for… ?"

"You said you hate being kissed while I'm drunk. So I fixed it now. I'm fully sober." Eren mumbled with a juvenile pout.

"I said that…?"


"So you do remember?"

"I said bits and pieces!" The cadet protested. "I didn't say I forgot everything…"

The leader tried getting up again, but this time Eren was the one placing him back down on his lap. "You're really stubborn. But you need to rest… sir."

Levi cocked an eyebrow and pushed himself up harder till he managed to sit with his back now facing the teen's chest; allowing himself to give him the smug look of proving him wrong. The cadet still avoided looking into his eyes and looked outside again.

"If you remember that, you surely remember most of what happened then, don't you?"
"Why does it matter?" Eren replied, fast.

"It matters. Because it means you actually wanted it."

"No it doesn't."

"Was it the alcohol?"

"I didn't say that."

"So it matters to you."

"No it doesn't."

"Don't argue with me."

"Yes, sir."




Eren's body shook a bit, not from the cold weather but from the eerie feeling that Levi's closeness gave. It's been only five minutes of silence and his leader hadn't removed his eyes off of him or tried to move aside, while the teen kept looking away; feeling the heated looks pierce through his flesh like knives.

"it's not like I raped you." Levi affirmed, making the teen jolt with the built up tension in the atmosphere.

"I-I didn't say you did… sir!"





The short intervals of silence were starting to grow now; none of the soldiers was willing to admit anything. It had started to trouble Eren that he couldn't read his leader at all due to the lack of emotions in his expressions. He thought it would be better to just keep looking at the rain so that Levi wouldn't guess his either.

It was obvious, though, that the cadet couldn't help but steal glances at the man whose head was lifted up, gently resting on the teen's shoulder, facing the ceiling and saying nothing.

"S-sir…" Eren let out, fidgeting a bit with his fingers, "Is that act... the reason you were telling me to control my emotions more?"

The leader stayed quiet; not needing to answer this.

"I apologize for what I caused that day." The teen continued. "I wasn't aware of it…"

"It's alright. It passed. You may be a senseless idiot kid but you're still my cadet."

"That night…You said that everything will be alright." Eren interrupted, "That you're not going anywhere and not leaving me…"

Levi stared, his eyes talking a bit more than usual and much more than what his heart would ever say.

"I-I…" the teen started, his hands in trembling fists, "I remember that you took care of me… that night… I couldn't sleep and I couldn't bring myself to calm down…
That day, Mikasa and Armin met up with me after the medical check-ups, and we were sent to rest. I didn't see you at the funeral gathering so I went looking for you. Then when I entered the fort… and felt the emptiness… I got… scared…?"

Eren's eyes watered, his fists were clenched harder as he struggled to keep the tears hidden.

"It made me angry… all of these people dying… just for other people pretending to be among us… Annie… Reiner…Bertolt…Ymir… I- I… I just don't understand.
I don't understand why my friends had to die in such a way. And being the only person who can change it and failing miserably, it makes me so mad, y'know…sir.

The others were almost all drunk when I left the cremating. They told me to just drink it off. So once I went for you and entered the kitchen, Eld was standing there. He was in front of me, scolding me for walking around the rooms when you hadn't given me permission to get out of the basement.
I could see him telling me off to sleep. I remembered… his alcohol collection… y'know it. He doesn't let anyone touch it without his consent.

It tasted so bitter. It didn't make me feel good. I just felt nauseous and sick, and cold. And I remember you picked me up, and you were so warm, sir.
I don't recall exactly what you said but you tucked me in bed and pointed to the room across mine.
After a few hours or something, I woke up feeling worse and threw up, and then I went looking for you again."

At this point, Eren was over with tears. His fingers ran through his hair and brushed it back as he continued.

"You were asleep so soundly, sir. I was jealous. I was envious of how well you slept while you friends had just died the previous night. I still couldn't understand it. Now that I think of it; maybe it's just 'an adult thing'. Heh…
However… you looked so warm. And I thought that if I want to sleep then maybe I should try your bed, maybe that's why you slept so well. I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking of. My apologies, sir, for everything… at the time I wasn't in a good mental state…
After that…uhh... a-after that…I don't know… I remember we had an argument... maybe… or a talk… or a fight? But …uhh…I…"

The Corporal pushed himself a bit back and turned to face his cadet in what seemed as an attempt for stealing a kiss, yet he stopped a breath away from Eren's lips, making the boy freeze.



None of them moved. Soft warm breaths mixed in the vaporized air between them, quietly, for what felt like a little less than a minute.

"S-sir?" the teen's voice shivered.

"You don't remember…" Levi whispered.

"I…I think I do…"


Eren walked into the room, drunk, lazy, and obviously drowsy. Levi was asleep in his bed, a white blanket well wrapped around him, making him look so warm and pure.

It was such an irony that a violent man like "the leader of the special operation squad" could look this innocent.

"Y-You let them die!" The teen yelled, standing by the door, frustration filling him.

The Corporal slowly sat up, ogling him. "What?"

"I-It was your entiiire fault!"

"Kid, go to your bed."

"N-no! why did you let them die?!"

Levi got up and stood in front of him, both of his hands clung to the door frame as though keeping the teen outside the room. Eren's eyes quietly stared at a half-naked muscular body, a ripped stomach, and stopped down by black tight boxer shorts.

It was late at night and barely any light existed. Eren could hardly see anything yet he couldn't take his eyes off his leader's tempting body. Something like scars by his chest and abdomen made the whitish skin change colors in a way that makes you want to touch them.

A weird feeling tickled his stomach as he thought of the small bulge in front of him.

"W-w-why are you half naked!" He protested, looking a bit uncomfortable.

"I was asleep. Which you should be, too. Go to bed."

"b-but if I go to sleep, how can I be sure you won't leave, s-sir…?"


"Everyone is leaving…" Eren mumbled as he started breathing heavily. "The people I love are slowly dying…"

The leader stayed quiet. He watched as tears dripped down his cadet's face.

"It's a scene that you'll get used to, eventually." the leader finally said. "No one likes it. But everyone dies in the end."

"No! Liar! You let them go! P-Petra loved you! You loved her too! I saw you making out in the kitchen just last week, and now she's gone!"

"Go to sleep." Levi's hands tightened by the wooden frames now. "You're still a kid, a spoiled shithead."

"It's your entire fault that they're dead now. It's my fault they died, too. And now who knows when YOU will die?!" Eren shouted, pushing the leader back so that they're both in the middle of the room now. Levi didn't make a move.

"You…You speak of death so casually as though you're waiting for it. You may have no family to miss you, and most probably you're alone. B-But I have friends and I have the towns-people to save. I don't want more people to die; I don't want YOU to die."

"I'm not going to die, Eren."

"Then why aren't you doing anything about it!" The cadet pushed his leader back again, so that he bumped into the window frame. Dim light shined on them, making Levi's scars more apparent.

"Why are you accepting the deaths of so many people for nothing? What did Petra die for? What did Oruo and the others die for? What are you fighting for?"

"Don't question your leadership." The corporal said calmly. "Erwin, Mike, Hanji me, and everyone, as much as all other leaders; we all work for public safety. The sacrifice of – "

"People are not pawns in your hands!" Eren objected, anger rushing through him. "You don't decide when they die!"

"Wrong. We do. The moment they join the Recon Corps their lives belong to us." Levi approached the teen and looked at him straight in the eyes; their lifeless cold gray color darkened; "Your life belongs to me. You do as I say. You follow my orders. You do not question them. One life is worthless compared to the town's. Got it?"

"So if Erwin orders you to die, you will…?" The teen muttered, wretchedly. "There's a chance I might lose you soon?"

"Why are you so worried about what I do, brat? Shouldn't you just focus on the public?"

The teen looked down, hands in fists; "Apart from Mikasa and Armin, you're the only person I trust, sir…" he softly said, "I don't want to lose more people… and you're strong enough to protect them… you're the only person I can count on…please…don't die…"

Eren held the leader by his shoulders and stepped closer till his he could feel his corporal's breathing. He stopped, not sure whether he could kiss him or not.

He waited for a few seconds; hoping maybe Levi would push him back or stop the unconscious act that he did.

Yet the corporal did nothing, and Eren was left stuck.

His heart beat faster but it was too late to pull back.

He decided he'll just go for it; and he kissed him.

Corporal Levi's lips were softer than what the teen had imagined. He just came on to him harder; kissing as though this was his one and only chance.

The man pulled back a bit, bothered, "You smell like alcohol… and you don't kiss well, is this the first time you kiss someone?"

Eren's face went red. His lips parted to speak but he could barely say anything.

He felt rather humiliated or broken, yet he did not regret trying.

Uncertain whether the alcohol was responsible for this or not, but the feeling of wanting to touch his leader did not cease. The urge of kissing him again didn't stop.

He wanted more.

"You're always so impulsive and emotional." Levi said, walking towards him in a way that made the teen step back till he hit the closet.

The Corporal's arms surrounded the cadet; slowly finding their way to grip on Eren's hands. He clutched them firmly and pinned him back.

Eren took a deeper breath as he stared at the man's mouth. He couldn't deny it; being this close to the corporal had started to get him aroused.

"If you want to kiss someone, shithead, at least do it properly." Levi's lips whispered as he pushed them unto the teen's. A soft feeling of warmth overwhelmed him.

They kissed, and kissed, and kissed even more in what was somewhat like hunger for affection.
Small heavy breaths and moans came out of the cadet's mouth, making Levi stop for a few seconds.


Eren glanced down, and the corporal's eyes followed the trail. Seeing that the teen was still in jeans he immediately understood what was bothering him. The leader's looks went back up to meet the cadet's shy one. Invisible words of "already?" and "sorry" were sent.

One of Levi's hands went down and slowly cupped Eren's crotch, making him sigh in a bit of pain. His hold tightened, and the teen let out a moan.

"You're still so sensitive." The leader noted, "Have you ever been touched?"

Eren fought his shyness, escaping his leader's eyes, "N-no. I hadn't had time to –aah…!"

He moaned again to Levi's grip, which was now stirring and rubbing him harder.

The boy could sense a bit of arrogance in Levi's acts. He knew the man was more than glad to be the first person who could do this to him, and he couldn't resist moaning to it. Every touch Levi did made Eren cry in pleasure. It was as if he discovered every weakness, he knew exactly what to do – after all, the corporal is an experienced grown man whose body attracted a lot of others.

Eren wasn't sure if he should be glad about this or not, but he was only confident enough that this night belonged to the both of them, and nothing is going to stop them.

"S-sir..." The teen groaned in a bit of pain, unbuttoning his pants with his free hand and unzipping them. He then sighed in relief as his stiff dick finally had the space it needed.

"You sure are impatient." The superior stated, looking at the teen's fingers well-wrapped around his member as he masturbated to Levi's touches. The corporal got no reply, so he simply approached the boy's lips again and licked them slowly, allowing himself to nibble and bite between the kisses, tasting a little bit of blood.

A couple of minutes and the leader's hand went down to grab Eren's; his fingers forced the teen on letting go as he clutched the cadet's dick tightly.

"Let me teach you a thing or two." Levi whispered into his mouth.

And then he pulled.

Eren's body trembled to how hard Levi's hand caressed his stiff member. Fingers twisted around it, others rubbed and cupped his balls and pulled on them. The teen felt himself jolt and push onto his superior for more, breathing so heavily and sweating to his touch.

It was indeed something he hadn't felt before.

"S-sir!" Eren pleaded, his wetness dripping, "I-I need to… " he muttered between his panting.

"Not yet." The corporal said, clasping the cadet's dick in his fingers and holding it tightly, forbidding him from releasing. His other hand gently went down, squeezing his balls and then going lower.

Eren breathed, doing nothing but staring at his superior's movements.
Tension built up in him; he wasn't sure how much he could hold.

Levi's middle finger rubbed around the surface of the teen's ass-hole, having wetness spread all over him.

"You're still so tight." The leader whispered between soft kisses, slowly pushing his finger inside.

He slid it in for about an inch, and then pulled it out, rubbing the surface again. Once more, his finger went inside up to its middle, and this time the leader rubbed harder and slid it deeper, in and out, till Eren's legs almost lost balance.

The boy moaned louder, pushing onto the man's hand in what seemed like starvation. The Corporal's finger went deep in him and rubbed him harder- finding his spot once he noticed the boy grasping onto his shoulders.

Eren pleaded again and tried to push his leader back, wanting to come.

"No." Levi whispered as his index penetrated the teen, making his inside full with two fingers.

Nails dug gently onto the superior's shoulders with the boy's begging growing louder.
He breathed and groaned, barely standing.

At this moment Levi let go of him and moved aside, watching as the teen's dick jolted and pumped it all out. The cadet breathed deeply and fell down to the floor, feeling dizzier than ever, hearing the leader sigh a bit and say something about cleaning the floor from the brat's cum.

He felt the corporal on top of him as he approached his ear, saying something, though the heartbeats rushing through his head didn't make it easy for him to make out the words;

"You belong to me, Eren. Your life is mine. You're mine. I will protect you. Keep that in your head."

Levi bent down to him and pulled him up by the arms.
The room twirled as the teen felt his leader undress him gently, clean him up, and tuck him in bed with him.

A soft breath spoke by his neck; "I'm not going anywhere."