welcome to my story!

I have a few things I need to explain before you begin.

1. This is the first twilight fan fiction I wrote. not the first story I have published though.

2. I have the whole story written and I'm almost done with the rewrite/final draft

3. the reason I didn't publish this one first was because I thought it really didn't count, but I still think people would enjoy it so here it is.

You see, this story has none of the original Twilight characters that belong to Stephanie Meyer, just her idea of a vampires.

4. I will accept criticism as long as it's not insults. of course just a review would be just as awesome!

5. last one, I promise, Enjoy the story!

Chapter 1

A gasp escaped my lips, as I woke. I could feel my heart beat faster the more I thought about it. I stayed under my comforter with the warmth, hoping I could fall asleep again. No such luck. I sighed as I threw my feet over the edge of the bed. My clock glared 3:51 A.M. I listen carefully as I creep into the hall and walk to the kitchen. Looking behind myself out of habit, I take in a breath trying to slow the accelerating heartbeat. No one. That I see of.

Quickly, I open the back door and step into the chilly night. There was an old pine tree right next to the house. I scrambled up and onto the roof. Above my room, I stretch out. I can see all the way to the Win-co a few blocks away.

I can't close my eyes. I'll see him. Them. That night two years ago. The two men. The one night I walked home alone from babysitting.

I shuddered. How was I supposed to know that was the night someone would pull me from the street and to an ally? I was an innocent girl than. A confused girl with no knowledge of what was out there.

While an old, disgusting man pulled me away from safety, all I could do was scream and struggle. I was just a kid than. Just twelve years old.

That alone would be enough to damage a young girl's mind. But then before anything could happen, a gust of wind passed me, and the man was gone. I turned to see a pale ghost like creature. His mouth was at the man's neck, like he was sucking something. The man slumped and the pale ghost turned to me. Blood ran down his chin. His long dark hair fell into his face. And his eyes. They were bright crimson.

I had lost all words. I couldn't breathe.

"Run." He growled.

I finally gasped in a breath.

"Run!" he shouted.

I backed away screaming silently in my head. Things went hazy as I ran home, not daring to look behind me. I couldn't talk for days. And when I could, I shut my mouth about the subject. Who would believe me? What if it angered the monster?

Three years later, I still had trouble breathing when I thought of the pale ghost. I know what he is. And that he could come for me at any moment. Except during the day. At least I hoped. That's what all the stories say.

I shivered involuntarily. To see him again would mean death. It would mean I wouldn't ever see the sun again.

I could feel my eyes stinging as I tried to pull myself together.

Pull yourself together, Quincy.

In the distance, I saw the sun soaking into the sky. I breathed in relief. Another day I get to see. Another day I could be shielded from the dark demon who drinks blood.

I know it's short, but I promise that the other chapters are longer. other than that . . . what did you think? interesting. good. not worth your time. tell me.

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