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Yoshimori was gone when Sen woke up the next morning. He wasn't surprised. The Kekkaishi had to go to school after all. It was still raining however which displeased Sen greatly. Now he couldn't run outside, which meant he was bound to the house for the day. Well he could always go outside but why would he want to. The rain was a terrible thing and he was not in the mood to get wet. Therefore he had to stay in the house, with all of the grating Night Troops and Yoshimori's dad.

"Sen-Chan! Are you hungry. I was about to make some pancakes." Shuji said was a large smile. His glasses reflected the light and made it impossible for Sen to see the others eyes. He almost looked creepy with that smile and inability to see his eyes. Sen shrugged it off, he knew that Shuji was a nice person so that Sen didn't have to worry.

Wait, that wasn't true, he had lots of reason to worry today. He had to go on his day with Yoshimori tonight. He had to let Yoshimori break his heart tonight. Sen sighed, his situation just sucked. Why did Masamori chose him to do this? Why was he the one that had to go on this date, just so he can remind Yoshimori how much the Kekkaishi liked women? It was much worse since it proved, Sen could not have him.

"Uh sure. Thanks." Sen mumbled. Shuji smiled and moved to begin cooking the breakfast. Sen decided to stick around and watch. It's not like he had anything else better to do. His date was not until that night, so he knew he should not spend all day worrying about it. So Sen watched Shuji mix up the batter and then cook the food. It surprised Sen to watch Shuji make such an-American-food. Pancakes weren't a tradition Japanese breakfast. Sen thought it was slightly weird but thought nothing more.

"Are you okay?" Shuji asked and set Sen's breakfast down in front of the Ayakashi Marjiri. Sen thanked him with a bow but still gave him a confused look. Shuji was much like the father that Sen never had. It was nice to have someone that cared in his life, even if for only a couple of days. Now all he needed was someone like that in his life forever. Someone like…Yoshimori. Sen winced at the mere thought of his crush, he true love that will never love him back. Shuji frowned at the face he made, he knew that Sen had heavy thoughts.

"Tell me Sen. You know you can. What's wrong? Is this about your date tonight?" Shuji asked and Sen almost choked on the food he was eating. Sen coughed lightly in hopes to clearing his throat of the food he almost inhaled. Shuji gave a sympathetic smile for startling the other into almost choking.

"Uh what?" Sen murmured lowly. Figures that Shuji would have know. Maybe Masamori had told him or Shuji had just known because of instinct. Either way, Sen was not all that surprised that Shuji knew of his date with Yoshimori. By this time, everyone probably knew. It was just absolutely embarrassing.

"You like him. No you love him. I know it. I can see it in your eyes." Shuji said seriously and titled his head down. Once he had done that Sen got a good look into eyes. They were serious and filled with compassion. Sen smiled lightly at the look, it was comforting and originally Sen was sure they would be filled with disgust and prosecution. However Sen was unsure if he wanted to confess his love for Yoshimori to the Kekkaishi's father. It seemed almost awkward.

"I'm sorry Sumimura-san. I don't think its very appropriate to be talking about this right now. I'm just trying to eat sir. Thank you for the breakfast though." Sen said bowing lightly to the older Sumimura and continued to eat his breakfast. Shuji frowned and would not let up on him. Sen was far too afraid to admit to something that Shuji already knew.

"It's okay that you do Sen." Shuji said, sitting around from the young Ayakashi Marjiri. There was no one else nearby in the house but that didn't mean that Sen wasn't worried. He really didn't want to talk about this here. What if someone walked by and heard them talking about it? Sen's life would be ruined right then and there.

"It really isn't Sumimura-san. Can we not talk about this?" Sen asked nicely with a clenched jaw. It was hard enough that he had feelings for Yoshimori, now he had Yoshimori's father trying to say that it was okay. When Sen knew it wasn't, it would never be okay. He could never get over Yoshimori and would have to deal with it for the rest of his life. Now only if it hadn't been Yoshimori that had come and saved him from the dungeons in Kokuboro, and had protected Sen like he had, then maybe Sen would not have fallen for him.

"I know you don't want to Sen, but it's important. You have to embrace those feelings. I support you one hundred percent. You shouldn't be afraid of your feelings." Shuji told Sen before finally standing to leave. Sen could hear him murmur lightly about making a novel about his son's confusing love life. Sen sat, not eating for a small while, thinking deeply about what had occurred in the past couple of weeks. How different his life has become since the incidents in Kokuboro and since they have been stationed here in the Sumimura house. Sen pushed aside the food he was eating, not feeling very hungry any more.

Just then Shuu entered the room with a smile. Sen frowned at his happiness, he knew full well why Shuu was smiling too. The next day was his first date with Tokine, provided that the date she has tonight does not turn out in her favor. It was almost sickening to see that Shuu was excited about his date with Tokine while Sen was absolutely terrified of his. Sen was almost jealous of Shuu, for actually having a chance with Tokine.

"Hey Sen-Chan! How are you today?" Shuu asked in his normal annoyingly happy voice that only seemed to piss Sen off even more. Sen growled at his friend for the happy greeting when Sen did not want it. In fact Sen wanted nothing more for this stupid mission to be over with already so he could move on in life. He could probably get over Yoshimori a lot better if he didn't have to be anywhere near him. Once they were gone Sen could forget all about his feelings.

"Not right now Shuu. It's not a good time for me." Sen said and stood from his seat. He wanted to escape this and his date. He wanted none of this to happen. However that was not how life worked and soon enough, that night in fact, he will have to face Yoshimori head first. Even if he could escape he had no where to go, it was still raining heavily and Sen was silently praying that his date would get rained out. He doubted it though. Masamori was relentless and Sen was sure that he would have go despite the rain. The sad part about it, it will be raining when Yoshimori rejects him and that will make Sen much more depressed.

Sen wandered around the house all the day. He stayed mostly in Yoshimori's room. He was not above snooping through other peoples belongings. Yoshimori didn't own that much anyway so Sen let his stuff be. Nothing to look at anyway. He stayed put until he time for his date was nearing. Yoshimori would be home soon and Sen knew he had to beat the other to the date. So he dressed himself nicely in some jeans and a jacket he had received for this special occasion in particular. He grabbed his umbrella and disappeared toward the Dating Building before Yoshimori got the chance to walk into his house.

When Yoshimori had made it home he was not happy. Not only had he failed most of his classes this term and that he had a date with a DUDE that evening, but Sen had not had visited him. The Kekkaishi had looked forward to the other visiting him unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Yoshimori assumed he had not come today because of the weather, but Yoshimori at least hoped to see him at home. That had not been the case. The Ayakashi Marjiri was nowhere to be seen. Which concerned the Sumimura, but not to the extent of going out of his way to find Sen.

"Have fun with your date today Yoshimori!" Shuji called from his room. Yoshimori rolled his eyes but thanked his father anyway. Once he was dressed and ready to go, he left hs hose with his umbrella to protect him from the weather. After the short walk he was in front of the building. He knew what to do, which room to go into for his first date and everything.

He stood outside the door for a short time, his hour had not yet started and will not until he enters the room. However he is nervous. Yoshimori had never been on a date with a guy before. He had no idea what to expect. Maybe it would be easier because he would not have to worry about finding love. It would most likely just be like hanging with the guys. Yes that's what it will be. Yoshimori pushed open the door and froze.

Sitting in the chair opposite to where he normally sits, is someone he never expected to see. Sen Kagemiya was there, he was his date in the end. It explained where the missing Ayakashi Marjiri had disappeared too. Yoshimori gapped at him for a while, Sen looked up at him with a blank face. Finally Yoshimori moved to sit down.

"I'm doing fine. Thanks again for asking." Sen said in his normal sarcastic voice. It almost comforted Yoshimori all in its self. Despite that he could not find the words to say to the other so Sen continued to talk, "You're dad's nice. He made me breakfast this morning. It was pretty good. Did you have a good day at school?"

"How can you act like this is normal? That this is not even a little weird." Yoshimori asked in a hush voice. It did seem weird to him that Sen was thinking nothing of it. That Sen acting like it was a normal date and it was okay for them to be there together. Sen frowned at the question.

"I know you are not happy about this whole thing, but how do you think I feel. Captain made me go on this date. He figured it would be better if someone you know went. I mean it's only a one time thing so can we get through this hour and move on with our lives?" Sen asked and sounded a whole lot more hurt then he intended. So he just stared down at the dinner that was provided for him. It was sushi which made Sen glad it was something he could tolerate.

"I'm sorry. I just…I want this whole thing to be over. All the dates, everything. I guess I took my frustration out on you." Yoshimori murmured and Sen almost felt bad for snapping at the Kekkaishi. However he really didn't because at the end of the hour, Yoshimori will move on and that will be that.

"It's fine. Besides I want to at least try to have fun though. I mean I have to sit here for an hour I want to make the best of it." Sen said and began to eat and converse with Yoshimori. They talked about how badly Yoshimori was failing his classes. Sen laughed at him for this which caused Yoshimori to toss a spicy tuna roll at the half-Ayakashi. This resulted in Sen stabbing Yoshimori with his nail.

"Hey Sen, can I ask why every date I have gone on starts with a dinner date? I mean that is all I have done since beginning this whole process." Yoshimori asked as he moved to enjoy his dessert. Masamori had been wise and served him cake that night. Sen looked up from his own food.

"That's because Masamori has a system for the dates. First date is Dinner Date, Second is Movie Night, Third is your favorite thing to do, Fourth is your dates favorite and Fifth is a secret. You see you wouldn't know what the other dates were since you only go on first dates to get them over with. Which is why you have only had dinner dates." Sen explained with a smile that made Yoshimori stop and admire it for a short second.

"I see. Makes sense I guess." Yoshimori said and like that they continued their date. They had intended on being there for an hour but soon realized they had been sitting there talking for more than three. Yoshimori was shocked to see that he had let the time get by them. They got ready to set off back to this house, however Yoshimori had an idea formed in his head.

"Hey Sen! Go on another date with me! This way I can avoid going out with all those girls. At least your cool enough to talk to. Eventually Masamori would see that I don't want to go on anymore dates!" Yoshimori asked.

"Um sure I guess…" Sen regretting even agreeing to that. However he did accept and the two walked back to the house, Sen hating himself, knowing the next dates will only make his love for Yoshimori grow. He knew that it was a bad idea, but Yoshimori was already off to request another date with Sen to Masamori.

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