A/N - This was what I initially had planned for Day 1 of Stefonnie week, but as busy as I've been the last month, I knew it would never be up in time. As for the story, I'm playing fast and loose with canon so somethings will be accurate while others are not.

Mystic Falls –Present Day

She looks really beautiful tonight.

That's all Stefan can think about as he stands across from Bonnie despite the blank look she's giving him. She always looks beautiful, but there is something about seeing her dressed into 1920's attire that calls out to him. His attention has been focused on her the entire night and he wants to believe it's because of what he and Damon did to Abby, but something's telling him there's more to it than that.

Despite his gut feeling, he decides to ignore this and instead focuses on the reason she's in front of him. They are currently at the twenties dance and much like the dances of the past, they once again were involved into yet another supernatural problem. And once again, Bonnie had been called on to save the day.

"Thank you, Bonnie. For everything." Stefan's voice is sincere with gratitude, hoping she knows how grateful he is to her. He knows she would have had every right to refuse.

"I didn't do it for you." She looks at him coldly before turning to walk away.

Stefan flinches, but knows he deserves it. Normally he would have let it go and gone back to Elena, but he is unable to let things stand between them. He doesn't know what it is, but here is something about Bonnie being upset with him that cuts him deeply. And despite what Elena said about apologizing not really helping things, Stefan knows he needs to at least make the effort. So he calls out her name and grabs her arm to halt her exit.

"What do you want now?" Bonnie sighs in annoyance, shaking off his hand from her arm.

"I want to apologize for what happened with Abby. I should have never treated either of you that way." He gives her pleading look. "What did we did should have never happened and I'm really sorry I even put you in that position in the first place." He wants to say more, but is interrupted by Bonnie.

"I'm not doing this with you." Bonnie shakes her head. "This will not be like all of the other times. Where you apologize for screwing me over, and like an idiot I let it go. And we both pretend you were sincere until the next time it happens." She looks at him with fire in her eyes. "So let's just cut to the chase. You were willing to sacrifice anyone or anything for Elena, no matter the consequences. My life is insignificant to you. I get it. I know where we stand now." She looks at him more resigned and sad than angry.

"Bon-" He tries to speak, wanting her to know that despite the way he's acted she's never been expendable to him, but she walks away before he can fully utter her name, leaving Stefan to look on sadly. Probably just as well, he has a feeling she wouldn't believe him anyway.

"You certainly handled that well." Klaus interrupts Stefan's brooding as he approaches from behind. He has to admit he got more than enough amusement watching Stefan interact with the witch. Seeing him so distraught over her makes him want to inflict even more pain and he knows just the way to do that.

"What the hell do you want?" Stefan spins around to face him. The last thing he wants to deal with is Klaus and he's tempted to just walk away, but he knows the other man would only follow.

"Such, rudeness and just when I'm about to do you a favor." Klaus smiles wickedly, causing Stefan to get suspicious. A smiling Klaus is never a good thing.

"I don't need any favors from you." He mutters and begins to walk away, intending on going back to the dance. No need to feed the monster tonight.

"Oh, I think you'll want to hear about this." Klaus calls out after him. "Especially since it involves the witch you were just brooding about." He grins smugly when Stefan spins back around and grabs him by the collar.

"Whatever it is that you think you have planned for Bonnie. Just don't." He snarls, he fangs extending. "I may not be able to kill you, but I'll make your life a living hell if you so much as touch her."

Klaus shakes off Stefan's grip, ignoring the angry outburst. "Take a walk with me, mate."

Stefan sighs and follows him, his worry over Bonnie taking precedence over his desire to get away from Klaus.

"Did you ever wonder why Bonnie being upset with you bothers you so much? Why every so often your thoughts would shift to her? Why you were drawn to her when you first met?"

Stefan stiffens with each new question Klaus throws out, knowing that everything the original has said so far is the truth. There had been something drawing him to Bonnie when they first met, but he'd been so focused on figuring out whether or not Elena was Katherine that he ignored it. Once he figured out she was a Bennett, he assumed he'd been drawn to her because of that. Still when he looks back at Klaus he resolves to deny it, not wanting give the other man any leverage.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Stefan looks back at him with a blank face.

"Still determined to deny the truth I see." Klaus chuckles before he steps into. "But that's alright because soon you won't be able to hide your emotions so easily."

"What are you talking about?" Stefan gives a confused look.

"Remember when we used to run together back in the 20's?"

Stefan says nothing only glares, not wanting to rehash this again.

"Well let's just say I'm going to give you back something that was taken from you." Klaus grins menacingly, grabs Stefan and forces him to look into his eyes. "Think back to a time when you were at your happiest." Klaus pauses as he watches Stefan unblinkingly take in his words. "Go deep inside your subconscious and retrieve those memories."

Stefan's eyes widen as his mind is filled with memories of a life that he once had. Memories that will irrevocably change everything he's known for the last year and a half.

Chicago –Ninety Years Ago

It started as a typical night for Stefan.

The club is full of patrons, a jazz band is playing and booze is being passed around. Tons of beautiful women move around the room and it's obvious that both he and Klaus can choose anyone they want. And much like the night before

But what Stefan doesn't know is that everything is about to change.

Klaus has already found the woman he decided to have for the night and he's off in another corner of the club where her mouth is around his cock. It won't be long before he gets her alone and uses her for sex and food.

Like most nights, Stefan is in a booth sandwiched between two women he plans on fucking and draining. He had just been getting ready to compel them when he sees her. The most beautiful woman he's ever seen. She's short in stature, but it doesn't stop her from having the most amazing legs. The blue dress she's wearing looks amazing against her brown skin and he wonders if it's as soft as it looks. But it's her eyes that draw him in. They're an amazingly green and despite not looking directly into them he can tell there is a passionate soul behind them.

The women sitting with him giggle, bringing him out of his thoughts. He glances at them and he knows that staying with them will not only guarantee him a threesome, but also a couple of snacks. But now that he's gotten a glimpse of the mystery woman he knows it won't be as satisfying. So despite, their chagrined looks, he leaves them in a booth to follow after her.

He moves through the crowd, stealthily moving people out of his way until he's standing in front of her. She's even more beautiful up close and despite the blank look she gives him; he knows his presence has had an effect on her.

"May I help you?" The woman finally blurts out when he continues to stare at her lustily

"I'm Stefan Salvatore." He says smoothly, his lips pulling into his most charming smile.

"Belinda Bennett." She smiles back, unable to stop herself from looking him. He really is a handsome man. Despite knowing what he is and what he's done, she finds herself attracted to him.

"It's a pleasure to make to make your acquaintance." He smiles as he grabs her hands and presses a kiss to it.

Belinda blushes slightly, and Stefan feels his chest puff out. Looks like this will be easier than he thought. It disappoints him slightly because he enjoys a good chase, but the idea of fucking this woman into a mattress is incredibly appealing.

They continue to stare at each other, each of them taking in one another with fiery looks. They are so engrossed with each other; they are unable to hide their annoyance when a feminine voice breaks into their staring session.

"Lindy, Come on we really have to head home."

When they locate the voice, Stefan sees a dark-skinned woman and a tall man with his arm around her looking their way.

"Friends of yours?" Stefan raises an eyebrow.

"My best friend and her husband." She shrugs sheepishly. "Anyway, it was nice to meet you, but like Marjorie said I really do have to get home. Maybe I'll see you around." She gives him one final smile before turning and walking out of the club.

"Wait."He rushes after her, not content to just let this go. He thinks it's time for a little compulsion to get what he wants.

"Yes?" She stops and looks at him expectantly.

Meanwhile, Marjorie and her husband also stop and glance at Stefan as well. Sensing his annoyance, Belinda gives them a look and after a brief standoff, they seemingly give in.

"We'll go get the car." Marjorie squeezes Belinda's hand before leaving them alone.

Belinda barely has a chance open her mouth when Stefan pulls her into his arms and covers her mouth with his. His tongue immediately requests entry and she quickly grants as she gets lost in the kiss. He brushes it against her tongue and groaning as he tastes her, surprised by how much he wants her. When she pulls away to breathe, he immediately latches onto her neck and begins trailing kisses down it.

Aroused, she wraps a leg around his calf and grinds against the bulge in his pants. He is just getting ready to suggest they take this someplace else when he feels a searing pain and backs away from her clutching his head in his hands.

She's a witch.

And that's when her introduction clicks in his mind. Belinda Bennett. Witch. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who she is most likely related to. "You're related to Emily Bennett aren't you?" He groans as the pain slowly begins to fade.

"I see you've finally recognized my last name, Ripper." She gives him a knowing look and he realizes that she'd known his identity this entire time.

"So you came here to kill me?" He scoffs. Interestingly, despite knowing who she is, he doesn't want to kill her. He would much rather fuck her, but he's prepared to defend himself if need be.

"No." She says immediately, causing him to look at her in surprise. "It's probably what you deserve, but it seems my ancestors have a bit of a soft spot for you. And they tell me you'll be feeling guilty about this little stage soon enough."

"I seriously doubt that. Why would I want to go back to being that guilt-filled martyr when I'm living this amazing life?" He spreads his hands in the air and gestures toward the club.

"You may be enjoying it now, but will you be able to enjoy this forever?" She gives him a haughty look and Stefan's reminded of what they were doing before she started frying his brain. He would much rather have her naked and bent over the nearest flat surface than talk about stuff he would rather be left in the past.

"You know, I'm willing to overlook what just happened and you can spend the night with me. I promise you a night of pleasure." He trails a finger down her arm, smirking when goose bumps start to appear.

"Sorry, but the only way that will ever be a reality is in your dreams." She glares at him and begins to walk away, confidence apparent in her stride. However, when she briefly glances back and sees the heated look in his eyes, she wonders how true her statement really is.

"I'll definitely be seeing you again, Miss Bennett." He chuckles to himself before heading back inside the club. He knows the women he abandoned earlier will still be willing to do whatever he wants.

He's still the Ripper after all.


A Few Days Later…

It hadn't surprised Belinda when she opened her front door and saw Stefan standing there with a smirk. Nor did it surprise her when he hauled her into a kiss and they ended up in her bed. The only thing that had surprised was that he hadn't shown up sooner. She'd been thinking about his kiss for days and despite knowing who he is and what he does, she still feels a pull to him.

Now that he's on top of her, his cock buried inside of her. All she can think is that she should have definitely done this with him days ago because he sure knows what he's doing. Her nails scratch at his back, her legs wrap more tightly around his waist, pulling him closer.

Stefan presses several open-mouthed kisses down the hollow of her neck, groaning as he feels the blood rushing through her veins. He pulls away from her neck and tilts up her head to press a kiss to her lips.

She arches her back and moves her hips every time he thrusts in side of her. Above her, Stefan grinds his teeth together, the pleasure she's giving him making his balls tight and his cock hard. Before long she's lost in her release and continues moving until her need builds up again.

Belinda moans as she feels him pulsating inside of her, her walls clenching when he grabs her thighs and begins pounding her into the mattress. When she climaxes for the second time, he grabs a handful of her hair, tilts her head to one side and bites into her neck. The feel of his fangs inside of her seems to increase her pleasure because she begins moving faster against him.

He growls when the first drop her blood hits his tongue. It's just as amazing as he thought it would be and that along with her walls clenching around his shaft results in his own climax. He continues thrusting in and out of her until he's flooded her insides with his cum. He takes a few more sips of her blood before he eases his fangs out and licks the puncture wounds closed.

"Didn't you say something about this only happening in my dreams?" He reminds of her last words to him a few days ago.

"I guess I decided to make your dreams come true." She smiles before she shifts, flips him onto his back, and impales herself on his cock.

As she moves up and down on top of him, he realizes that there is something different about this. About her. Usually after fucking and drinking blood, he gets the urge to rip, but right now the only thing he wants more of is her.

Uncomfortable with those thoughts, he decides to ignore them and instead focuses on getting as much pussy from her as possible before the night is over and he moves on.


1 Month Later…

"Where's Stefan? I haven't seen him around in a while." The bartender asks as he sets the drink Klaus or

Klaus only glares at the man and grits his teeth as he's been asked that for the third time tonight. Ever since Stefan's been seeing the witch he hasn't been around much. That is why he's surprised when he sees Stefan walking over.

"Stefan." He greets him with a brisk nod.

"Klaus" Stefan grins as he sits in the seat next to him.

"I see you've finally decided to make an appearance. You haven't been here in days."

"What can I say?" Stefan shrugs. "I've been busy with a beautiful woman." And he has. Being with Belinda the last month has been amazing. Not only is she fantastic in bed, but he never finds himself bored when he's with her. That is something he can honestly say has never happened since he was turned.

"Yes, I know how invigorating it can be to fuck a witch." Klaus smiles as he thinks of the witches he's fucked. "But you could at least use her powers to your advantage. That is what I would have done."

"Well in case you've forgotten, I'm not you. I-" Stefan stops talking abruptly, his attention going to the entrance as though he's sensing someone. When a wide smile appears on his lips, Klaus knows that it's the witch and his anger returns. He watches as Stefan jumps out of his seat, makes his way across the room and lifts her into his arms so her feet are dangling off the ground. She's startled slightly and Stefan uses that to his advantage by dragging her into a long, hard and deep kiss.

After a few moments he finally releases her mouth and places her on feet before the two walk off together to another part of the club.

He's never seen Stefan this way and can only hope that this is some kind of phase he's going through.


3 Months later…

Stefan picks Belinda up and slams her into the wall before thrusting inside of her. Immediately she wraps her arms and legs around him and they both get lost in the rhythm he sets. She claws at his back and he the slight pain causes him to harden even more inside of her.

He thrusts his hips in a way that intensifies her pleasure, causing gasps to spill from her lips. The wall is rough against her back, but all that matters to her is the way he feels inside of her. Clasping his face between her hands, Belinda plunders Stefan's mouth, wanting their mouths just as connected as their bodies.

Stefan groans when Belinda clenches her inner muscles around his cock. He can't believe how amazing she always feels, how hot and tight she is. He continues to move in and out of her, every move bringing them closer to their releases.

Eventually Belinda pulls away from his mouth and buries her face in shoulder, basking in the pleasure that he's giving her. He hands move to her thighs as she grinds her hips, her inner muscles clench around him tightly. Within seconds he feels her body explode and then she's screaming his name. The feel of her in the midst of her release causes him to tighten his hold on her, groan her name and then he's also exploding inside of her.

Once he's finally spent, he pulls her away from the wall and carries her across the room to an empty chair and promptly sits down. All while he's still encased inside of her. As soon as he's seated, he reaches for a box on small table next to them and opens it.

Belinda is surprised when she looks up and realizes Stefan is holding an engagement ring between his thumb and index finger. "Stefan, what are you doing?"

"I want you to marry me. Make me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to spend the rest of our lives together."

"There's one problem with that. You may be immortal, but I am not." She has a way to change that, but wants to see what he thinks about the potential problem.

"You can extend your life right? I've seen it done before." He says thinking of a witch he met back in the 1890's.

"Actually with my power I have the ability to make myself immortal."

"Why haven't you done it already?"

"It's not something I've really thought about doing until now." She smiles sheepishly before another thought occurs to her "You have to know that the Ripper and a witch would never truly be accepted in this town. Do we really want to spend the rest of our lives constantly fighting off vampires and witches?"

"We can leave town, I have more than enough means to take you wherever you want to go. We can travel the world together. There would be no one around to try and tear us apart." He caresses her cheek. "So what do you say, will you marry me?"

"Yes, I'll marry you." She smiles tearfully as he slips the ring on her finger.

"And we'll leave town as soon as possible." Stefan smiles warmly at her before he presses his lips to hers.

The kiss eventually grows more passionate and they eventually remember that Stefan is still inside of her and decide to do something about it.

They two become so lost in their love making, that neither notice when an angry Klaus closes the door to the apartment.


Two Days Later…

Stefan grins as he pulls the door to Belinda's home open. Today is the day they plan to leave town and he couldn't be happier. He stops cold when he sees the mess and he knows right away that something horrible has happened. Tables are overturned, lamps are broken, and he can see scorch marks littered throughout the small home.

That is when he sees Belinda's still body on the floor. He rushes over to her so he can check her pulse, but he sees the puncture marks in her throat and knows that he is too late. Still that doesn't stop him from trying in vain to revive her with his blood.

"We both know it's no use, the witch is dead." A voice cuts into the silence.

Stefan looks up from his position on the floor and for the first time realizes Klaus is in room. He has blood dripping from his face and Stefan knows that he was the one to kill Belinda.

"You don't know how much I hated to do this." His voice is eerily calm. "Well actually that's a lie. Killing someone so powerful was amazing." He chuckles viciously.

"You." He snarls angrily his face changing, but before he can charge at Klaus, he's being pulled under his compulsion.

The next time he comes to, he's at the club with Klaus and remembers nothing about his time with Belinda.

Mystic Falls – Present Day

Stefan collapses to his knees as his memories from ninety years ago continue hit him full force. He remembers how in love with Belinda he had been, how smart she was, how much he admired her, the fact that whenever she smiled she lit up the room, the way she smelled and tasted. He remembers the how amazing it felt whenever they would make love, how soft her skin was whenever he would touch her.

But most of all he remembers those expressive green eyes that made him want to move mountains if it would make her happy. Those same eyes that could cut him deeply whenever she was angry with him.

Something that hasn't changed after all these years. And suddenly every little thought he's ever had about Bonnie makes sense. The jolts he got whenever he would catch a trace of her scent, why he felt so drawn to her when they first met.

Even tonight, his attraction to her had been overpowering and he hadn't been able to figure out why. Now he knows it was because seeing Bonnie in attire she had worn in her past life triggered his subconscious where his memories were locked away.

Yet along with that, he also remembers knows who is responsible for taking her away and all he feels is rage.

"You took away my memories of her! You killed her. Why?" Stefan charges at Klaus, fury overwhelming his senses.

"It had to be done, mate." He allows Stefan his burst of anger for a few moments before calmly throwing him to the ground. "You were getting soft. I couldn't have my partner in crime changing because of a woman. Especially when that woman was a powerful witch that also happened to be a threat."

"Why show me this now? Why make me remember after all these years." Stefan looks up from the ground, too emotionally drained to bother standing up.

"It's simple really. I wanted you to feel the pain of losing the woman you loved all over again. " He grins at him and Stefan wants to wipe the grin off his face. "You have to admit it's brilliant. Not only will you have to deal with the pain of losing her as if it's just happened. Now you'll have to deal with the guilt of knowing you treated the reincarnated love of your life so horribly that you'll never get the chance to be with her again."

Stefan snarls angrily, itching for a fight, but stops himself because he knows his treatment of Bonnie is own fault.

"You know, I got a real kick of meeting this version of her, knowing that neither of you remembered your history together." Klaus continues with a smirk. "Seeing you subconsciously try to recreate your relationship with the witch with Elena was also amusing."

Stefan opens his mouth to deny it, but shuts it when he realizes he can't. He always believed that his humanity was tethered to Elena, but he knows now that it wasn't. And it shouldn't be. While he will admit Belinda made him want to be a better man, she did so by just being around. Seeing her help people brought back the side of him that also wanted to help people.

"I do have to admit that I found it intriguing when Bonnie nearly killed me. She is much more powerful now than she was then. And you remember how powerful she was back then?" He thinks back to ninety years ago, remembering just how much of a fight she put up before he killed her.

Stefan does remember and it had been part of the reason he'd been so attracted to Belinda back then. He loved how powerful she was, that she could take out any vampire including him, without so much as flinching. If he's honest, that had been something that had always attracted him to Bonnie as well. It's something he would never admit out loud, but is always in the back of his mind whenever she uses her powers.

"Well I can see you have a lot to process, so I'll leave you to it." Klaus mockingly pats him on the shoulder. "Have good night Stefan." He chuckles before disappearing in a blink of an eye, leaving Stefan alone with his thoughts.

He doesn't know how long he's been standing there, but realizes it's obviously been a while when Elena rushes over to him, worry dripping off of her. He pretends everything is okay when she asks. And he thinks he'll be able to get through the dance until he walks in and sees Bonnie dancing with Jamie.

This is too much for him to handle. Too much after the shock of realizing that last year and a half has been a lie. That he'd been so focused on Elena when the woman he really wanted had been right there all along. He knows that she doesn't remember their time together, but also he knows that at the core she's still the woman he fell in love with all those years ago. Just a lot more guarded and jaded. And after all that she's been through who can blame her. How could things have gotten so screwed up? How could he not see her? She'd been right there all this time and he fucked it up. As he watches her try to act like a teenager that doesn't carry the weight of the world on her shoulders his heart pounds and he knows for sure that things will never be the same.

That is why after the dance he breaks it off completely with Elena, knowing that there is no way he would be able to continue a relationship with her. It would be a lie now that he has his memories back. And if he's honest, he doesn't think the relationship would have worked even without his memories. She's confused, angry, and hurt of course, but it's for the best. Plus he has a feeling there is still some unresolved tension with his brother, she needs to deal with.

He makes the decision to leave town for awhile after breaking up with Elena. As much as he wants to get to know Bonnie, he knows it wouldn't be fair to her and knows she deserves better than him. So decides to clear his head for a while, hoping that some time away will lessen the pain of the memory of them together.


"So after all of this, all you've put Elena through you're just going take off." Damon stands in the doorway of Stefan's bedroom as his younger brother packs a duffel bag. He just got off the phone with a distraught Elena who informed him that Stefan had broken up with her. Part of him is happy that Stefan's cleared the way for him to swoop in, but the rest of him knows it won't count if it's only because his brother has bowed out.

"I can't be what Elena wants me to be anymore." Stefan says as he stuffs a shirt into the bag. "And I honestly don't want to."

"Okay what's really going on?" Damon walks further into the room. "I know you ran into Klaus at the dance, did something happen?"

"Let's just say he made me remember something I had forgotten about." He zips of the duffel bag. "Something that changes things for me. And now I need some time away to clear my head. Get some perspective." He explains as cryptically as he can, not wanting to get into details with his brother. "I'm officially bowing out. Good luck Damon." He gives him weak smile before leaving the room.

Damon watches on confused about what just happened. He can only hope that whatever is bugging Stefan won't come back and haunt them.

Two Months Later

Stefan exhales as he pulls his car to a stop outside of his home in Mystic Falls. He'd left town to clear his head and hopefully lessen his feelings for Bonnie, but it didn't work. The entire time he was away all he thought about was their past together back in the twenties as well as their more recent interactions. He quickly realized that no amount of time would change his feelings for her and that seeing her from a distance is better than not seeing her at all. So he returned to Mystic Falls.

When Stefan walks into the boardinghouse, he finds out that while he was away all hell had broken loose. Alaric is dead and Elena is now a vampire. The gang has all rallied around her, but he can't help but notice someone very important is missing from the fold. He knows how much Bonnie loves Elena so he definitely finds it strange that she wouldn't be here.

When he asks them about her whereabouts, he gets a blank stare until Caroline mutters something about a spell to turn Elena human having gone wrong and he knows right away that once again Bonnie had been forgotten.

So he goes to her house and knocks on the door. He knows she's there because he can hear her breathing and he says as much to her. After a few minutes, Bonnie opens the door and he sees how distraught she is. His first instinct is to pull her into his arms, but when he tries to walk in he comes across a barrier. He swears under his breath when he realizes that he's known her nearly two years and has never once come to visit her.

"Can I please come in?" He asks her softly and when she nods out her greeting, he pulls her into his arms immediately.

They stand together locked in a hug in a hug, her tears dripping onto his chest and all he wants to do his end the pain she is in. They stay that way until Bonnie pulls back and they walk to her living room. Once they are both seated, she begins to explain what happened to Sheila and the guilt she feels over it. "It was like watching her die all over again." She says quietly.

He listens sadly and silently wonders why no one thought to check up on her, especially since a good portion of them were actually in the room with her when it happened.

After a while, he can sense the exact moment she shifts back into the stoic soldier and she confirms his suspicions with her next sentence. "What do you need?"


"You return to town after two months and expect me to believe you don't want something." She looks at him disbelief.

"That's exactly what I expect you to believe."

"Come on." She sighs before continuing. "You're not exactly a drop by kind of guy, just… if something's wrong, tell me." She looks back at him slightly surprised by his quick denial, but she still doesn't buy it. No one ever comes to see her these days without needing some kind of magical help.

Stefan flinches, but knows she has no reason to believe he would come by to see her without wanting anything. "When I came back and got to the boardinghouse, I found out what happened to Elena and Alaric." He continues on, knowing that if he doesn't, she'll assume his visit is about Elena.

"The others mentioned the spell you tried to do– of course they failed to mention exact details– and I wanted to check up on you. To see how you were handling all this." He stands up and sits next to her on the couch. "I don't need anything from you, Bonnie and I'm sorry I that I ever made you feel that way in the past." He covers her hand with his larger one, sighing in relief when she doesn't immediately snatch it back.

Bonnie looks at him carefully, in order to figure out whether or not he has an ulterior motive and is surprised when she realizes he doesn't. Despite their history she can tell he's sincere about not wanting anything from her. She's not quite sure what to think about this new revelation. She is stopped from thinking more about it when the doorbell rings. She stands up, removing her hands from Stefan's grasp and makes her way out of the living room.

Stefan stands up as well, opting to walk with her as she goes to answer it. When she opens the door he sees his brother standing there with his trademark smirk and his arms folded across his chest.

"So this is where you went." Damon addresses Stefan when he spies him standing behind Bonnie. "When you left so quickly I thought you might have left town again. If I'd known you were going to see Witchy, I would have had you relay my message."

"Now is not a good time." He glares at his brother, angry that the only reason they remember Bonnie exists is because of what she can do for them. The sad part is, Stefan knows would he would have likely would have been the one standing here asking for help not too long ago.

"Its fine, Stefan." She turns to face him for a second before turning back to Damon "What's going on?"

"There's a new vampire hunter in town." Damon explains the situation, but not before he gives Stefan a puzzled look.

Stefan watches as Bonnie stiffens and her face goes blank. He can tell right away that she has shifted to stoic witch mode and that she is once again being forced to forget her own problems to focus on everyone else's.

So he vows right then and there that he'll be the friend she needs, the person that looks out for her, listens when she has a problem, the person that tries to cheer her up when she's upset. Even though he will never have a chance to be with her, he wants to help her the way she helped him ninety years ago.

And that's what he will do.


Emily Bennett looks around in confusion. She had been summoned, not all that unusual, but it's usually done by the living. She interrupted from inner thoughts when a voice comes from the shadows.

"It is time."

Emily's eyes widen when Qetsiyah steps out of the shadows. The last time she saw her was nearly two years ago when Bonnie first found out she was a witch, so she knows that her reason for being summoned has to be important."Time for what?"

"I think you know." Qetsiyah looks at her knowingly and Emily immediately knows what she is talking about.

It's rare, Bonnie is the first in their line, but whenever a witch is reincarnated they usually retain memories of their past life. It usually occurs once the witch is able to access their abilities, but when it came time for Bonnie to get her memories back, Emily had been told not send her those memories. So she has to wonder why Qetsiyah has changed her mind after nearly two years.

"You always seemed opposed to Bonnie getting her memories of her past life back. Why now?"

"Because the doppelganger has finally retrieved his memories of their time together." She reveals, surprising Emily. "I saw no reason to subject her to remembering their past while his memories of them were still buried. Now that he remembers, I see no reason to continue keeping Bonnie's past life a secret from her."

Emily nods her head and is getting ready to disappear when Qetsiyah calls out to her once again.

"Just make sure you do it slowly and subtly at first. No need to overwhelm her."

After nodding once again, Emily disappears, leaving Qetsiyah alone. She smiles bittersweetly as she thinks of what happened with Silas. She sincerely hopes that Bonnie and Stefan will have the relationship she should have had with Silas 2,000 years ago.