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Okay, here's a more detailed summary. And it is Sakura centered:

Living in a very dangerous world where kunoichi are forced to weather dangerous missions, sometimes romantic notions of love and sex are notwithstanding and naive. Fearing the worst, Sakura, Ino, and Hinata make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of the two weeks, not wanting their first time to be forced upon them. Unbeknownst to them, the members of Team 7 overhear their conversation and pass along the information to the teammates of the other two girls. Later, a bewildered Sakura finds herself being offered options from her teammates that could shatter lines that she had been trying to keep drawn.


She Had the World

"But that girl had so much love,

She'd wanna kiss you all the time"

- "She Had the World"

Panic! At the Disco

"Kakashi, it's that time again," Sakura said nonchalantly. She tried to phrase it as casually as possible, so as not to alarm him.

Not hearing a reply, Sakura turned to look at Kakashi.

He was sprawled haphazardly across her couch with one armed draped over the back and one holding, of course, his precious Icha Icha book. He seemed not to have heard her or else he was ignoring her, which was a bad idea. A third option was that he probably guessed what was coming—and being the cunning and crafty man that he was—was most likely scrambling through his brains for a means of escape.

The rest of her boys could also be found situated on random surfaces around her apartment: Naruto claimed a space on her carpeted floor, next to the couch, while he dozed off; Sasuke seated himself on one of her worn-out wooden chairs by her rickety table, keeping his mind occupied by trying to solve a puzzle Sakura had left unfinished a couple days ago. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he realized the puzzle, when finished, depicted a half-naked, heavily muscled man, in the process of putting on a cowboy hat while the sun set behind him, giving his well-oiled and sun kissed muscles and startlingly clear definition and his skin-tight trousers sharp shadows. Normally, Sakura wouldn't be caught dead being in the possession of these types of things, but it had been a present from Ino and she had happed to be bored enough to actually start the damn thing. Sakura had left it out because, well, she really wanted to see Sasuke's face when he finished. It was way too easy to tease the guy.

Sai was studying one of her thick medical books, which he had picked off of her cluttered shelf. Knowing her luck, the book probably was on the topic of menstruation or pregnancy and Sai would certainly have many awkward questions on those topics.

The boys had taken it upon themselves to label her small apartment as a rendezvous point when they were incurably bored. When one of them showed up—usually strolling right on in without knocking—it seemed that the other three would follow as if they had a chip implanted in their brain's that alerted them to whenever one of them was in her presence; the signal would go off, then it would be Party Time At Sakura's. It nettled her to no end… but also comforted her. It piqued her when they ate whatever they wanted and made a mess in her kitchen; it peeved her when they used her bathroom and left the toilet seat up; it vexed her when they left their muddy footprints on her newly scrubbed floor, but then again…

Yes, they were aggravating, but Sakura could not deny that she found a sort of contented satisfaction that they chose her place as a regular hang out. They could have gone to Sasuke's, where there was plenty of room to spare and them some, but no, they chose her. For all the barrel-full of aggravation they caused her, they returned just as much comfort; it calmed her when the first thing Kakashi did when he walked in through the door, was to ruffle her hair in affection when he knew she had had a trying day at the hospital; Sakura felt secure when one of them (usually Naruto) came to lie next to her on the couch, with the intention of placing their head on her lap; it was relaxing when she observed them all— clustered and squabbling around her wobbly table at dinner time—with a small smile etched on her face. They were an inseparable group and she was overjoyed to be a part of it.

…but it was times like these that she could happily brain her idiots with a frying pan.

She turned her body in full to pierce Kakashi with a viridian-eyed stare. The only move he made was to lift his arm up off the couch to turn the page of his book.

"Kakashi, did you hear me?" Sakura asked with an edge of impatience in her voice.

"Hmm?" Kakashi lazily retorted, turning his head a fraction towards her, but not unsticking his eyes from the evidently scintillating novel.

"I said 'it's that time again'" Sakura repeated in a clipped tone.

"Ahh, well," Kakashi coughed lightly. He seemed a bit mortified. "You know there's a pharmacy down the street…" he trailed off, uncomfortable.

Sakura took up a shoe that was located next to her and chucked it forcefully at him. He caught the shoe with one quick flash of his hand and dropped it on the floor next to him, all the while keeping his eyes roving the pages of his novel. Nartuo grunted from his place on the floor; Kakashi had dumped the shoe on his unsuspecting face, apparently forgetting he was there.

"Oww, Kakashi-sensei," Naruto uttered sleepily from his place on the floor, then added, "Eww, Sakura, we don't need to know that."

"I didn't say 'it's that time of the month again'" Sakura said, miffed. She was tempted to arm herself with another shoe— this one intended for Naruto's face.

"By 'that time of the month' and previous allusions to that phrase, I take it to mean…" Sai paused and peered down at the text resting in his hands, then looked up again, "The shedding of the uterine lining, which causes periodic discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the uterus and vagina?"

So it was the menstruation text he had decided to delight upon. Fantastic.

Sasuke looked up from his half-completed puzzle and made a face. Naruto just gave a half-hearted 'ugh' and turned onto his stomach.

Sakura walked briskly up to Sai and snatched the book away from him.

"Give me that!" She said curtly. "I swear you need constant supervision."

Sai laid a consoling hand upon her shoulder and looked into her eyes with empathy. "It sounds painful, I'm sorry you must suffer through this misfortune every month. Next time it happens, be sure to inform me and I will aide you in any way that I can."

Sakura thawed somewhat towards her socially inept friend. Having Sai not understand the intricate workings of civilized society sometimes made him attractively adorable. Sakura sure hoped that never changed.

She gave him a sweet smile, wrapped her arms around him and rubbed her cheek against his chest, supplying him with an affectionate hug. Sai immediately reciprocated the hug with palpable warmth; he was getting better with acts of spontaneous emotion.

"Thank you, Sai. You're so sweet. Unlike some—," She shot an icy glare at Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi, "—people."

They all seemed to have gone momentarily deaf because they chose not to respond to her accusation. They did, however, eye Sai distrustfully; he was hugging her a little too enthusiastically for their taste.

Sometimes, Sai had a silver tongue and said wonderfully charming ovations that earned warm hugs from and praises Sakura, but one could never tell if they were sincere and innocent or just a way for him to weasel a reaction from Sakura. Sai certainly had come a long way from the unemotional prick he used to be, but there were still many formalities that were left to be learned and practiced. He was often seen in the possession of lengthy novels describing human interaction and one time, Kakashi had seen him studying a questionable book entitled, 50 Full Proof Tactics On How to Charm and Delight the Females In Your Life: Ninja Edition. Since then, there had been a significant increase in the amount of physical touching between Sai and Sakura— all innocent, of course… for now. For the rest of the envious boys in Team 7, it was unnerving; they never got that many hugs from her—and it was this concern that Kakashi decided to voice at that very moment.

"How come I never get a hug, anymore?" Kakashi had a very prominent pout jutting out through his mask and he did his best to cram every ounce of petulance into his query.

"Or me?" Naruto piqued from the floor.

Sasuke said nothing, but he certainly seemed interested enough in the subject. His hand twitched towards a kunai on his belt as he eyed his two embracing teammates; Sai still had not let Sakura go.

"Because you jerk's don't deserve one!" Sakura's irate voice could be heard, muffled from Sai's chest. She bent her neck a fraction to the side to be better understood and added, "And because you never ask. I know Sai likes my hugs, but the rest of you could be moldy logs for all the stiff reception they receive. Except for Naruto, but that can't really be called hugging—it's more like suffocation."

Kakashi's pout intensified; he didn't feel that there was a need to add the 'moldy' part.

In truth, Kakashi and Sasuke really enjoyed her hugs—they just didn't know how to show it. A warm, gentle hug from a soft, coconut smelling woman was always appealing, to be honest. Unfortunately, physical affection was not one of Kakashi's or Sasuke's strong suits and they could not dish it out spontaneously, like Naruto. Aside from the occasional romp with a female met at the bar, Kakashi and Sasuke did not have the propensity to impulsively show affection to someone—even Sakura—and she just meant so much more to them that the unimpressionable women met at night where drinks were abundant and inhibitions scarce.

"Aw, Sakura, you don't like my hugs?" Naruto's lip wobbled and he looked so desolate that Sakura had to reassure him.

"I—uh, I mean, it's more like a good kind of suffocation, y'know? Like, instead of a giant snake cutting off my breathing, it's more like a teddy bear with you," Sakura said with a breathy laugh. She gave him a wide grin until Naruto's look of melancholy dissipated and was replaced by a bright smile.

Sasuke snorted, although the snort didn't much sound like a snort, but like the word 'bullshit'. Fortunately, Naruto didn't hear him.

"I like your hugs, Sakura," Kakashi said with sincerity. "But I don't know about Moldy Log Number One over there." He flicked his hand to indicate Sasuke.

Everyone turned to eye Sasuke and gauge his reaction.

"Hn," was all he said in a flat, emotionless voice. He added to Kakashi, "And I am not Moldy Log Number One. You are."

"Okay. I'm sure Moldy Log Number Two is worse, though." Kakashi ended the squabble abruptly by turning back to his book and ignoring Sasuke's glare.

"Aw, Sasuke, you don't have to be embarrassed," Naruto added with a grin and a teasing voice. "We all know you like Sakura's hugs. Just admit it."

Sasuke ignored his teasing and kept on with the puzzle. There was a light tint of pink high on his cheeks, though.

"Well, whatever." Sakura brushed the conversation off with a shrug. She'd just keep on giving them hugs anyway—whether they liked it or not. She had finally let go of Sai and had turned to Kakashi again. "Like I was saying, it's time for you to go in again."

"Go in where, Sakura?"Kakashi was, once again, not giving her his full attention.

Sakura smiled wickedly and said, voice dripping with relish, "It's time for your yearly physical."

If there were any six letter sentences that could send Kakashi into full-scale panic mode, this ranked high on the list. Now, Kakashi was no coward—his many achievements and skills were testament to that—but dangle a visit to the hospital in front of his face and he would run from it faster than Jiraiya running from a mob of enraged females—and that was pretty damn fast. He would sooner hear the words "Kakashi, your entrails are sticking out" than the damnable cruelty he had just been sentenced to.

Sakura knew all this, of course, which was why she was watching him like a hawk, waiting for his escape attempt.

All the others had their eyes glued on him, also, assessing his reaction.

Kakashi's eye, once roaming across the page, froze and widened slightly with horror for only a split second before returning to its scrutiny of his book. If Sakura hadn't known him so well, she would not have noticed the split-second of almost indecipherable tightness around his eyes and look of terror that those words had induced in him. He was a ninja after all; complete calm under pressure was a job necessity.

"There's no need, Sakura. I had one preformed the week before," Kakashi lied smoothly.

"Bullshit," Sakura said. "Tsunade herself told me just this morning. She's been going through the records to make sure that every shinobi gets their yearly check-up and discovered that you'd managed to worm your way out of a physical for two years straight. She told me to stress the fact that it won't be tolerated any longer and to drag you in by—," She looked him straight in the eye to make her threat prominent, "—any means necessary.

So are you going to go quietly or not?" Sakura asked.

It was then that Kakashi made his move.

His muscles tensed as he sprang up from the couch in a one fluid motion and made to run as fast as he could. He rushed towards the window, which was situated along the same wall as the couch and closer than the door. Sakura was blocking the door anyway and he was not going to face that scruple. He was halfway to his destination—he could almost taste freedom and feel the sweet breeze through his hair—before he felt a tug on his midsection and a rough yank dragged him ruthlessly backwards, towards the couch again.

He looked down expecting to see a determined and cross pink-haired kunoichi grasping him, only to see a green chakra thread holding him snugly instead. Furthermore, it was not any normal charka thread. No, it was not being produced by Sakura, but instead connected to the couch that was drawing ever nearer as the thread contracted and pulled him closer.

When he was once again on the couch with several more threads binding him down, he looked accusingly at a highly amused Sakura and three other grinning boys staring down at him.

"Whoa, Sakura, what did you do?" asked an impressed Naruto.

"Well," Said Sakura in a smug voice, "shishou and I knew that he was gonna put up a fight, so she taught me a very useful justu for troublesome patients." She grinned. "And then she gave me the rest of the afternoon off to set it up for Kakashi."

Naruto started laughing, Sai gave her a genuine grin, and even Sasuke threw her a pleased smile.

"Bravo," Kakashi said in a deadpan matter. "I would clap my hands if only I could. Sakura, be a dear and untie them for me."

"I don't think so, Kakashi," Sakura retorted. "Oh, stop being such a baby," She added, after glimpsing at his petulant glower, "it's not that bad—it'll only take twenty minutes at most and I'll give you a lollipop after.

You should be glad it's me giving you the exam, anyways. A lot of the other nurses volunteered to do it and they were very enthusiastic about it." Sakura mood took a slight downturn also, when she recalled the female nurse's eager tittering when they knew Hatake Kakashi needed a physical. It was the same for her other boys, too. Whenever it was announced that they might be making a visit to the hospital, a fervent atmosphere could be detected around the female variety (and a few males, too). Sakura always made sure to quash their animated demeanor by popping in and announcing that, like always, she would be the one of take care of that particular job. A pang of jealousy always made an appearance during the observation of the other females, but she always decided to brush the feeling off as inconsequential. Sakura wasn't ready to face what that meant quite just yet.

"I suppose you're right," Kakashi said, brightening a bit at the prospect of not having to deal with an overly eager nurse, trying to convince him to take his boxers off even though they both knew that that particular physical did not require the removal of all his clothing.

"What kind of lollipop is it?" Kakashi asked keenly.

"Oh, you'll see," Sakura answered, making a move towards him to haul him off the couch.

"Since you're being so difficult, I'll just have to carry you there. And beware," she added with a hard stare, "I'll have no escape attempts or else you're going to be very unlucky. This was only Plan A, after all. I have a Plan B, C, and D, too. Next time, be more indulging."

She gathered her chakra and swung a humiliated Kakashi over her shoulder, which induced snickers from the other boys and more embarrassment from Kakashi.

"Hmph," was all he uttered in a defeated tone.

"I'll see you guys later." Sakura waved at Naruto, Sai, and Sasuke from over Kakashi's bent back.

"Are we gonna have dinner here tomorrow?" asked Naruto before she could step out the door with a gloomy Kakashi as her backpack.

"No, sorry. Ino, Hinata, and me are going out to dinner tomorrow, but maybe the day after tomorrow, okay?" She answered with a smile.

"Okay." Naruto rushed to her and gave her a quick peck on her head before she left. "Try not to kill Kakashi-sensei."

Sakura grinned at him.

"What the fuck?" Sasuke exclaimed from the table, looking down at the competed puzzle in horror.

Sakura's grin widened and even Kakashi emitted a deflated chuckle.

Sai walked over to a disturbed Sasuke and gazed down at the puzzle before unhelpfully supplying, "Ah, no wonder you were so thoroughly engrossed in your activity. No need to hide your excitement."

Sasuke made to get out of his seat, but Sakura stopped him with a menacing shout.

"You two better not start that up in here, you'll trash my apartment! Go outside and beat the shit out of each other!" She turned to Naruto and said in a pleading tone, "Please don't let them trash my apartment. And don't worry about me killing Kakashi, just try not let those idiots kill themselves."

Naruto nodded.

She smiled. "Okay, thanks." She turned her head sharply towards the glaring match that was Sasuke and Sai. "Cut it out!" She glared until they withdrew their eyes from each other.

"Good." She nodded in approval. "Bye."

She stepped out the apartment and closed the door behind her, praying that she would come home to a complete apartment.

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