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Sanji tapped his fingers furiously against the kitchen counter as he watched the crew members shovel in the breakfast he had made. His blue eye glared daggers at a certain crew member, and the green haired man stared right back. With a huff the chef turned his head away and began to wrap up some leftovers that he would use for lunch. Since that incident with Robin walking in on their fight earlier, the tension between the chef and the swordsman was so heavy it could be sliced with a knife. Yet Sanji would prefer to use that knife to slice Zoro.

He had felt a little annoyed that he had even trusted the other man to help him in the first place. Sure what Zoro had done felt nice, but Sanji just didn't swing that way, and some consent would have been appreciated.

Lost in his musings, he was surprised when a delicate hand placed itself on his shoulder. Spinning around hazardously, he instantly relaxed when he saw Robin smiling at him.

"Cook-San, our navigator has stated that we shall be porting at an island soon."

Genuinely happy to hear that news, Sanji thanked the woman graciously before he began to clean up the suddenly empty room.

Loud whoops and cries jolted Sanji out of his nap on the kitchen table. The man groggily lifted his head and slowly stood up from the chair. With a crack of his sore back, the chef headed outside to see what all the fuss was about. A snow covered island greeted his eyes as he stepped out onto the deck. He watched as Nami tried to stop the idiot trio from racing into town, but she wasn't fast enough to stop them. Robin chuckled at their routine antics and ushered Nami into the town as well. With the swordsman nowhere to be seen, the chef smiled and decided to have a look around himself.

Small children ran through the white streets all snug in their jackets and gloves. Snow fell slowly around the chef, causing him to feel a chill run through his body. A small girl with a pair of plaits ran up to Sanji and held out a dark blue scarf to him. Crouching down to the girls height, the chef allowed her to wrap it around his neck.

"Thank you very much young lady."

With a blush and a giggle, the freckled girl pointed to a small circle of women chatting at a table in front of a cafe.

"My mumma said that you looked cold!"

With a genuine smile, Sanji couldn't help but pat the pink beanie on her head.

"Tell your Mumma I said thank you"

A familiar loud cry broke the conversation between the pair, and Sanji turned just in time to see a rolling Chopper headed their way. On closer inspection it was noticeable that the screams were full of joy, and the small girl laughed at the sight of the furry reindeer slowing to a stop in front of them.

"Oh Sanji!" After patting the snow out of his fur, the crew member continued. "Nami said that if I saw you, she wanted me to let you know that we're staying at the local Inn for a few nights!"

Chopper then held out a pair of keys for the chef to take.

"I think you're in a room with Zoro, but I really can't be sure."

Sanji froze, and it wasn't from the chilly atmosphere. With a scowl the chef thanked Chopper for the key and the girl for the scarf before heading further into town.

For the rest of the day the chef distracted himself by greeting the kind townsfolk and trying out their custom foods. A walk through the market revealed a range of materials and jewellery, as well as people goading him into their shops. One old lady with missing teeth and grey hair simply pointed a bony finger towards him as he walked past her stall. Sanji had shivered from the creepy woman's stare.

When the sun started to descend over the snowy white hills, the chef decided it was time to head back to the ship, grab a bag of his necessities and go to the Inn they were supposedly staying at.

The Inn looked homely from the outside, and after walking along the path, he arrived to the door with a number that matched his key. It was a struggle getting the room unlocked, but with a small jiggle the door finally cracked open, revealing a small cozy room with king sized bed right in the middle. Having a quick look into the bathroom and checking around the room, Sanji was satisfied to see no green haired man around.

After a while of unpacking his small bag, collecting his sleeping clothes and shower toiletries, Sanji heard the door unlocking.

"Oh." Was all that Zoro could utter as his eyes settled upon the chef holding his things ready for a shower. All Sanji did was tap his foot and wait for Zoro to leave. Taking the hint, the swordsman mumbled "Going out for a walk." Before turning around to leave.

Sanji merely locked the door behind the man and walked into the bathroom for a much needed warm shower. Never wanting the hot water to end, his shower went on longer than expected, but eventually he had to step out and get dressed for bed.

Sanji was not expecting Zoro to return, so he casually pinned back his wet fringe and made his way over to his bag. Grabbing the book he was currently reading as well as his reading glasses, Sanji shuffled under the covers of the bed and leaned against the headboard, relaxing as he began to read.

A familiar jingle of the door knob broke through Sanji's concentration of his book. A sense of dejavu ran through the chef's mind as Zoro once again entered into the room, but this time closing the door once he was inside.

Sanji obviously ignored the swordsman as he pulled off his shirt and set his swords on a nearby chair. It was only when the man lifted the covers of the bed did Sanji speak up.

"I'm not sharing a bed with a person who hasn't had a shower in three days."

With a growl Zoro grabbed a complimentary towel and stomped into the bathroom. Sanji shuffled awkwardly at the thought of allowing Zoro into the bed. Sure he was annoyed at what had happened, but he guessed the other man learnt his lesson not to cross the line. So that meant Zoro could keep helping his back problem right? Gods he hoped he was right.

When he heard the shower water stop running, he waited for the man to leave the bathroom. When he did though, instead of heading around to the other side of the bed, the swordsman walked right up to Sanji and shoved the green moss he calls hair right in front of Sanji's nose.


After a swift sniff, the chef raised a swirly eyebrow.

"You used my shampoo."

"I had too..."


With that single word of approval, Zoro crawled over and into bed next to Sanji. The chef continued reading in order to finish one more chapter before bed, but it seemed Zoro wouldn't allow that.

"How can you even read that with the writing so small?"

Sighing in annoyance, Sanji just pointed to the glasses currently settled on his face.

"Oh, right."

Rolling his eyes at Zoro's dumb response, the chef tried to find where he was on the page again.

"What's it about?"

Settling the book on his lap the blond turned to face Zoro with a frown.

"It's about a guy who gets a kick in the face because he couldn't shut his mouth," Turning his head away, he finished with a mumble,"Or keep his hands to himself."

Zoro seemed as if he wanted to say something, but he stopped when Sanji picked up the book again.

After a while of reading, Sanji rubbed at his eyes tiredly and placed a bookmark into the page he was up to. Placing the thick novel onto his bedside table along with his glasses, Sanji unpinned his almost dry fringe before leaning over to blow out the small candle, flooding the chill room with darkness.

Sanji's heart sped up as he settled his head on the pillow and began running questions through his mind. Was Zoro going to straighten him like usual, or were things different now? Seeming to answer his questions, the swordsman rolled over to face Sanji, so that both men could see each other with the help of the moon shining through the window.

"Do you still need help? I promise that I won' know."

A nervous bubble filled Sanji's throat and all he could manage was, "Sure."

A thick hand was delicately placed on his waist, and Zoro slowly wriggled his body closer. Eyes never leaving each other, the two men pressed their chests together, effectively straightening out Sanji's back. Warm puffs of air from Zoro's mouth mingled over Sanji's lips, causing them to tingle. His stomach coiled with nervousness as that damn tanned hand slid its way to Sanji's lower back.

"I'm sorry" Zoro uttered as he finally broke eye contact with the chef. "I really do want to help you. I don't know why but, I just liked...touching you. It felt good. Thought you felt good too, you know, I mean I thought you liked it."

Sanji almost smiled at the apology, but he finally did at the sight of Roronoa Zoro actually stuttering with his words.

"It did feel nice I guess, but I'm a ladies man, you know?"

"Pfft, who doesn't know."

Small chuckles filled the room, yet died down once Zoro's face drew closer to Sanji's.


Zoro seemed stumped at the chef's question. He really didn't know why himself. Why he can't keep his hands off of Sanji. Why he can't look away from the single blue eye staring at him questioningly. Why he was leaning in for a kiss.

Sanji's whole body tightened in anticipation for Zoro's answer, but it was more for the fact that Zoro was leaning in closer.

"Are" Sanji whispered over Zoro's incoming lips.

The green haired man haltered for a moment before answering a quiet "No"

" it that you like me or somethin'?"

Again another "No".

Confused by his answers, Sanji angled away a little from Zoro's face.

"Then what is it?"

Rubbing circles around Sanji's lower back (which made the chef melt) Zoro simply replied, "I don't know" before he finally closed he gap between his lips and Sanji's.

Blue eyes widened at the sudden dry lips that placed themselves on his. It was a lazy kiss, but the warmth that spread across his face made him feel so comfortable. With now closed eyes, the chef slightly puckered his lips against Zoro's, and lightly placed his hand on top of the mans upper arm.

Their lips parted from each other for only a moment before Zoro leaned in again. Sanji knew what was on Zoro's mind, yet even though he knew he was still surprised when a slick tongue poked out and touched his lips. He couldn't even stop himself as his mouth parted only the slightest, allowing the pink muscle to slide past his lips and teeth, meeting to the tip of his own tongue. A nervous moan quietly left his throat as that tongue rolled against his own in sleek motions. His fingers gripped Zoro's arm tighter as that dangerous tongue slid along his teeth and up against the roof of his mouth.

Sanji needed air. His mind was foggy, and he was feeling way too hot. Pushing slightly against Zoro, he backed away and felt a single string of saliva snap onto his bottom lip. His eyelids rose to meet Zoro's heated glare as he inhaled in the much needed air.

After a few deep breaths himself, the swordsman muttered, "Was that okay?"

Sanji couldn't even lie, he nodded his head way too fast and before he could catch his breath those thick lips were on his again, yet much stronger this time. Following along with Zoro's tongue, he felt the way the other man began to rub their hips together. Humming in approval, the chef wrapped his flexible leg over Zoro's thigh and joined in with the grinding.

Sanji couldn't believe he had even asked Zoro to stop touching him. To think, he was going to miss out on this? A mumble of surprise left Sanji's mouth as Zoro moved his lips lower, beginning to lightly kiss along the chef's collarbone. Long fingers spread through green hair as Sanji encouraged the other man to continue sucking deliciously at his neck.

Sanji relished at the feeling of a hot hand sliding under his shirt and along the curve of his back, pulling him even closer. Biting his lip to hold back the groans of pleasure, Sanji brought Zoro's head back up to face him again, only to stick out his tongue and slide into the other man's open mouth.

Sanji felt so new and different as he took control of the kiss, forcing Zoro to follow along with the movement of his tongue. Alternating between long kisses and short pecks, Sanji created rhythm to keep Zoro guessing what his next kiss would be.

With his mouth parted, Zoro muffled desperately "Shitty cook!" As the chef rolled on top of him.

"Fuck!" Sanji whispered harshly as Zoro tugged at his fringe, making his head pull back to allow Zoro to nip properly at his exposed neck. The grinding continued, and Sanji keened at the feeling of Zoro's hardness digging into his hip, sliding against his stomach and back down again. The loud squeaking of the bed grew louder as Sanji rubbed his hips against Zoro's fervidly.

Suddenly conscious of the loud springs groaning under the continuous movement, the chef couldn't help but let out a low chuckle. Hearing the sound of the other man laughing, the swordsman realised the sounds were in fact, quite humorous. Letting go of Sanji's tussled hair, he allowed for the chef to sit up on his lap.

Brushing his messy hair out of his face, Sanji sent a crooked smile Zoro's way, before the blond fringe flopped back over his eye. Leaning down to the man's neck, Sanji nipped lightly at the tanned skin.

"I can't believe this..." The chef mumbled as his nails scratched slowly through Zoro's scalp.

"So what happens now?" Was all that Zoro could breathe out.

Lifting his head back to look the other man in the eyes, Sanji pinched Zoro's nose in a playful manner and rolled off of him.

"Now, we sleep marimo" Sanji slurred, finding a comfortable position in Zoro's arms.

"G'night" Zoro mumbled as he began to close his eyes.

When Zoro awoke the next morning, he had expected to see a swirly eyebrow right in front of his, what he got though, was a pair of wide eyes and a cheeky grin.

"Shishishi! You and Sanji fight even in your sleep!" Luffy chuckled as his face peered even closer in front of Zoro's. Shocked by the captain's appearance, the man sat up immediately, knocking Luffy in the head and lifting the covers off of Sanji.

"Ah Zoro! What did you do that for?!" Luffy complained as he rubbed his swollen forehead.

"Yeah you shitty marimo, I was warm under here!" Sanji grouched as he too sat up in the bed. After a sigh and a tussle of his fringe, the tired chef next to him grumbled. "Luffy, why the fuck are you in our room?"

Luffy simply laughed and jumped off the bed, picking his nose with his pinky.

"Nami says she's let you sleep in for long enough, and it's about time you come down and join us for breakfast"

Zoro watched as the wheels slowly began to turn inside the chef's head and the swordsman knew that Sanji would not take this news very well.

With a smirk, Zoro's eyes followed Sanji as the man lunged out of the warm bed and began to undress out of his night clothes. Mumbling profanities about how he was so stupid as to sleep in, Sanji charged into the bathroom holding a fresh suit and slammed the door.

Luffy shrugged at Sanji's behaviour, and instead set his attention towards Zoro, who was gazing thoughtfully at the closed bathroom door.

"Neeeh Zoro!"

Hearing his captain's call, the swordsman broke through his thoughts about last night and turned his attention to Luffy.

"What is it Luffy?" Zoro asked as he swung his legs out of bed and began to put on his stained white shirt.

"You and Sanji seem better today!"

Zoro simply sent Luffy a questioning eyebrow as he continued tying his swords to his haramaki.

"You had another fight yesterday right? Usopp said that Sanji was on his man-period or something. Hey Zoro, what's a period?"

"Shut up Luffy" Came Sanji's monotone voice from the door frame of the bathroom. Both the captain and the swordsman turned their attention to the chef. Zoro's eyes lingered a little too long on Sanji's fresh appearance. Even though the man looked no different in his suit than any other day, Zoro couldn't help but think the cook looked good.

Receiving a quick and knowing grin from the chef, Zoro felt his face heat up. He quickly turned his attention back to Luffy, who had begun talking again since Sanji had left the bathroom.

"-and if you empty your plate you can just walk up and get more! I can't wait for you guys to see this 'Booferi' place!"

Zoro held in the laugh at Luffy's terrible mispronunciation, and followed behind Sanji through their door and out into the crisp air.

"It's called a buffet you idiot, and I give you seconds all the time you ungrateful little-"

"Oh wow! Look at that snow man Usopp's building!"

Zoro could see the vein on Sanji's forehead growing more and more as Luffy sprinted away and joined Usopp and Chopper in the snow.

A light jab in his side surprised him, and with an alert turn of his head to the culprit, all he could see was Sanji wheezing in laughter next to him.

"Holy shit that was priceless!"

Not amused by Sanji's idea of a prank, Zoro merely continued following the path to the restaurant. He was only a few steps along the path when a hand grabbed the top of his haramaki and pulled him in another direction.

"The restaurant is this way knuckle head."

Zoro huffed and allowed for Sanji to pull him in the right direction. After a few steps the swordsman noticed Sanji slowing down his walk slightly, and before he knew it the hand pulling him slid inside his haramaki. Soon enough both hands were inside, and Zoro felt the weight of Sanji's head resting on top of his shoulder from behind.

"What do you think you're doin?" He grumbled as Sanji rubbed his hands up and down Zoro's stomach from inside the green band.

"My hands are cold, and I thought I would give this old rag around your waist a bit of use."

"It's not meant for warming hands.." Zoro complained as he spotted the restaurant that Nami was obviously waiting for them at.

"Could've fooled me." A few more steps and Sanji continued "I can't even fucking believe this.."


"You know... That we are acting all buddy buddy like this. One minute we're at each other throats and suddenly..."

"We're sucking each other throats?" Zoro piped in.

In return Zoro received a foot conveniently placed in front his leg, effectively stumbling him and the man hugging him from behind a little. After a small chuckle at his own stupidity, Zoro was sure of it, Sanji rubbed his cold nose against the back of his neck.

"I won't be acting like this with you in front of everyone you know? It's insane that I'm even doing this kind of stuff in the first place."

Zoro nodded in agreement. This whole situation was getting a little crazy. He had no idea how he was suddenly loving the feeling of the fiery cook acting all mushy and cuddly with him. The thought suddenly struck him and he ripped Sanji's hands out from his haramaki and created the much needed distance between him and the cook.

Turning his head to make sure the chef wasn't too offended, he was glad to see the other man simply lighting up a cigarette and checking to see that his suit wasn't crumpled in the front.

"You're right. That got a little weird then." Sanji admitted as the pair walked trough the doors of the cozy little buffet. The chef immediatly pointed towards a table where Nami and Robin were seated, with empty plates and cups of coffee that were almost finished. They really were late.

Brown eyes met his from across the room and he mentally cringed as they narrowed at the sight of him. Before he could even take a step towards the half empty table the two girls were sitting at, a hand caught his shirt and pulled him towards the buffet. Sick of being dragged around everywhere, Zoro pulled himself out of Sanji's grip and walked over to where the fresh plates and cutlery were placed.

Grabbing one for himself, he reached out to pick up another plate to hand to Sanji, but something very important stopped him. Being nice to Sanji was not normal behaviour, and the sight of Roronoa Zoro doing anything kind for Sanji would stir unwanted attention. Giving a look to Sanji so he understood his thoughts, the other man simply nodded and grabbed his own plate and cutlery before he set off to where fresh bacon and eggs were being served.

The smell of a new tray of sausages and hash browns being brought out made Zoro's stomach grumble and with a hungry grin, Zoro set out for his first destination. After a short line up, Zoro had a plate served with two sausages and three hash browns. Passing Sanji on his way to the bacon and eggs section, the chef did something that certainly was not on the normal scale between the pair. With lightning movements, Sanji had whisked away one of Zoro's sausages and popped it in his mouth, smirking at him as if he simply held a cigarette in his mouth. Before Zoro could snatch back his food, the blond had already left his sight through the crowd.

Annoyed and yet slightly giddy at the positive attention from the chef, Zoro filled his plate with plenty of scrambled eggs and a few strips of bacon.

The fiery orange colour of his nakama's hair directed him to the table where the Sea-witch and Robin were still seated at. Plopping his plate on the table, Zoro ungracefully sat down on a seat next to Robin and began to chow down on his meal. A short while later, Sanji took the seat next to Nami and across from Zoro, and with a proclamation of "Good morning my lovely flowers, you grow more beautiful as each day passes by!" Sanji finally started on his meal too.

Not really paying attention to the girls conversation, a single sentence forced Zoro to zone in on what they were saying.

"I mean sure, it was a cheap price, but I expected better quality beds that didn't squeak at the smallest of movements!" Nami complained as she chugged back the remainder of her morning coffee. "I swear I had dreams about that bed squeaking!"

With a chuckle at the navigators loud (and obnoxious) shouting, Robin chimed in her own opinion.

"I must admit that I too had difficulty sleeping. Although my bed was fine, it was the sounds of the other beds that kept me awake. Some people must have had some trouble finding a comfortable position because their bed wouldn't stop sqeaking."

A splat of scrambled eggs landed on Zoro's face, and with a loud "Bleh!" he wiped furiously at his face whilst glaring daggers at the man across from him.

"What the hell shitty cook?!"

The bright pink of Sanji face made something in Zoro's mind click. Robin was talking about them.

"Damn eggshell nearly choked me. Cheap beds and poorly prepared food..."

Smooth recovery.

Nodding in agreement, Nami began to stand up, prompting Robin to do the same.

"Well get used to the squeaking beds because we are not letting my money go to waste. As for the food, perhaps we could have dinner on the ship tonight, Sanji-kun?"

With a salute, Sanji shouted "Anything for you Nami-swaan!"

With the girls finally leaving the restaurant and Sanji no longer being a total idiot, Zoro could finally begin a conversation with the chef.

"You know look like a total dick-head when you do that."

Swirly eyebrow twitching at the comment, Sanji shot his attention towards Zoro, his face morphing from a scowl to a sly grin. Sanji pointed his fork at Zoro's face.

"Jealous, Zoro-kun?"

Grunting at the sound of his name being used like that, Zoro pushed his plate away from him and stood up. Sanji took the hint that it was time to go, and he too pushed his empty plate away and stood up. Together the pair made their way out of the restaurant and into the falling snow.

So because I had to re-edit this story, I feel like it wasn't as good as it was before. I'm trying to keep everyone in character and keep the whole "I don't want you..but I do!" atmosphere between Sanji and Zoro and as you can tell there will most likely be sexy timez ahead so look out! I'm also trying not to make Sanji seem like a total Uke, but if he isn't then how will the fun ever happen?

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