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"That tastes absolutely horrid! Ryder! How can you eat that?" I say in one quick breath.

She shrugged. "Well, I just wanted to see how you would react. Can you feel it in your stomach? Normal vampires have to gag it up or it will stay there in their stomachs."

Um, gross.

"Thanks for sharing, Ryder." My voice was dry and humorless.

"Eh, no problem. It's my specialty!"

She was like the little sister I never had. Annoying!

"Maybe it's because it's raw…" she mused.

"Okay, you know what. How about this: I kill the animal, drinking its blood in the process, and you can eat the meat. Deal?"

I like that idea a lot better than eating bear meat again.

Ryder wasn't about to let the topic go. "But humans don't eat meat raw. Don't you want to see if you could eat ice cream? Crab? Those amazingly good biscuits from Red Lobster?"

"This is all an idea you came up with, Ryder. I'm not human. I'm a mon- vampire."

She looked at me sadly. "You aren't a monster, Quincy. Far from one. You are the nicest person I have come to know."

"I killed an innocent pedestrian! Ryder! Just so I wouldn't have the burn in my throat anymore!" I ranted.

"Quincy, you've been a vampire for a few days. It's a miracle you aren't attacking me! I smell human to you vamps. You tried to save me when you thought I was only human. That human you killed wasn't your fault."

She didn't understand!

"You weren't there. How would you know?" I questioned harshly.

"I know because you would never attack someone. That coven, they made you do it. Being so close to me when I was knocked out for that little bit, if you were a monster you would have torn into my throat. But you didn't."

I hung my head and examined the dirt below me.

"Fine. Drown yourself in guilt for all I care."

She didn't say anything after that. We were both silent for about an hour. Ryder slowly ate her bear meat while I just counted the dirt particles. As the sun rose higher in the sky, my little wolf companion fell asleep. One moment she was leaning against the log playing around with the bark on it, the next a light snoring sound made its way to my ears.

Her mask of bitterness and anger fell away. She was just a thirteen year old girl with no problems now. I had to wonder what happened to her to make her this way.

I wasn't one to pry, but this girl was a puzzle. Even when she got excited while telling me her theory about me being partially human, I could still see a hint of bitterness in her eyes.

Then, I decided I couldn't weigh her down with my remarks of death and killer. I had to get her back to her happy kid self. She needed to enjoy life.

The forest around us was quiet. There was the creek that was running slowly a few yards away, but the sound wasn't loud. It was peaceful. The sunlight filtered through the trees, touching me. No diamond like skin.

Out of habit, I sighed. If only life could be this beautiful and peaceful. No problems. Specifically no two vampires that are, no doubt, trying to hunt me down and cease my existence. I wondered if we would have to deal with them anytime soon.

Ryder and I should leave California entirely. Since the sun won't affect me, we can go anywhere we want.

Once she woke up, I'd suggest leaving. I am, and since she wants to travel with me, she might tag along.

Slowly, I began to hum to myself let my mind go blank. It was a strange, yet familiar feeling as I just sat there. Calm washed over me and nothing made me worry.

It was a world of peace. One I hadn't experienced in years it feels like. I slipped further and further in this land of darkness and peace.

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