Is it a normal thing for a ghost to feel – no – to even have feelings in the first place?

She resided in Tenroujima for decades, continued to watch over Fairy Tail's generations after generations and she was shook off her ground when he appeared.

The Second Generation of Dragon Slayer, and the leader of Raijinshuu – Laxus Dreyar.

The grandson of the third – or is it sixth? - Guild Master, Makarov Dreyar was special. Back in Tenroujima, during the fight with Hades, he protected the members even without bearing the insignia. Normally, how many of these kind of guys existed?

But, he still did.

He protected them, giving Natsu Dragneel his own magic power to defeat Hades and joined hands with everyone. His feelings wouldn't lose to any of the guild members even without the crest. And she accepted him in her Fairy Sphere magic.

In Grand Magic Games, he did well wiping the floor with all Raven Tail's members. Het got the revenge for Wendy, Charla, Gray and Lucy. He didn't even ask what's Lumen Histoire – the biggest 'dirty' secret as Ivan portrayed.

And that's when she got butterflies in her stomach.

When she cried afterwards and Laxus tried to calm her. Although it was because Makarov ordered him to.

Her feelings became more obvious to her when they were chilling out in Ryuuzetsu Land – a famous water park in Crocus. He stayed by her side – again, probably because of his grandfather – but come on! No one could see her anyways so, it's fine if he would slack off and play for a bit.

And yet, he didn't.

He joined in her stupid (yes, she knew) warm-up, followed by the Raijinshuu, with an exception for Evergreen and became quite an attention. It's funny if you think about it. A muscular, stoic-faced man did those kind of weird pose of warm-ups?

No way in hell.

Mavis felt slightly frustrated. Maybe, is she was born in a different timeline, she could be together with Laxus. But to think of it again, maybe Fairy Tail wouldn't exist if that DID happen.

So, she accepted her fate and will continue watching over him and the rest of wonderful mages of Fairy Tail from here and now. After all, if not because of Fairy Tail, she wouldn't have met them all, especially Laxus.


A/N : Because the atmosphere between them is so funny and cute at the same time. Disclaimer : Mashima Hiro owns the FT.