hey guys! so, as many of you know, avengers infinity war is coming out very soon. and with it, my motivation to write again. i've fleshed out a basic plot for this story (and depending on what happens in infinity war) and i have a feeling a lot of you will like it. the basic plot line will stay the same of course; ace and luffy fall into the avenger's world. i originally wrote this story in 2012, just after the first avengers movie. considering there have been many, MANY movies after that, i have a much better feel for the avenger's characters.

but i would love some help. if anyone is interested, i'm looking for some people that i could run through my plot with, figure out plot holes, fix mistakes, and make sure i am staying as in-character as possible (which, by reading this story as it is now, its very bad). just chill chatting w/ me to help with the story! there will be TWO large parts of the story (its probably going to be pretty damn long!) and that is during civil war and infinity war (depending on how that pans out). if interested, pm me!

thank you to those that have stuck around all these years