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Chapter 13

I didn't delay in leaving town quickly. Placing as much distance between the last two remaining vampires of the coven that killed everyone I knew and myself was the main goal. The mountains nearby would offer a great place to run and hide. To be honest, I didn't want to be around too many humans. I refused to kill anyone else. Plus, there was bound to be some kind of creek in the woods where my scent will just disappear to any chasers.

Enclosed in the woods hours before the sun came up, I found a river and jumped in. My clothes would dry later. Right now was about staying away from any threats.

For a while, I just held my breath and let the current choose where I went. But not breathing for hours was uncomfortable. And what would happen if someone saw me? I know it's dark and all, but there are those people that go around in the forest at night.

Didn't need anyone getting all freaked out about what would seem to be a dead body.

I swam to the bottom of the river and tried shooting out of the water for fun. Yeah, like that won't attract anyone in the area.

It was too easy to push up out of the water. The exact same thing as jumping on ground. Quickly, I grabbed a branch and hoisted myself onto it. What surprised me was I didn't feel tired or sore, what so ever. Maybe this whole vampire thing wasn't so bad.

Some small part of me wanted to know what exactly I could do.

I didn't exactly know everything about vampires, other than what I learned on my own. And from Luke.

Pain and sorrow crashed through me. I might have fallen out of the tree if I were still human.

But you aren't. Stop thinking 'if you were human'. That is over. You aren't human so don't think about the ifs. You can't afford that kind of thinking.

A twig snapped below me, and I was on red alert. If it was Isadore or Mark or both, I'm not sure if I could hold back an attack.

They followed my scent that quickly?

Slowly, I moved to a leafier branch where I could completely conceal myself. My ears strained to listen to any movements.

That's when a slow beating sound found my ears. Not exactly a human heartbeat from what I've heard, but.

Wait a minute!

I hit the forest ground.

"What part of 'I'm a loner' don't you get?"

The wolf girl jumped off a large moss covered rock.

I crossed my arms. "What are you doing?"

"Following you," she declared with no hint of shame. She seemed proud that she had managed to stalk me.

"I believe I figured that part out myself. Why are you following me?" yeah, I was rude, but this girl is stalking me!

She looked up at me. "Because I think we would make great companions."

"Then why is everything telling me I can't trust you?"

Actually, everything is screaming at me to kill her. It was almost too hard to restrain from hissing and attacking at her.

"That would be your vampire instincts. Vampires and werewolves don't really get along. Since we are so evenly matched with abilities that makes our hair stand on end when we are around each other."

How much did she know about vampires?

"So, what would make us such great companions?"

I used her words and eyed her carefully. Watching for any hint that she might attack.

"You aren't a normal vampire. You have morals. I can tell. You don't want to fall into those instincts that tell you to feed."

Crap! I had been trying to ignore the pain in my throat. Now I was thinking about the thirst again. Why?

"And that helps because?"

I might be acting harsh to her, but I was starting to like her. Ignoring the instincts, I could see she was skillful. She knew how to survive.

"We won't snap at each other. In fact, we could help each other out. Plus, you need some supernatural 101. You're new to the vampire life and probably don't know half of what you should."

Maybe that was true to an extent.

"You don't have a family," I stated. There was no doubt. She wouldn't be out here if that were true.

"No. but neither do you." her words were cold. Memories had sprang up in her head that she didn't want.

And her saying those words right back at me made my own mind remember that I was alone.

Should I let her stay? Well, you told her "no" last night, and she still followed you. I don't think I will get rid of her easily.

"What's your name?" I was trying to be nicer.

Her wry smile came back. "Ryder."

Who named her that?

"Quincy." I stuck my hand out to her. She eyed it carefully before taking it.

"Nice to meet you." she let go of my hand and looked around us. "Are you really thinking of staying in the woods? I mean, we could do much better in town."

In town? With humans? And me?

"Um, I don't know if I'd be able to control the urge to kill someone."

She lost some of her pride.

"Right, you're technically a newborn." She mumbled.

That put me on edge.

"Okay, what is with this 'newborn' thing? The name is annoying and insulting!" I shouted.

Ryder tensed up, ready to run if necessary.

"Just a name for new vampires. Sorry. I am used to that name."

"Well, it's still insulting." I didn't like being called a newborn.

Ryder rolled her eyes. "How about I call you a fresh vampire then? Is that better?"

While it was better than "newborn", I still didn't like the sound of it.

"Couldn't you just call me a vampire?" I asked.

"Whatever." She moved a piece of her black hair out of her face. "So, do you happen to have any food on you?" she asked.

I raised my eyebrows at her. "Oh, yeah! I have tons of food. Let me just look through my fridge and make you something."

She smirked again. What was with her and smirking?

"And here I thought I was the sarcastic one. Alright, can you hunt a deer or something for me then?"

Aaaaahh! Couldn't she hunt on her own? She is a werewolf. She should know how to do this crap!

"You can't do it yourself because?"

Her face clouded with self-pity.

"I would, but werewolves hunt in packs. And you see, I'm not sure if I can hunt something three times my size."

Wow! That is the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard of.

"And yet you killed a vampire single handedly?"

She groaned. "Can you please just get me a deer? I am starving! Plus, you do still owe me for helping you kill those vampires."

Great! She is so lazy. And sneaky.


Here I go. Walking in the middle of the woods looking for a stupid deer! I'm sure I could find something.

Surprisingly, I picked up on an animal's scent that was big enough to be food rather quickly.

Chasing it down was easier. My throat flashed when I caught sight of a black bear. Before I could tell my brain to kill it, I was in front of it. My mouth met its neck and a warm liquid entered my system. The burning thirst dulled.

Holy crap! I am drinking bear blood! Is that normal? Does this make me insane or something?

It wasn't anywhere as good as the woman I had killed. My eyes squeezed shut, like that would suppress the memory of killing her. But the memory of how good her blood was burdened me.

But if this does satisfy my thirst, it was a heak of a lot better than stealing people's lives.

I hope Ryder likes her meat without blood. I could pick up the bear, but dragging it was better and less weird than holding it over my head.

Ryder's eyes were filled with shock when I dragged the bear up to her feet.

"Eat up, brat." I smiled at my new name for her.

She just started at the bear, sniffing oh so casually. "Did you-"

"Yes. I drank the stupid bear's blood. Is that normal at all?"

She poked the bear like it would come back alive. "Well, I guess that isn't technical murder. How did it taste?"

Her curiosity peaked, as she glanced at me.

"It wasn't . . . the best, but it wasn't bad." I guess that was the best way I could answer.

Ryder stared off into space like she was in the deepest thought.

Waving my hands in front of her face, I laughed a little. "Vampire to werewolf."

She quickly blinked and smiled.

"I have an assumption. A hunch you might say."


"Fancy words. Tell me the 'hunch'."

She smiled. What is with her smiles? They are kind of creepy.

"I don't you are completely vampire."

Seriously? How does that even make sense?

"Totally. I drink blood, never sleep any more, and move lightning fast. I'm not a vampire at all."

Ryder rolled her eyes. "No really, Genius? What I mean is when you were bitten your human self became protected by the venom rather than the venom completely change your body. Because you are still somewhat human you appear human. The heartbeat isn't an illusion. It's real. Blood still runs in there." She pointed to my body. "And maybe that's why you can drink animal blood. Because the meat is edible by humans and so the blood is somewhat human foodish."

I was wordless. Could that be true?

"So you think my innards are still human?" I wondered aloud.

"Yup." She said without hesitation. "Well, that's my assumption."

"And what if it's all just an allusion?" I had to ask.

She shrugged. "Then it's just an allusion, but I highly doubt that. I mean, no vampire as new as you can be this civil and actually think about something other than blood. You still have morals and you haven't tried to attack me. So it's not just physical, but mental as well."

Okay, yeah. She is completely smarter than I pegged her to be. Observant and focused.

"Interesting. So, would I be able to eat human food?"

She actually had me curious.

Her face became blank as she thought. Then her devious smile played.

"Try some bear."

"Raw?" I wondered, slightly disgusted.

Ryder rolled her eyes. "No, let's go to a professional cook and have him cook it. Yes, you will eat it raw!"

I shrugged. "Gosh!"

"Take the bear!" she all but shrieked.

"Okay! Okay!" I take the bear meat that feels sticky and bite into it before she starts screaming at me again.

She waited for my response.

"It tastes…"

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