Author's Notes: Prelude to the Legend

For those of you who have read my SnK/AoT fics before, I want my readers to know that instead of posting them separately as I have in the past, I have decided to put them together into a small saga with short stories taking place at various times in the series. The scenes will flash back and forth in the story timeline depending on when I have the ideas to write them. Some may take place during Eren and Mikasa's childhood, some during the series, and some years later. My saga will revolve mostly around Eren and Mikasa's relationship but other characters may come into play as the ideas come to me. I will also consider requests and suggestions from my reviewers as well so if you have an idea you would like to see written, please drop me a PM or review and I will see what I can do ;) My saga will be mostly 'T' rated and anything 'M' rated that I can think of will have to be posted separately but I will make it known in my A/N after each fic. On another note, my saga will be mostly anime-based since I have not had a chance to read the manga yet but in the meantime, enjoy what I have so far and please review! ;)