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Chapter 5- A Blue Bargain


Everything froze. Amy held the doors open and took a step into the closet. Sonic eyed the sweater, then the yarn beside him. He needed a little more time. There's only one way out of this. He hid the sweater behind his back and snatched up a ball of yarn, staring Amy down. "What are you—?" but Sonic bolted out of the closet. In a flash, he closed the doors and tightly wrapped the handles together with yarn, tying the strands in a knot.

"Sonic!" She pounded on the doors, rattling them.

"Sorry, Ames. I have to do this." Before he could finish the sweater, there was an odd sound from within the closet, like a sword being removed from its sheath. Sonic's heart trembled at the recognition of the sound. Turning, he ran away down the hall as Amy smashed through the closet with her Piko Piko Hammer.

She followed him, hefting the large red and yellow weapon over her shoulder. He dashed into the kitchen, putting the final touches on the sweater. As he reached the table of food, he completed it and came to a full stop. Amy crashed into him and they narrowly missed knocking out the various dishes for dinner.

They groaned, rubbing their heads. "You okay?" Sonic asked, his vision rolling round a few moments.

"Yeah," Amy said, sitting up. Her hammer vanished into thin air. "Are you?"

He nodded and picked himself up, leaning on the table for support. "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine."

Amy stood and checked her dress. Then she put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "What was all that about? Why were you hiding in my closet and why did you lock me in there?" Her eyes widened in realization. "You snuck into my room upstairs, didn't you? What for?"

"To all of the above: because of your Christmas present."

Her face softened. "Christmas present?" A grin crept onto her lips. "Are you my Christmas present?"

He shook his head and her expression dropped. He produced the sweater. "This is. Merry Christmas." It was only then that he noticed what had become of the sweater. Instead of the original pattern of blue fading to purple, then red, it was now an ugly swirling mixture of all the colors, predominantly blue. Shapes of all sizes were jumbled together and nothing was really consistent at all.

"Uh, thanks, Sonic," Amy said, taking the sweater. Her lips were pursed, as if biting back a laugh. "It's, um, quite blue."

He grinned sheepishly and scratched his ear. "Well, I figured you could use a little more blue in your life."

She blushed and giggled. "I think I could, too. Know where I might get some more?"

"I think I might," he said. "There's a guy I know, delivers pretty quickly." He stepped closer to her, sweat sliding down his brow. His mouth became shaky and his tongue dried up. Amy looked surprised, but sported a full smile from one rosy cheek to the other.

"Is his price good?" she asked as his hands slowly gripped her hips.

"Oh, it's a bargain," he said. His vision rocked again and his head was as light as a balloon. Amy's arms were around him? When did that happen? he thought. It was a loose hold, not one of her bone-crunching hugs. He relaxed into it and tried to keep up the banter. But his mind was too far gone, lost to a glistening haze in her eyes.

Then without warning, she was moving closer to him. He was closing the gap, too. Soon, they were kissing. Sonic could almost feel Amy jumping for joy inside and he was pretty sure he heard a small, joyful squeal as their lips pressed against one another. He reached up and caressed her cheek with his thumb and ran his fingers through her bangs. Her grip on him tightened, but it stayed in the comfortable range.

She kissed him with immense passion. When they finally separated, he had trouble leaving the lip lock, as she gulped down a short breath while their mouths still touched and tried to reinitiate it. He gave into another short kiss and then finally ended it.

Amy nestled her face into his neck, a happy hum on her lips. Sonic held her, rubbing her back, and closed his eyes. Neither were aware of the group's return and how the pair had been left alone in the kitchen after Tails spotted them, then shooed the rest away.

When they parted, they headed back into the living room, where everyone was waiting. Sonic caught a knowing smirk from Tails. The pair sat on the sofa and everyone handed him his gifts. When he had finished unwrapping them and thanking his friends, he noticed there was no present from Amy.

The others dispersed, Shadow and Rouge heading upstairs while the rest entered the kitchen. Amy held Sonic back from following them and then dug out a present from underneath the tree. "Merry Christmas," she said.

Inside was a box with a fur-rimmed blue hat, not unlike a Santa hat, complete with a fuzzy white ball on its tail. Next to that was a bag of candy. "Chili-dog flavor?" Sonic read aloud. "They make that?"

"I was surprised, too," she said.

He ripped open the top and dumped a couple into his mouth. The spicy candy was almost as good as the real thing. As he ate them, he picked up the hat and peered inside it. "I didn't know if I should get you something special like I usually do. I thought you wouldn't want me to be like I normally am and treat it like, well, you know. So I tried to shop for you like everyone else."

"But that didn't stop you from leaving a mark somehow." He pushed part of the hat inside-out, revealing a small heart on the inside.

She looked down, wringing her hands. "It's not visible on the outside, so it should be fine."

He turned the rest of the hat inside-out and ripped off the warning label. Then he jammed it on his head, the heart proudly displayed on the front. Amy beamed and threw her arms around his neck, falling on top of him. They laid on the sofa, holding one another.

Throughout the rest of the house, the others were in similar positions. Shadow and Rogue were in one of the guest bedrooms, sitting on a bed. Her head was nestled into his as he stared out the window, watching the neighborhood lights flicker off in the darkness. She kissed his jawline and he returned it with a peck on top of her head.

In the kitchen, Silver and Blaze were sitting close at the table, hands held together. They were fixed to one another's eyes until Silver's stomach rumbled. Blaze chuckled and scooted closer to him. "They'll be in here soon," she said.

He wrapped an arm around her waist. "I think I'll be fine," he said, kissing her.

Bracing the cold outside were Tails and Cream. They stood in the backyard, faces ducked into their garments and hands firmly clasped. They leaned into one another, fighting the chilly wind. In the distant sky, the moon lit up the snow, making it sparkle and shine like the stars above. From somewhere in the house, a clock chimed and Cream turned to Tails. "Merry Christmas," she said, planting a chaste kiss on his cheek.

He blushed and pressed against her more. "Merry Christmas."

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