I can't wait until February for Bethyl to happen so I decided to write this lol It takes place years after episode 8 season 4 but there will be numerous flashbacks and dreams. For example, the first scene is a flashback to when Beth and Daryl escape the prison. Hope you enjoy it :)

She was dreaming again. It was the same as always.

She watched as a horrific scene unfolded before her. Two people were running through the forest, a group of walkers following close behind. In the lead was a thin young woman with blonde hair. She stumbled forward, struggling to stay on her feet, her long legs seemed to failing beneath her, tears pouring down her face. The man behind her yelled out.

"Keep running!"

The man was doing much better then the woman but was running at a slower pace, often turning around to shot at the walkers. He was making sure the woman stayed ahead of him. He was of shorter build but was well muscled and had thick dark brown hair and on his back was a crossbow. The woman fell to the ground, tripping over a tree root. The man cursed loudly. He slung the rifle onto his back with the crossbow and quickly picked the woman up in his arms. He ran faster, no longer looking back at the walkers.

"Georgette wake up!" She sat up out of a dead sleep in a cold sweat, her sister's angelic face over her looking concerned. "You were having a nightmare again." Taking a deep breath of the clean night air she flopped back down onto her sleeping bag. Ignoring her sister's comment she said

"How's the watch going?"

"Boring," It was still night, the sky didn't show any hint of the sun rising, it was still a deep black with stars scattered like diamonds. The only light came from the slow burning fire they'd set up. "I still got a couple of hours left."

"I'll take over if you want," she said, standing up out of her sleeping bag.

"Are you sure?" asked her sister.

"Ya, I won't be able to go back to sleep anyway." Her sister smiled and said

"Thank Gigi," She watched her sister get into her sleeping bag. She turned her icy blue gaze on her and said "Was the nightmare the one with the man and the woman again?" Georgette nodded, not wanting to talk about it. Just thinking of the nightmare brought on the strong emotion of fear like a wave crashing over her head. Her sister lay down and that was the end of the conversation. She knew to leave her alone about it. Georgette sat down next to the fire, enjoying the feeling of warmth on her back. She hugged the AR-15 tight to her chest as she shivered. She wished she could make the fire bigger but it could attract the attention of a walker. It was November and soon snow would fall. She felt another cold chill pass through her and pulled her jacket out of her backpack. It was an old leather jacket and although it was sleeveless it always managed to keep her warm. The angel wings on the back had always given it a unique look. She had had it since she was a child.

She heard a branch snap somewhere out in the woods and she was instantly on her feet. She heard another branch snap and the bushes in front of her rustled. Feeling adrenaline course through her veins as she held up the AR-15, ready to defend herself and her baby sister. Suddenly a raccoon came out from the bushes it looked up at her and went back into the bush. She took a deep breath of relief and lowered her rifle. They already two deer to bring back, they didn't need anymore meat. She looked over at her sister who was sleeping peacefully. Candice was her little sister and she'd so anything to protect her. Besides their adoptive mother Angela, she was the only thing she had in the whole world. They were three years apart, 20 and 17. Despite their close bond they were different people. They were like black and white sheep. Candice was like an angel, a little songbird who liked to help Angela do all the cleaning and cooking and singing whatever tune came to her mind all the while. Her delicate features and fair skin made her look like a porcelain doll. Her big blue eyes were as wide as saucers, her long dirty blonde hair reached her lower back, she reminded Georgette of a gazelle with her long legs and thin body. Georgette on the other hand was rougher around the edges. She stood at a stocky 5'8" and had bright blue eyes and curly brown hair that came just past her shoulders. She was always ready for a fight and didn't have time to think of her appearance. Maybe she just had a more negative outlook on things.

Before she knew it the sun was rising above the trees. It was time to go. She went over to Candice and carefully shoke her.

"It's time to get up," she whispered. Candice sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Without talking, the two girls packed up their things and set off. They pulled a small sled behind them holding the two deer they had caught. It took them a half an hour to get home. They lived in a house down a long dirt road far away from any highly populated area. The house was an old ranch style with two floors. While it faced the road and the woods behind it was a wide open field that stretched for miles. It was a beautiful place and sometimes she forgot the terrible situation they were in. You could see the mountains, white with snow. Angela had brought them to Wyoming because she has once lived there with her first husband and she knew how far and few in between the towns were. They only spotted walkers a few times a month and even then it was usually from a distance as they often looked out into the field with binoculars.

Angela was standing on the porch as they walked up. She had a smile on her face.

"You girls did good,"

"We sure did," said Georgette, unhooking the ropes of the sled from her waist. "We'll be set for awhile now." Angela pulled them both into a hug and said

"Well I have hot soup waiting for both of you in the kitchen, I'll take care of the deer." The woman was an absolute saint. She's taken them and loved them like her own. They hurried into the kitchen to find big bowls of soup set at the table. Georgette dug in, feeling the hot broth go down into her stomach, warming her insides. A fire was roaring in the fire and she felt her fingertips start to thaw out. Considering the world around them, they lived an amazing life. Angela came in soon after and chatted with the girls about the hunting trip. After an hour or so Georgette went upstairs to shower.

That night Georgette and Angela sat in front of the fireplace. Candice had went to sleep upstairs and it was just the two of them. The flames cast in eerie glow across the walls and Angela said

"It's nights like this I miss having a large group around." Angela had told her story on numerous occasions. It was about how she, her husband, and young daughter had left Wyoming when the walkers had risen. They had gone to Georgia to be with her family, but upon arrival had found them all to dead. Sadly before they could find safety, her daughter had been killed by a walker. Soon after they met up with a large group where they had met she and Candice's parents. The group got so big the two split so one could go off and establish civilization somewhere else to bring more people in. Unfortunately they didn't get to know them much because after a week there was a massive attack on the groups camp, Angela's husband was killed and while fleeing, Angela found her mother who was heavily wounded and unable to walk. She asked Angela to take the sisters so they wouldn't die in the attack. Georgette had been three, Candice just a newborn. Angela had tried to help her mother up but the attackers were quickly advancing on them and, listening to her mother's pleas, left with them. It had been January and all they had was their pajamas. Candice wrapped in a blanket, Angela in a nightgown, and Georgette in a shirt and pants with the same leather jacket she wore hunting, draped over her. They ran to an old hospital to take shelter where they were captured by the attackers who kept them as prisoners.

Georgette woke up to her room shaking. She sat up in her bed and heard screams.

"Mommy," she called out. She felt a strong pair of hands pick her up out of her warm bed.

"Shhh it's gonna be ok sweetheart," She heard her dad whisper to her. She felt the familiar feel of her daddy's leather jacket and she clung to his shoulder and said

"What's going on," He didn't answer her as another loud boom rocked the room. Her father leaned down and lit a candle lighting up the room. She saw her mom sitting on the edge of the bed, her baby sister shrilly crying in her arms. "We have to get outta here," he said. Her mother unsuccessfully tried to hush the baby. Her dad threw open the door to reveal a horrifying scene. Everything was on fire, the trees, the cabins, people. Georgette hid her face in her daddy's shoulder and started to cry. She didn't look up again as she felt her father running. She peeked over his shoulder to see her mother behind them, running with her baby sister. She regretted it instantly as she saw a man being stabbed to death behind them. His blood spraying all over his murderer, his screams echoing in her head. Her father stopped at a large oak tree that had not yet been set on fire. He set her down and she screamed in fear at not being close to him and clung back onto his leg. Her mother hid behind the tree with them, tears streaming down her face.

"You've got to go, I'll stay here and help fight," Her mother shook her head and let out a sob.

"You can't," she said clinging onto his chest.

"I have to," he said, "I can't just abandon everybody," He turned his attention to her and knelt down to her with a serious look on his face.

"Gigi, I have a very important job for you." He slowly removed his jacket, "I need you to run away from here and look out for your mother and Candice, I'm gonna be leavin' for awhile but I'll meet back up with you soon." He carefully wrapped the jacket around her shoulders. "Can you do that for me?" Georgette nodded her head, tears still flowing down her face. He pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her head. He stood up and turned to her mother. He kissed her baby sister on her soft head and then looked at her mother.

"I'll be back darlin' I promise," he said, "Run to the old hospital up the hill, that's where people will be takin' refuge, I'll meet you there. Take this," He gave her a handgun. "Look out for any walkers, they'll be comin' in droves." She leaned into him for a passionate kiss. When they came apart he looked into her eyes and said "I love you." And with that he was gone, running back towards the fire. Georgette didn't want him to leave she attempted to run after him.

"No Georgette!" said her mother grabbing onto her mid-section.

"Daddy come back!" she yelled. She watched him run off, his crossbow still slung on his back.

"Let's go sweetheart," said her mother. Georgette took one last look back at her father before she turned around and ran with her mother. A loud explosion behind them shoke the ground, it was too much for little Georgette's legs and it sent her flailing. She heard her mother's scream and then felt her pull her back to her feet and pick her up in her other arm. But something was wrong, her mother was limping and it got worse with each passing second. Georgette looked down and saw deep red blood pouring from her mother's leg. She screamed as her mother fell to the ground Georgette fell and saw her baby sister land next to her, screaming and crying in her soft blanket. Her mother lay behind them. Georgette turned to see a large piece of shrapnel sticking out her leg, a pool of blood was beginning to form on the ground around her.

"Mommy!" Georgette crawled over to her mom. Her face was twisted in pain. Blood soon began to form around her head, matting her blonde hair. To Georgette's horror she realized her mother had cut open her head on a sharp rock.

"It's gonna be ok," said her mother, panting heavily. Georgette heard someone run up.

"Oh my god," she looked up to see a woman looking down on them in shock.

"Angela," said her mother, "Thank god you're here."

"I'm headed to the hospital, I can carry you up with me," she said leaning down to pick her mother up.

"No," said her mother, "It'll slow you down and we'll never make it without getting killed." Her mother took a deep breath, trying to deal with the intensity of the pain. "Take my girls and get out of here," Angela shoke her head,

"I can't leave you here alone," Her mother looked up at Angela with her pretty blue eyes and said

"Please, take them." Angela looked like she was going to refuse again but another loud blast from close by changed her mind.

"Are you sure," she said.

"Please Angela please!" begged her mother. Angela picked up Candice and took Georgette's hand.

"After all this," said Angela, "I'll come find you and bring you back your girls." Her mother nodded.

"Take care of them." Georgette leaned down to her mother, the coppery smell of blood much stronger now. She kissed her mother on the cheek and said

"I'll come back for you mommy," She looked into her mother's eyes which were starting to fade.

"I love you Gigi," she said, holding onto her hand, her grip loosening by the second. Her eyes closed and Angela pulled Georgette away, leaving her mother on the ground to bleed out. She sobbed into Angela's shoulder as she looked back at her mother, limp on the ground.