I walk to the apartment complex where I would be staying for the next four years. College, even though I am a fandom, I hope that I can make my life complete! With a college degree, I could die happy. Then I would become God Tier!

"Apartment 4b, number 13." I whisper to myself.

I look up at the gray color of the building, walking up the metal stairs to number 13.

"I can't wait to meet my roommate!" I whisper, "I hope he is into a fandom like me!"

I look at the gray metal door with the number 13 on it. I reach into my pocket for the key. Eventually, I put the key into the key hole and open the door. The walls were white. The kitchen had a stove, fridge, and a small table in it. I cautiously walk to my room, black walls, just the way I wanted it to be. Finally, I can place what I want in there. I head out of the room. I see this man in the room. His brown hair holds a small curl on the left side of his head, his brown eyes glitter in the light of the small room we stayed at, his brown jacket has a star on the right side of it, his black shirt can be seen through the small gap on the top, his brown pants are covered in dirt, and his black combat boots would make Kanaya Maryam (from my fandom) go mad for them.

"Oh, you must be my roommate." He says, cautiously.

"Yes, yes I am." I say.

"I am a fandom," he pauses, "My name is Hetalia. What is yours?"

"A fandom?!" I pause, "I am a fandom too. My name is Homestuck."

"Homestuck . . ." He giggles a little, "What a funny name."

Did he just dis my name?!

"What is a name like Hetalia?" I hiss.

How long will it take for me to get used to him?